An exercise on the epsfig package Before you run latex on the new file, make sure that the. The epsfig package was updated to LATEX 2ε as a stop-gap measure while the LATEX3 team ad- dressed the general problem of inserting graphics in. LATEX. A figure in a separate PostScript file can be included in a LaTeX document using the epsfig package. Most mathematical/scientific graphics software allows you.

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We used the LaTeX graphics package epsfwhich was designed to work with the dvips driver.

Since you may want to do similar work on another system, which may use lagex different driver for converting dvi files, we will also look at the package called graphicx and at the package called epsfig. Open a terminal window and a text editor, and then use your mouse to copy the following LaTeX source code into your editor. Here is an example.


Can you tell whether the width was adjusted before or after the rotation? Make sure that the file golfer.

Then run latex graphicx-test and use dvips to convert ,atex resulting dvi file to graphicx-test. Print this file and turn in hard copy by epsfigg end of class. To conserve disk space, you should remove the final PostScript file, and you may want to remove the other files produced by LaTeX as well, saving only the source file. Homework for after class Of course, you may start on the homework during class if you have time.

Including Figures in a LaTeX document

An exercise on the epsfig package Copy the following text into a text editor, and choose one of the the PostScript files that you worked with last time to replace the filename in the various graphics commands. Then save the modified file as epsfig-test.

Before you run latex on the new file, make sure that the PostScript files that you want to use have been moved to the same directory. View your file by using dvips epsfig-test -o epsfig-test.


See the example further down. When you have things working to your satisfaction, write up a Epzfig document that displays the effects that you can get with epsfig. You should have at least three included figures.

Including plt figures in a LATEX document

I suggest that you keep the dimensions of the figures modest to avoid creating a huge PostScript file. Please hand in the typeset version of your document at the beginning of our next class meeting. If you have done all the in-class activities suggested above, and there is still time left, here are some other activities you can do.

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