Title in English: Termodynamika a statistická fyzika II. Guaranteed by: Institute of J. Kvasnica: Statistická fyzika: Academia, Praha, L. E. Reichl: A Modern. Title in English: Termodynamika a statistická fyzika. Guaranteed by: Institute of J. Kvasnica: Statistická fyzika (Academia, Praha, ). M. Noga, F. Čulík: Úvod. Kvasnica Statistická Fyzika Ed1 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

Microstates, macrostates, ensemble of systems. Cambridge University Press, Statistical calculation of thermodynamic quantities. The ideal Fermi-Dirac gas Equation of state, limit cases, nonrelativistic electron gas, Sommerfeld expansion; relativistic electron gas, white dwarfs, spin and magnetism.

Classification of phase transitions. Classical thermodynamics, extensive and intensive variables, heat engines, Carnot cycle, thermodynamic potentials, their properties and significance, thermodynamic relations, partial derivatives, Maxwell relations, relations involving cV and cP, electrical cell.

First law of thermodynamics. Izdatel’stvo Char’kovskogo universiteta, The second law of thermodynamics. Boltzmann-Gibbs definition, kanonical distribution, the law of increase of entropy, configurational entropy, the connection between equilibrium entropy and heat, Third law of thermodynamics.


Meeting with international participation. Exescises are available at http: Students are graded according to the results of the oral and written exam. Equilibrium and stability conditions.

Some features may not be available.

Law of mass action. Literature – Czech English. The relation of thermodynamics, statistical physics and mechanics, phase space, microstate and macrostate, statistical ensemble, time and ensemble averaging, fluctuations, homogeneous and satistick systems, thermodynamic equilibrium, energy in thermodynamic systems, adiabatic processes, reversible and dissipative work, First law of thermodynamics, Second law of thermodynamics.

PřF:F Therm. and stat. phys. – Course Information

Basic theory of phase transitions Singularity in the statistical sum, Lee-Young’s theorems, phase transitions, order parameter, correlation functions, critical exponents, Landau mean field theory, the scaling hypothesis, universality and renormalization group.

Annotation – Czech English.

Second law of thermodynamics. Requirements to the exam – Czech. Thermodynamic properties of a file of free electrons in the metal. Quantisation of velocity and energy, velocity distribution, equation of state, heat capacities cV and cP, isothermal, adiabatic and Joule expansions, real gas.

Entropy, entropy associated with the heat capacities of the system. Energy, kvanica, magnetic moment, pressure. Entropy and thermodynamic probability.


Asymmetric diatomic gas, vacancies in solid, Gibbs paradox. Selected problems of statistical mechanics Gas of classical interacting particles Interacting dilute gas, classical cluster, group, and virial expansion.

Classical statistical mechanics Macroscopic and microscopic states, ergodic systems and thermodynamic limit. Probability description, distribution function, density of states, kinetic master equation, ergodic assumption, the principle of detailed balance. Classical limit of quantum theory, Liouville theorem, density matrix, Liouville equation, equipartition theorem, fermions, bosons.

Fermiho–Diracovo rozdělení

Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. Conditions of equilibrium thermodynamic system expressed by potentials. Collect the basic principles of thermodynamics and statistical physics Define the physical quantities for describing statistical ensembles with great numer of particles Apply the simple mathematical methods for describing of the thermodynamic phenomene Interpret the knowlidges from the mathematical statistics for solving of statistical physical problems.

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