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Monfrotto 804RC2 printable manual – Manfrotto 804RC2 Basic Pan Tilt Head with Quick Release

What is Plus Membership? Hi Guys, I have an RC2 head and it is far new. After used just once at the beach it started to get hard to moviment. Beach Photography is one of my favorite subjects so I don’t want to have to take the head to a profissional services whenever back from there, so I’d like to learn how can I de-assembly, clean and assembly it back myself.

Does anybody can help me with this, please, Thank you for any help, Luiz. I cant help with the assembly, but next time you use it on the beach,, wrap a carrier bag or something around the head so it stops the sand getting in I just found out this 804rd2 helpful PDF on the Manfrotto’s web site.


It looks like a plastic seal. How should I take it off? Should I just put a screwdriver instructins in order to take it off?

I needed to clean a Nintendo Wii which had covers over its screws. They were lightly glued on and I imagine the tripod is similar.

A very fine tipped one so you don’t damage the edge of it. If you’re unsure it may be worth contacting Manfrotto service dept and asking if the piece just clips off. It looks like it.

Basic Pan Tilt Head With Quick Lock RC2 – Three Way | Manfrotto

As stated by Pete before there is a glue there. Once clipped it off you have access to that parts showed by the PDF. No grace oil or other lufricant looks to be requiered.

Just cleaned for the sand in there and is all working fine now. Good to hear and a big thanks for coming back to share the outcome for future users who may have the same issue. I found this interesting as I have just missed some good shots of a fox crossing a field.


Manfrotto RC2 head de-assembly, assembly clean up and lubrication

I have a mm lens attached and discovered the tilt and side to side were sticking and jerking instead of moving smoothly, which caused me to keep losing sight of the fox. WD 40 is also a ‘wet’ lubricant and could do the same thing.

You need a dry lubricant if at all. Hi mikehit, You shouldn’t use it there. Having the mechanism clean would be enough. You must be a member to leave a comment.

Manfrotto 804RC2 head de-assembly, assembly clean up and lubrication

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