Hi all, This forum is apparently sponsored (at least in part) by lumenlab (see link at bottom). Has anyone here actually built what they are. Hello, For pick up in the Greater Calgary Area (Alberta, Canada) I am selling my completed and functioning Lumenlab DIY projector. I recently discovered this site and after reading a bit I am very interested in building my own projector. If you check.

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This would be a great place to put a microcontroller.

There is a large forum, although it has died down somewhat with the economy‚Ķ. Next time we’ll gut our sweet new LCD and give you all the details on doing lumnelab yourself. So many great ideas are coming out of this project. Notify me of new comments via email.

Build Your Own DIY Projector at Lumenlab! – Forums

If you choose not to use my link thats fine I mainly posted this website to better the DIY projector community. My first pj lumenab done over a single weekend and the results were mindblowing.


If I am able to do this I can add that projectr to my website so you guys can see the difference in the basic kit and pro kit. My 13×12 Bedroom HT Think small, project big! There is a Lumenlab is a very nice design, and their forum is well worth the The system uses a Watt metal halide lamp as a light source.

The light source is reflected towards the LCD. Just like lumen labs: The quality of my projector is amazing.

How-To: Build your own HD projector (Part 1)

The light source is a Watt Metal Halide bulb. Originally Posted by MTyson Yikes!

The V w Electronic Ballast seems to be the most expensive part of these plans. Especially their deal with Lifi using plasma for a light source which is much more efficient than standard W metal halide.

It amazes me how some of you whine about 20 bucks for a premium forum.

Lumenlab projector build | Hackaday

What is the measured prpjector ratio of such a device, both full on and off, and ANSI? The LCD is key to the project. My current DIY projector is in constant daily use. Back to our diagram we see that the LCD is sandwiched between a pair of Fresnel lenses. Could this be used in a Friday Night backyard movie sort of enviroment?


I got my for about that much. Prrojector of those will do HD. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here That means a bulb with a color temperature of Kelvin and hopefully an even spectral output. YOu could easily find all the parts from other sources, but I found that these prices are very fair. A lot of this sounds like salesmanship.

They have recently moved to pay-for forums, but still a good place to buy your parts since Lumenlabs has stopped selling: However, too many cooling fans leaks out too much light. There is so much information on the web site it will save you well over that in mistakes.

Lumenkab recap all the parts we bought so far:

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