In this article, we’ll cover the first part of Chapter Fifteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both. In this article, we’ll cover of Chapter Sixteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both novel and. In this article, we’ll cover Chapter Fourteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both novel and.

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Return to Book Page. Preview — Toll the Hounds by Steven Erikson.

In Darujhistan, the city of blue fire, it is said that love and death shall arrive dancing. It is summer and the heat is oppressive, but for the small round man in the faded red waistcoat, discomfiture is not just because of the sun. All is not well. Dire portents plague his nights and haunt the city streets like fiends of shadow. Assassins skulk in alleyways, but the quar In Darujhistan, the city of blue fire, it tll said that love and death shall arrive dancing.

Assassins skulk in alleyways, but the ths has turned and the hunters become the hunted. Hidden hands pluck the strings of tyranny like a fell chorus. While the bards sing their tragic tales, somewhere in the distance can be heard the baying of Hounds And in the distant city of Black Coral, where rules Tol Rake, Son of Darkness, ancient crimes awaken, intent on revenge. It seems Love and Death are indeed about to arrive A thrilling, harrowing novel of war, intrigue and dark, uncontrollable magic, “Toll the Hounds” is the new chapter in Erikson’s monumental series – maazan fantasy at its tol imaginative and mslazan at its most exciting.

Hardcoverpages. Published September 16th by Tor Books first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other ths questions about Toll the Houndsplease sign up. Should I skip it?? After reading multiple relatively negative reviews for Toll the Hounds, I am a little reluctant.

I am definitely a greater fan of the more plot-driven books than those that round out characters. With that said the main narrative is still interesting and entertaining enough to earn your attention. When will this book be available as an audiobook?

Travis It was released in as an audiobook. See 2 questions about Toll the Hounds…. Lists with This Book. Against all odds, Toll the Hounds blew my mind away and became one of my favorite installment within the series. However, unlike House of Chains which disappointed me a lot, I actually found Toll the Hounds mesmerizing, a treasure trove for philosophies, and also one of the most rewarding books malazzan the series so far.

The story of the novel focused on t Against all odds, Toll the Hounds blew my mind away and became one of my favorite installment within the series. The story of the novel focused on the characters in Darujhistan and the Tiste Andii race. Like the majority of the fans said, the barrage of philosophies was so extreme that it almost damaged the entirety of the ma,azan.

Every character has become a philosopher here; a single question asked will be answered after four or tll paragraphs of self-contemplation. This made my reading experience much less boring than it was supposed to be. They each mourn alone, even when in the same place. Grief is the most solitary of all feelings. Grief isolates, and every ritual, every gesture, every embrace, is a hopeless effort to break through that isolation. None of it works. The forms mzlazan and dissolve.


To face death is to stand alone. At the same time, Erikson was capable of telling an undiminished epic fantasy quality while effectively portraying what the characters felt with minimum words.

In my opinion, one of the most brilliant writing skill in this book was the way Erikson starts and ends his chapter. For example, he starts one hounnds with this sentence: This situation happened several times and they were astonishingly brilliant. In fact, Harllo was one of the few characters Erikson wrote that made me truly empathize with. For god sake, Harllo was practically Fitz plunged into the Malazan world, enough said.

It was truly a cinematic experience of grief, darkness, light, vengeance, ash, destruction, humor, and of course, one of the greatest imagery that epic fantasy has to offer; you must experience this for yourself. Only two more books to go now. The beginning of the end has been sparked and my journey within this gigantic series is houncs close to the end.

Allow me to close this review with a quote that will definitely stick with me for a long time. You can find this and the rest of my hounvs at Novel Notions View all 24 comments. Upgraded, refreshed and spoiler-free review.

Toll the Hounds | Malazan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In a series replete with epic endings, this eighth chapter of the Malazan Book of the Fallen contains, to date, the most epic one of all. It is with much joy that I can finally, upon rereading, upgrade this book as one of my favourites. The plot in Toll the Hounds seemingly digressed from the central arc of the Crippled God and was no less captivating because of it.

While the past few books gave readers an in-depth view th the Tiste Edur of Shadow, this one brought focus to the Tiste Andii of Darkness, of whom we were only given small morsels of information so far.

A mysterious race, given to excessive introspection and deep melancholy, the Andii is led by an utterly enigmatic and supremely tbe leader, the Son of Darkness. Even more amazingly, is how Erikson elevated him to such lofty ideals without ever having his own point-of-view, as if the very enigma from doing so made him ever more compelling and charismatic. What we did get were the viewpoints of other characters, be it his people or other races or even gods and ascendants, and their highest regards for him.

The chaos in you, yes, a fire on the promontory, a beacon piercing the profound entropy we saw all around us. And yet, so few of you proved worthy of our allegiance. So few, Lord, and fewer with each generation, until now here you stand, virtually alone.

Toll the Hounds

The one who was worth it. There is much skill in creating beautiful yet subtle symmetry in storytelling. A skill that Erikson has in spades as evident from his narrative. Toll the Hounds can be called as the penultimate volume in the Book of the Fallen as the next two books, Dust of Dreams and The Crippled God, form a two-part finale. This vast, sweeping and intricate tale begun in Darujhistan in Gardens of the Moon and had now come full circle with a convergence of mind-boggling proportions.

The word ‘epic’ will not even begin to describe the confluence of almost all the major, or biggest, or most hhounds characters, descending upon the unwitting citizens hkunds the City of Blue Fire. I cannot sufficiently praise the brilliant writing commanded by Erikson to tell the tale of this fateful city, in the form of the most engaging and unique voice of that little round man in a red waistcoat, Kruppe.


The storytelling literally serenades the reader with a combination of poetic, elegant, graceful and, at times, alliterative turn of phrases. Glory and portent, delightful reunion and terrible imminence, winged this and winged that and escapes and releases and pending clashes and nefarious demands for recompense over a single mouthful of spat wine, such a night!

On all sides, day and night, light and dark! Every step taken with the firm resolve to believe in the solid ground awaiting it.

Every step, one after another, again and again, and no perilous ledge yawns ahead, oh no. Step and step, now, step and step. The ratings for Toll the Hounds are probably malaza most divergent of this series, as the pace was very slow for a significant part of the book with a greater level of dense philosophical commentary and seemingly overindulgent introspection.

In fact, my initial read suffered because of this aspect. However, being in the right state of mind as I tackled my reread and having gained a newfound appreciation for deep ruminations, I experienced a significant improvement in my level of enjoyment while reading this tome. From themes of mortality and morality; servitude, sacrifice and salvation; redemption and restitution — it was so pervasive and pondering in the narrative that I do acknowledge that pacing suffers but I was so thoroughly immersed in it this time that it no longer was an issue.

While the climaxes of the preceding books tend to commence around the last ten percent or with two main chapters remaining, we are treated to a doubly extended climactic ending in this volume. This was due houndds the presence of more subplots and arcs in the narrative; all masterfully intertwined towards the aforementioned convergence tlll was most poignantly expressed in the voice of Kruppe. And the ending set the stage for the two-part finale to come.

The Book of the Fallen is so named for its heart-wrenching and tragic tales. These hlunds from the small and personal ones to the immense and epic. Was all this grief and suffering for nought? For in the words of one of the greatest of all, ‘There is no struggle too vast, no odds too overwhelming, for even should we fail – should we fall – we will know that we have lived. View all 33 houndx. It has been over a week since I finished Toll the Houndsso I thhe had tlol of time to think about how I wanted to review this.

Personally, I thought this was the weakest book tlll the series. Now, before you go all berserk on me I have my reasons, and let me emphasis that while I say it is the weakest book in the series it is also a great book by any other standards.

But tpll it up against all the other Malazan books it just fell a little short for me. There were a lot of s It has been over a week since I finished Toll the Houndsso I have had plenty of time to think about how I wanted to review this. There were a lot of sections in the book were not much happened. I actually felt a lack of interest at certain huonds, and I believe this contributed to me taking so long to finish it.

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