Lumenlab is a subsidiary of financial services provider MetLife and has payout upon diagnosis, effectively removing the need for manual policy claims. A couple days ago we mentioned that Lumenlab had released their top . also, the is a basic guide, with your membership you get a. View and Download Lumenlab EVo v user manual online. video. EVo v Projector pdf manual download.

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Can LumenLab Really Change The Insurance Industry In Singapore?

The insurance industry in Singapore has been under significant pressure latey to change the way it operates. LumenLab is positioned as the first-of-its-kind Innovation centre for the life insurance industry in the world. Most people in Singapore would understandably not be familiar with MetLife, as they do not sell insurance in Singapore.

The US based company is one of the biggest insurance providers in the world No. So what exactly are they doing in Singapore? Though not going into any details of what platform, products or services is going to be launched, Mr Zaman did highlight one key focus that would be at the core of whatever it is that the company will be developing: We like it because that is exactly what the best startups do.



They give information, choice and power to the consumers. Think of your Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor and Airbnb. They all give information, choice and power to their users. Being a personal finance website written specifically for the average consumer, we love it even more that LumenLab is focused on disrupting the insurance industry. If you think about it, the insurance industry is one where information is sorely lacking in and where choice and power are not really in the hands of the consumers.

Insurance policies are typically sold by agents, and not bought by consumers.

Angelina Jolie Being disruptive frequently requires thinking out of the box and not being constrained by guidee industry norm. In Angelina Jolie case, the actress was deemed as having a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer and breast cancer.

Rather than the wait-and-hope approach, the actress decided to have her ovarian and fallopian tubes surgically removed. More interestingly, her insurance company helped cover the cost of the surgery not because they were obliged to do so, but because it was estimated to be cheaper than the alternative, which was a much larger payout should the actress developed cancer.


This is a small but important example of how the insurance industry may change as health science developed and data analytics are more readily available.

The long, tough journey ahead The task ahead for the LumenLab team is not going to be easy. The insurance industry has notoriously been one that has been extremely resistant to change. Disruptive technologies, while important, would usually mean a loss of job somewhere for someone.

Lumenlab projector build | Hackaday

Changes will not be embraced. But a strong focus on what the consumer wants may eventually be the correct direction to be taking.

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