Šta je 3d animacija i kompjuterska grafika? 3d animacija-Boxes 3d animacija je umetnost kreiranja pokretnih slika uz pomoć 3d kompjuterske grafike. ptwiki Animação digital; ruwiki Компьютерная анимация; scowiki Computer animation; shwiki Kompjuterska animacija; simplewiki Computer animation; siwiki. Maya: Polygonal Modeling – Sobni sto. Kreirajte novi projekat pod nazivom KontrTest03, i scenu pod nazivom SobniSto. U Modeling modu izaberite.

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The film is made using oil on glass technique, combined with computer techology.

Developing of the idea started at the Academy of fine arts in Krakow, under supervision by prof. The essence of the movie is authors vision of what is reality. It is expressed by two confronting worlds; one abstract, and one figurative.

Tomislav Mikuli? – Poster

Figurative reality is one everyday situation in a local train, and the abstract one is everything surrounding it. It is kind of minimalistic-surrealistic movie, with the same kind of music.


Educational Story is a comedic animated short placed in a world of toys. Komojuterska actors are rug dolls, two friends Fred and Steve, and a big bad lion.

Steve, the smaller of them, decides to climb from the bottom of the food chain through betrayal of his friend. His actions will have tragic consequences. A visual work dealing with issues of change, its physical manifestation in sound and image, through the process of water drying on the board.

The film deals with the problem of prepared and unprepared material in animation. This animated film exposes means of flower poppy.

computer animation – Wikidata

That exchange with the other sort of flower recives different meaning and character and with this changes considetations Little Princ about flower. In that way carry thought now is dreams of influence opium. Combinations two tehnique,classic animatons with video, give the film flow of dream and thoughts. Classic animated tehnique gives poetic exprassion and lightness to film. Video camera takes details objects from our realistic world and with increased they separate of recognize.


Kompjuterska animacija za Euroviziju -Tomislav Mikulić

Intention of this film is approach efforts which give as novels of stream consciousness,oniric movie withought of sturdy narativ story.

Sekvences with visuals impressions in rhythmical follow each other give spectator interested in to be present at projection.

This work tried to fuse certain aspects of new media art and cognitive kompjutersa theory especially the cognitive linguistics and visual languages literature and present itself as an operational interface, a cognitive instrument. However, the editing of a animacijq that synchronized it too overtly with the visual events had downgraded the intended effect to a trivial musical instrument.

Since I do admit this as a mistake, and since this error is mine alone, I apologize, in advance, for all the six minutes of it!

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