If you want to buy just one hadith book and every Muslim home must have at least one this should be it It is hard to think of Maulana Manzoor Naumani. Maariful Hadith (English) By Maulana Manzoor Nomani (R.A) Tohfa E Ahl E Hadith By Molana Muhammad Ismail MuhammadiIn “Firqa e. Maariful Hadith in English By Shaykh Maulana Muhammad Manzoor If you want to buy just one hadith book (and every Muslim home must.

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Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. We need your help to maintenance this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. The Holy Islam Category: MuhammadSahabahFamilySocietyQur’an. One was what is practiced today as well, i. All this was done with tlie object o f obtaining a son of’ noble birth 1 and possessing good qualities.

It was called Niktrh Al-lstibda. The abnoxious custom was prevalent among some tribes of the Arabs during those days, It was like this: Meaning and Message of the Traditions Part VII birth to a child, she called all those men, and, according to the customnone of them could refuse to come, and when they had collected, she would say to them: These were the prostitutes, on the doors of whose apartments there used to be a sign indicating that everyone was welcome.

When such a woman became pregnant and a child was born to her, all the men who had sex with her would gather, and the specialists in the line were called in, and they, from the facial appearance of the child, would fix its paternity, and it would, then, become the child of the man, thus, named and he could not refuse to accept it.

It can be imagined from the above in what filth and debasement the Arabs were immersed at the time of the raising up of the sacred Prophet. It will be helpful in promoting love and pleasantness between you. Marriage is a very serious matter and a life-long partnership. It should not be taken lightly and settled in the dark, but with open eyes. Correct information about the girl can, also, be obtained through trustworthy persons, specially ladies. Care should, however, be taken that it did not cause annoyance or inconvenience to the girl or her family, and, better still, that it was done without their knowledge.

It shows that if a man has made an offer of marriage with a girl, it is not englizh for anyone else to propose for her until the earlier offer has been rejected or taken back. The literal meaning of the word Aiyyim’, occuring in the original, are ‘a woman without a husband’, but, in this Tradition, it denotes a woman who has separated from her husband after the marriage, or after living with him for sometime, either on account of the death of the husband or divorce.

A b o u t s u maaricul h a w o m a n it is s t a t e d in b o t h t h e aforementioned Traditions that she should not be married without her approval which call be expressed veriablly or by a clear sign. As against it, Bikr -a ‘maiden’, a ‘virgin’ denotes gril who has attained puberty, but is still unmarried. About her, the rule is that she should not be married without her consent, but as, it is, 25 Marriage And Other Related Matters generally, difficult for a girl like her to convey her willingness through the speach or a masriful sign, her keeping quiet when asked has declared o kaariful the equivalent of consent.

The purport of both the Traditions, in any case, is that the marriage of a woman who has come of age should not be performed by her guardian without her consent, no matter whether she is a maiden or has been through a husband. If, however, a girl is too young in years to decide for herself and a good match is available, and it hadifh in her interest that she is married to him, her guardian can do so out of sincere goodwishing.

What it, apparently denotes that the Nikah of a girl should be performed through her guardian. It is not proper for a mariful to have her marriage solemnised on her own. It does not go well with her natural sense of modesty and self-respect, and engliah, also, lead to unpleasent consequences. Nevertheless, as already maarifl, the woman has the final say in the matter, and the guardian cannot marry her to anyone against her wish.


Perhaps, the idea behind it is that if a marriage is solemnised secretly, it can give rise to irresponsible talk and lead to frustrating developments. It should, therefore, be performed publicly, and, perferably, in a mosque where, apart from the blessings of the place, no special invitation is needed for the occasion and the provision concerning the witness, amariful, is easily fulfilled.

As for the playing of the tambourine, it was a common feature, on occasions like during the days of the sacred Prophet marraige.

Maariful Hadith (English) By Maulana Manzoor Nomani (R.A)

A wedding ceremony should, in any case, not be althogether devoid? Hence, the Prophet has permitted, or rather encouraged the palying of the drum when a marriage is celebrated. It, thus, belongs to the class of Murfoo’ Traditions according to the criterion laid down by the authorities, and almost all the Jurists are agreed that witnesses are essential to the performance of a marriage.

A marraige is null and void if it is solemnised without the presence of persons who testifL that the event has duly taken place. The report of a saying which is attributed to a Companion or Companions. Thee, alone, do we beg for help and forgiveness, and in Thee, alone, do we seek refuge from the mischief of the self, i. No one can lead him astray upon whom God bestows Guidance, and no one can lnalte h i m rightly-guided from whom God withholds Guidance.

Be careful ofyour duty towards Allah in whom yozt claim your rights of one another, and toward th womb. Allah has a watch over you. Fear Allah and speak words straight to the point, He will set right your deeds for yozr and will forgive your sins. Whatever a bondman may be wanting to declare, by way of an affirmation of his loyalty and humbleness, is contained in the opeinig lines of this sermon while the Qur’anic verses given at the end are, wholly, sufficient for the bondsman’s guidance and information.

Alas, it, too, has got reduced to a mere formality, otherwise it includes a complete code of conduct for the couple. It was, in other words. The practice was, also.

Maariful Hadith: Meaning & Message of the Traditions – 4 Volumes (Hardback) | eBay

The Mahr serves as a proof and indication of the fact that the man is desirous of marrying the woman he is going to wed, and is willing to offer Mulir as a gift to her, according to his means, or has bound himself to its payment at a future time.

He had, however, fixed maaeiful Mahr of dirhams. Fronl the directions given in the Qur’an and the Traditions, it is clear that the settlenlent hadifh Mahr on the bride is not an elnpty ritual or formality. As it is set forth in the Qur’an: Dirham is said to be an unstalnped piece of silver which was current in Arabia of those days as a coin.

Maariful Hadith – English – Vol 4

Later, it was altered into a round form and stamped. Its value is uncertain. It tells that if a Inan is not sincere about the payment 01′ Mahr from the very beginning and has agreed to it purely as a formality, his Nikha is faulty and incomplete, and he is such a sinner in the sight of God that he will be treated as an adulterer or fornicator on the Day of Requital.

Many other sayings of an identical nature have been quoted in Kunzzrl ‘Uulfrom authentic source-books. She replied that the. It needs be remembered that dirhams were q u i t e a substantial amount during those days, and about 50 goats could be purchased with them. Meaning and Message of the Traditions Part Abu Dawood and Nissai Commentary: Eight years after the Migration, at the time of the Victory of Makkah, Abu Sufyan embraced Islam, but his daughter had become a Muslim much earlier, and so had her husband, Ubaidullah ibn Jahash.

He, also, drank excessively and died in. There were some other reasons, too, of importance to the Faith that called for it. The Holy Prophet then, sent a special messenger to Negus, requesting him to make the proposal of marriage, on his behalf, to Umin Habiba, and the Abyssinia Emperor had it done through his slave-girl, Abraha.


In the report quoted in Abu Dawood, the amount of Mahr is given as 4, dinars’ which is more authentic, according to the authorities.

In any case, the Mahr of Umm Habiba was highest among the wives but it was settled by the Abyssinian ruler, of the Holy Prophet and not by him, and, as the Traditions have it, it was, also, paid by the former.

The incident, it appears, took place in the fifth’year of migration to Abyssinia. It may be noted that Negus was the title of the Emperor of Abyssinia while the real name of the particular ruler, referred to in the above Tradition, was Asmaha.

He had learnt about the teachings of the Prophet k through the Muslim emigrants and embraced Islam.

He died in the 8th or the 9th A. The Holy Prophet formula which is more in the nature of a supplication for the happiness nd well-being of the couple. I beseech Thee for the goodness and virtue Thou hast blessed her or him with, and embedded in her or his nature. Favour me with it. Mzariful I beg Thee refuge from her or his wickedness, and the vice and viciousness in her or his nature.

Protect me from it. It, obviously, is not a mere statement of fact, but, also, an exhortation to the Ummah to keep the marriages as simple as possible. In that casse, the marraige will prove a blessing, and not a burden.

They had no idea of it, so much so that a word like ‘dowry’I Marriage And Other Related Matters I I 33 did not exist in their language, nor is it mentioned in any of the reports of the marriages of that time.

Full details of the event are contained in the Traditions. Walima To be married to a woman of one’s liking a great favour of the Lord, and a matter of rejoicing.

The marriage-feast, commonly known as Walima, is an outward expression of the feelings of gratitude and plesure. Through it, it is further, made known from the side of the bridegroom and his family that they are happy over the alliance and regard it as a Divine blessings which will, of course, be a source of great satisfaction to the bride and her people and add to mutual attachment and goodwill. They did not even inform him.

The entire Ineat of a goat haith used in the feast ” Commentary: It shows that the feasts the Holy Prophet gave on his other marriages were on maarifuul smaller scale.

As it is stated, for instance, in Sahih Bukhari, on the authority of Safia bint Sheba: From it, we learn that not even a regular meal is necesary for Wulinza. Whatever eatables one can afford should be served to the guests. How sad it is that, like dowry, we have made PVulinzn, too, a heavy obligation.

Invitation of Walima Should be Accepted, lj! Bukhari and Muslim Commentary: It has nothing to do with the entertainments that are openly wasteful and the eye is on display. Whose Invitation Should be Declined? What it tells is englisg the invitations of persons who throw lavish parties. Even the animals do not satisfy their sexual desire in the unnatural way. The human beings who ae guilty of it, thus, maaiful even worse than the quadrupeds, and offer a living proof of the Correctness of the Qur’anic verse: A1 Tin It will be known only on the Day of Final Judgement what a grievous misfortune is to remain deprived of even a glance from the Almighty.

Restrained Ejaculation Sometimes, for a special reason, such as, the health of the wife or the earlier children, a man does not want his wife to become pregnant. For it, he practices ‘Azl restrain ejaculationi.

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