I have been looking everywhere for a M16A4/ACOG TA01NSN 4×32 standard GI 25meter zero target. I have seen them online but can’t find. Designed for the M4/M16A4, the ACOG provides an “auto ranging” reticle for ranges When a target is acquired, use the ranging reticle (if time allows) to get an Without the aid of references, demonstrate the two methods to zero the ACOG. feedback (Figure 10). The M Sight, RCO, when installed on a M4/M4A1/ M16A4/M16A2, is zeroed on a standard M16 zero target with alternate strike points.

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Picture hosting, Exclusive club forum, Premium recognition, and more website access are only a click away! I’m really sorry if tarbet asking dumb question. The thing is that in IDF we zero ACOG’s in tarhet way when far zero is at m close is smthng like 37m, i’m not sure and i’m suspicious about: I can’t really find any manuals on this in the internet.

Once again sorry if this question is already been asked.

Thanks to everyone who can help me to understand the right way. Oh the subject of much heated discussion with range cadre! Using a 33m zero, as outlined in some manuals, may work but to me a targte zero is a cheap zero if you expect to make distance shots. I would not have nearly the confidence had it been zeroed at 33m or a really half-ass zero at 25m.


25 Meter Zeroing Targets

Like Reply 0 Likes. That is actually what is happening here. People zero ACOGs at 25m. I somehow was not confident in that and zeroed my ACOG at m against all manuals by the way what will zrro “good” group size at this range for standard and very used M4?

My self-made zeroing target for m. I roughly zero at 50m shoot POA with tip of chervon, and then 3 clicks downand then reconfirm zero at m. After that, Acob confirmed zero again at When I go to the military range in yards, at yards roughly mI do a 6o’clock hold on a 19″ high target to get COM shots.

You actually zeroed to m if i understand right?. Initially zero at 25m using your m BDC line, then confirm atetc acoy you see fit.

M4 / M16 25 Meter Zeroing Target | Forums

The optic is not parallax free, so you may notice slight changes, make every attempt to not change your cheek to stock weld when using that optic. Confirm addt’l ranges, etc. Couldn’t be any easier. The BDC is not perfect.

Where do you aim with the ACOG? – General Discussion – Squad Forums

Zro, sighting in a super short range like 25 or 33 amplify any errors made and mismatch in design parameters sight picture consistency, actual distance between target and firer It should be within 1 MOA 2″ at if the BCD is correct, you should be good enough for government work out to m. I like this method because it is easier to shoot good group at 50, and any error at up means more.


Tracer Grizzled Posting Veteran.

I know what manual you are talking about. I had bought one a few years ago model? In my manual it said to zero at 36m with the tip of the post that was inside of the chevron. So long story short the manual told me to use a particular part of the reticle for the near zero so the rest of the reticle would fall in place at the intended ranges.

I’d trust in the manual if ya still have it. If you have trouble hitting paper, follow OZ10’s advice. Thanks everyone, so actually I should zero at m and don’t tarfet attention to BDC? Originally posted by Fatty: Originally posted by Doubleduece The above link is for the peq-2a.

Is there manual like this also for TA31???

They are the same weapon sight, different reticule. That manual will work just fine for you. Membership Required We’re sorry. You must be signed in to continue. Sign In or Register. Manage Follow Preferences Loading Block When you block a person, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall.

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