Lutembacher syndrome (LS) was first described in a letter by anatomist Johann Friedrich Meckel in Corvisart who later described the. Lutembacher’s syndrome is the combination of mitral valve stenosis and a secundum-type atrial septal defect. These can be congenital or the mitral stenosis can. Lutembacher’s syndrome, on the other hand, is characterised by decompression of the LA through the atrial septal defect (ASD). As a result, the.

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Lutembacher’s syndrome – Wikipedia

Click on image for details. We discuss the case of a year-old woman with Lutembacher syndrome and severe tricuspid regurgitation TR who underwent surgical closure of atrial septal syndrpme and mitral valve replacement without tricuspid annuloplasty despite a severe TR and a large tricuspid annulus on preoperative echo.


The pathophysiology of Lutembacher syndrome is discussed below. The utility of perioperative echocardiography in assessing the annular diameter, tenting area and coaptation depth and thus providing insights into the functioning of the tricuspid valve will also be emphasized. Coaptation, Lutembacher syndrome, tenting height, tricuspid annuloplasty. None, Conflict of Interest: Mitral stenosis with inter atrial communication.

Lutembacher’s syndrome

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Eur Heart J ; Related articles Coaptation Lutembacher syndrome tenting height tricuspid annuloplasty. Dilemma of doing a tricuspid annuloplasty.

How to cite this article: Ann Card Anaesth ; How to cite this URL: Tricuspid annulus of 47 mm and depth of coaptation 7. Tricuspid leaflets are seen coapting surface to surface Click here to view. Moderate tricuspid regurgitation with vena contracta of 5.

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