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As part of my master degree in computer science, that I completed last February, I had to do a final year project. I wanted to do a project that could match the academic requirements of my university and could also be useful to others and published as free software. I think that Linux is still missing a few important tools in the multimedia area which I consider key dicfadura end users.

I could not find any tool that could match iDVD alike incompetnciia friendly and easiness. I have not obviously been the only one noticing this. The target audience for the final year project were end-users that required an easy to use tool for authoring DVD or slideshows for personal use.

My mantra when writing the project has been:. This is how Mistelix was born. My intention is to continue to further xavieg it and I hope that users and developers will find it interesting and will use it and contribute to it. Oh, for those that wonder were the name Mistelix comes from. Mistelix is the result of the combination of the Catalan word Mistela and the ix part of the name Unix. Mistela is a traditional wine in Catalonia made by adding alcohol to non-fermented or partially fermented must.

There are more available at fe project site. Project status I xavie to work on Mistelix 10 months ago see some ohloh statistics. From the NEWS file what version 0. This version is able to produce DVDs and also slideshows for Theora. As a riig of fact that I produced already some DVD for my family, however version 0.


The next steps are defined in the roadmap for version 0.

Download You can download Mistelix from the download pageit is even already packaged for a few distributions. There is also a quick start use guide that shows briefly how to create a project.

The source code is available for now at Google Google Mistelix’s project space. There are instructions on how to build it from sources.

Legal issues If I had to define the current software patent system it will be something similar to the organized crime for which individuals, small companies, and free software projects are among the victims. The whole commercial audio and codec area is just a minefield. Mistelix by default is packaged for several distributions. These packaged versions support only Theora slideshow authoring to make Mistelix compatible with the distribution of free software.

However, installing a specially built gst-ffmpeg you can enable the DVD authoring functionality. How to contribute There are many ways of contributing to Mistelix.

However, let me highlight three:. If you have questions, you can contact visit Mistelix’s project web site where I maintain an early FAQ.

There is additionally the Mistelix Google Group forum. I hope to be able to go and be able to get together with other people interested in contributing to the project. Here we have gbrainy 1.

Meaning of “incompetencia” in the Spanish dictionary

It provides the following types of games:. What is new in version 1. Additionally, gbrainy is available for all major Linux distributions. On top of the already existant translations, in this version debut the Chinese Simplified translation by Gan Lu and Brazilian Portuguese translation by Flamarion Jorge and Incompetcnia Wendell.

Jordi Rig has put together a virtual appliance for gbrainy 1. It boots into it, in fullscreen, and you can train your brain with multiple exercises. Starting with version 1.

These are external assembly files that gbrainy recognizes at runtime. The extensibility capabilities are provided by Mono. You do not need roiy recompile gbrainy. In gbrainy project’s page you have more information on how to build extensions. At gbrainy source code repository there is a directory called sample extensions that contain three sample extensions. Extensions are cool because empower any users to extend gbrainy with his own games. If you have questions building extensions, suggestions or you have a cool extension to share, let us know in the gbrainy public group.

  F32 - 100HIP PDF

Thanks to everyone that has given help or feedback to this version: Una d’aquelles persones amb punt de vista propi i punyent que amb els anys no ha perdut pistonada. Parla de com molts han tret foc pels queixals amb el darrer acord Microsoft i Generalitat a la llista admpub.

El faristol d’en Jordi Mas

No podem pensar sempre a curt termini i sense mesurar l’impacte del que fem. Hi ha molts obstacles. Caldria molta feina aportant sempre un punt de vista coherent, accions consistents amb llurs principis, i disposar d’interlocutors amb cara i ulls per parlar amb les administracions i altres actors. This website runs on PivotXthe coolest free and open tool to power your blog and website. To change these links, edit ‘ Links ‘, under ‘ Pages ‘ in the PivotX backend.

El faristol d’en Incomptencia Mas. My mantra when writing the project has been: It is easy to install and use Written in a modern platform Mono and C Built on top of GStreamer multimedia framework which allow to extend its capabilities It is highly extensible with extensions and themes This is how Mistelix was born.

It dictaura the following types of games: Games designed to challenge your reasoning and thinking skills.

Games based on arithmetical operations designed to prove your mental calculation skills. Games designed to challenge your short xvier memory. Search for words used in entries and pages on this website Enter the word[s] to search for here: Pages About PivotX Links. Links Some links to sites with more information:

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