LY G6SP-CADB means that only one forward voltage group 3B,4A,4B,5A will be shippable. In order to ensure availability, single forward. LY G6SP-CADB OSRAM Opto Semiconductors High Power LEDs – Single Color Yellow, nm mcd, ma datasheet, inventory, & pricing. LY G6SP-BBDBZ OSRAM Opto Semiconductors High Power LEDs – Single Color Yellow, nm QA datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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The data has been generated with highest diligence but may in reality not represent the complete possible variation range of all component parameters. Therefore, in certain cases a deviation between the real optical, thermal, electrical behaviour and the characteristics which are encoded in the provided data could occur. OSRAM reserves the right to undertake technical changes of the component without further notification which could lead to changes in the provided data.

OSRAM assumes no liability of any kind for the loss of data or any other damage resulting from the usage of the provided data.

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How to read a production label. Filename Description Optical Simulation Optical simulation. Filename Description G6so Simulation Electrical simulation. Chemical compatibility of LEDs. Customer complaint management — Details on return shipments for failure analysis request FAR.


LY G6SP-DAEARZ-AL | Osram Yellow LED

Details on photobiological safety of LED light sources. Preventing LED failures caused by corrosive materials. Reliability and lifetime of LEDs.

Further details on lead free reflow soldering of LEDs. Handling of silicon resin LEDs.

Osram Opto LY G6SP-CADB-36-1, Advanced Power TOPLED 595 nm Yellow Mid-Power LED, PLCC 6 SMD package

Measuring of the temperature profile during the reflow solder process. Comparison of LED circuits. Dimming LEDs with respect to grouping current. LED diagnosis in automotive applications. LED driving technology for long term flexibility.

Package related thermal resistance of LEDs.

Temperature measurement with thermocouples.

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