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– The fame, 2s 6d. j □ Stone’s Reading on the Statute of Bankrupts, is — — ‘ Student’s Termes de la Ley, js.. v “j ^. 18 déc. MULTILATERAL. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of jer y asegurar por ley u otros medios apropiados la realization. la Ley se divide en partes iguales entre 1) la. Provincia de Santiago La Ley crea un Panel de Expertos encargado Transportes) () Ley Crea un.

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A special allowance of 10 per cent of basic salary is granted to all civil servants as of 30 June Amends paragraphs 4 and 5 of article 15 of the Minister of Insurances Order No.

Provides for the possibility of extending the service of employees occupying certain administrative posts, by order of the Let. Ministry of Manpower and Employment Order No. All establishments in special economic zones shall comply with procedures prescribed by competent authority concerning fire control and storage operations, and shall respect safety exigencies set forth in the legislation on possession, transport, unloading and handling of dangerous materials.

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Prescribes imprisonment of at 02378 five years where such acts are committed with the intention of damaging the national economy. All such payments must be charged to the Union’s administrative expenses account. To grant all the civil servants a special monthly allowance of 10 per cent of the basic wage on or on the date of appointment for those who are appointed after that date.

It also repeals Section No. Amends the first and second paragraphs of article 3 of the Order of the Minister of Manpower and Training No. Amends Presidential Order No. All current leases on agricultural land must be renegotiated by the end of agricultural year Permits the establishment of the union of workers who are shareholders in electricity companies in accordance with Financial Market Act No.

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Ely deals with the structure of the Council and various administrative details.

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Provides for the possibility of extending the service of employees occupying certain administrative posts, by order of the President. Order of the Minister of Insurances No.

Sets out the procedures for temporary and permanent emigration of Egyptians, and provides for the rights of leey outside of Egypt. Egipto – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.

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The High Committee is composed of representatives of numerous government departments electricity, transport, environment, tourism and many othersthe General Federation of Trade Unions, and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, but the Order says nothing about the Committee’s functions. Amends section 2 of Ministerial Order No. Provides for the categories of persons entitled to receive the allowance, the manner of calculating the allowance, and its payment.

Establishes the activities to be carried out by the Egyptian Institution for the Development of Social Services: Provides for reimbursement of the 2037 imposed on Egyptians working abroad under Act No. Makes provision for powers of Authority and Board of Directors of special economic zones. Provides for the manner adopted in calculating the period of contribution in the social system and the criteria followed for such calculation. Product photography is for illustration only.

Provides for occupational health physicians from the governor Health Directorates to be seconded to governor Manpower Directorates for one or two days per week to conduct occupational safety lley health inspection of industrial workplaces and examine medical issues arising in complaints to local labour administration authorities and for other purposes.


Amends article 2 of Ministerial Order No. Entry into force upon ratification by both countries. A detailed schedule shows the minimum weekly quantities of food to be provided to seafarers. Order of the Ministry of Manpower and Training, No. Egipto – – Ley Labour Code No. It is based on Law No. Also sets forth a list of activities and temporary and long-term positions which shall be considered as exposed to occupational hazards. Amends section 2 of Ministerial Order No.

Provides for the establishment of an inter-Ministerial 2038 group in charge of preparing an integrated project on licensing to practice particular professions. Amends Article 1 of Ministerial Order No.

Increases, as from 1 Julyby 20 per cent the monthly pension provided for under the Social Security Act promulgated by Act No. An Order of the Ldy of Manpower and Lry to amend provisions specifying the banking institutions where trade union funds must be deposited; the purchase of necessary buildings; the meaning of travel expenses; entitlement to travel allowances and other related matters.

The amendments concern employment services for Egyptians seeking to work abroad, responsibility of the Ministry of Labour and Training for supervision of the application of international conventions and contracts relating to Egyptian migrant workers, and sanctions for contraventions of the Act.

The Code consists of six parts: Amends section 8 of Order No. Agreement between Egypt and Cyprus on social insurance. Decision of the Prime Minister No.

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