Results 1 – 25 of Panasonic Kx-Fp Fax Machine User Manual is a fun platform that lets you browse videos created by other users or create your own. KX-FPCX/KX-FPCX. 3 Specifications. Any details given in these instructions are subject to change without notice. *1 Transmission speed depends on the. PANASONIC KX FP FAX MACHINE USER MANUAL BCTTMPRIUD | PDF | 75 Pages | KB PANASONIC KX FP FAX MACHINE.

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Please read these operating instructions before using the unit and save for future reference.

Panasonic KX-FP Fax Machine (White) | KSA | Souq

This unit is compatible with Caller ID. To use this feature, you must subscribe to the appropriate manial of your service provider. Winsbergring 15, Hamburg, Germany Copyright: L This material is copyrighted by Panasonic Communications Co. All other reproduction, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the written consent of Panasonic Communications Co.

Power and ground connection Use only the power source marked on the L The following symbols are used to classify and unit.

Important Information Operating safeguards Unplug this unit from power outlets before cleaning. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. Installation and relocation Do not cover slots and openings on the unit. Never install telephone wiring during a They are provided for ventilation and lightning storm. Important Information If you wish to discard this product, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method Important safety instructions of disposal. When using this unit, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric For best performance shock, or personal injury.

Table of Contents 1. Introduction and Installation Receive polling retrieving a fax placed on 1.

Panasonic fax kx-fp 701 user manual – Office Equipment & Supplies

Table of Contents another fax machine The ink film is not reusable. Do not rewind and use the ink film again. L To access special telephone services or for transferring extension calls. L The recall time can be changed feature 72 on page Introduction and Installation Installation 1. Release the back cover by pushing the green button 1.

Introduction and Installation Correct Insert the blue gear of the ink film roll into the front left slot of manula unit 3 and the white gear of the ink film roll into the rear left slot of the unit 4.


Introduction and Installation 1. Insert the paper support 1 into the slot to the right of the recording paper exit 2then into kkx left slot 3. Please refer to page 50 for more information on recording paper. Fan the paper to prevent paper jams. Pull the tension plate forward 1 and insert mx paper gently, print-side down 2. Preparation 2 Preparation Connections and Setup 2. Preparation Volume Initial Programming 2. You can program your fax number so that it appears on so that it appears on the top of each page sent.

For further details, see the storing numbers into the phonebook procedure on page Telephone Enter the name, up to 16 characters see amnual 36 for Caller ID instructions.

The same person called 3 times. Using one touch dial: Press the desired station key. If a name is required, enter up to 16 characters for the name page Fax 4 Fax Sending Faxes To send more than 10 pages at a time 4. Add the other pages up to 10 at a time on top of the previously inserted pages while the last page is being fed into the unit. Fax L To send a document with a width of less than mm, we recommend using a copy machine to copy 4.

Fax — document reception is required, — a fax calling tone slow beep is heard, or 4. L By default, the unit reduces the size of the received 3. Fax depending on the type of an extension telephone. Fax Receiving a voice message and fax document in one 4.

Inform the caller of the PROH.

PANASONIC KX-FP701FX Operating Instructions Manual

Pf701 5 Copy Copying To stop copying 5. Making 2 copies of a 4-page original document Collated pages Uncollated pages Note: L The unit will store the documents into memory while collating the copies. If memory becomes full while storing, the unit will only print out the stored pages. Press the desired command to display the desired setting.

L This step may be slightly different depending on the feature. Setting your logo Enter your logo using the dial keypad. See page 15 for details. The unit will scan the document and store it into memory first, then the unit will start sending or copying the documents.

You will hear a beeping sound. L The slow beeps will continue until you clear the printing problem and make sure the unit is supplied with enough paper L The language setting feature 48 on page 33 and Mahual Useful Information 7 Useful Information 7. Each dial key has multiple characters assigned to it. Useful Information Extended 2 character table O L The following are used for both uppercase and lowercase: Cyrillic character table P.

  EN 12952-1 PDF

Help 8 Help 8.

Replace the ink film with a new one page 9. Remove the jammed paper page L You forced the recording paper into the paper tray too strongly. Remove all of the installed paper, and re-install it gently.

Panasonic fax kx-fp user manual – Fixya

Tell the other party the number is only used for they only hear a fax tone and faxes. Check with the other party. The printing quality is poor.

Please do not reuse the ink film! Please use genuine Panasonic replacement film. Refer to page 7 for further details. L The thermal head is dirty.

Clean it page Refer to page 7 for further Original details. A B C L Some fp071 has instructions recommending which side to print on. Record a message up to 10 seconds long.

L The answering machine rings too many times. Set to 1 or 2 rings. I cannot receive voice L Check if the answering machine is turned ON and connected to the unit messages. Maintenance Open the back cover. Remove the jammed recording paper 3.

Maintenance Close the front cover securely. Disconnect the power cord and the telephone line f7p01. Remove the ink film 3. Clean the thermal head to remove the dust.

More Sending a fax manually Error messages — Display Product view and installation. Page of 56 Go. Page 24 – Receiving a fax manually – Auto answer O Page 25 – Receiving a fax automatically – Auto ans Page 26 – Receive polling retrieving a fax placed Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Compact plain paper fax with digital answering system 74 pages.

f;701 Compact plain paper fax and copier with digital answering system 60 pages. Compact plain paper fax with 2. Page 2 Winsbergring 15, Hamburg, Germany Copyright: Page 4 Important Information Operating safeguards Unplug this unit from power outlets before cleaning.

Important Safety Instructions Important Information If you wish to discard this product, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method Important safety instructions of disposal. Table Of Contents Table of Contents 1.

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