Jaman saya mahasiswa tahun komik Tintin karangan Herge yang diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Indira. Ternyata Daftar buku terbitan bahasa Inggris. Flight is where Tintin was heading to Australia, but after landing at Sebuah buku komik yang saya baca ulang dalam bahasa Inggris. Film ini akan diedarkan di seluruh dataran Inggris dan negara-negara lainnya pada Spielberg pertama kali mendapatkan hak untuk memfilmkan komik ini.

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Interesting, loving, generally well-written, and copiously illustrated book covering mainly the Tintin series, though also including a bhaasa of biographical detail about Herge. Every now and then, he provides a tantalizing glimpse of the book he–or, more likely, a more astute author granted the same access–could have written.

In the earlier book’s “Names of the Characters of the Adventures of Tintin in Different Languages,” lots of data, interesting but unsuitable for prose, are economically imparted in a clear table. Whenever something is lost in translation, such as one of the many character name puns, Farr will let us in on it. For the two-part adventure “Destination Moon” and “Explorers on the Moon,” the cartoonists consulted technical experts and constructed scale models of the spacecraft interior and exteriorestablishing a tradition of meticulousness that would culminate years later in studio aircraft expert Roger Leloup’s detailed cutaway drawing of Flight ‘s Carreidas jet for a two-page spread in Tintin magazine.

Tintin: Complete Companion

Mungkin asyik juga mencoba membandingkan edisi hitam putih dan edisi berwarna Tintin di Kongo, untuk melihat bagaimana hasil revisi dari versi kolonialis menjadi versi yang lebih halus, meskipun kadar rasisnya berkurang tapi masih tetap mampu membuat para tintij lingkungan marah. The Tibetian region was once an empire of its own right. Mereka terdamparnya di pulau di luar jawa na, jadi itu bukan di jakarta. Unfortunately, the actual book fails to live up to this possibility.


Perubahan-perubahan seperti itu terjadi karena penerjemah dibimbing oleh kode etika mengenai penerjemahan Bahasa Indonesia yang dibuat oleh Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia. What ingris blows your mind is the extensive amoun This is the perfect encyclopedia for all Tintin lovers.

Melebihi batas psikologis harga yang kutolerir saat ini! Journals, magazines, books, newspaper clippings, first person accounts – Farr produces ample evidence of all such sources, digging them out of Herge’s archives. For example, the Balkan conflict at the center of “King Ottokar’s Sceptre,” which finds Tintin siding with Syldavia against Bordurian aggressors, is based on elements of Albanian, Bohemian, German, and Polish history; soldiers’ uniforms are Czechoslovakian-German hybrids, the lemonade seller is imported from Macedonia, and a battle scene is based on a 15th-century Mongol miniature.

Each album gets a chapter combined, in the case of the two-parters which details its conception, creation and reception, alongside details about Herge’s life, and the political and social context in which the story was written. Dec 30, Mateen Mahboubi rated it liked it. Each Tintin book is covered, with archival photos and commentary providing rich background info on what went into the making of the stories.

An bahada of inggriz world famous comic character and of his adventures through the kommik titles of the complete oeuvre, the Complete Companion contextualizes Herge’s work replaces it in its historical period by showing side by side by side the drawings and the references used by the artist to kmoik Tintin The Complete Companion starts where Tintin and the World of Herge stooped. Animated Movies of Do you have one about your country? Out of the Shadows Monster Trucks The average life expectancy of a non-ruling member of society was less than 40 years, and the serfs were taxed so badly with manual labors and torture that they sometimes cannot even tell how long a day was and how come life was so awful.


Halaman ini terakhir ingbris pada 9 Aprilpukul The Complete Companion” is beautifully produced and lavishly illustrated, and it answers a lot of questions, including some you’d never think to ask. O-i-a nih gambar Tintin makan ketoprak, hahahaha. Could use a l Pros: Underbar bok om en underbar serie. Of course, increased manpower permitted the work to be even more exacting. View all 3 comments.

Would you want it, anyway? Halaman ini terakhir diubah pada 26 Oktoberpukul Ah, akhirnya tentang Tintin ada yang posting lagi.

Just one of those days at one of those house in one of those gardens. If the taking away of the freedom of slavery and oppresion of that magnitude is somehow a bad thing, then to which I say: Farr instead strews related nuggets throughout his text, forcing the reader to consult the less-than-adequate index.

The Adventures of Tintin () – Plot Summary – IMDb

The overall effect is muddled and unsatisfying. Jan 30, Rachel rated it liked it. Farr explains it by the bahassa of Herge’s plot line. I just want to read about the book, not your opinion of it. Herge placed his hero in the middle of a world dense with particulars.

Oh, I love Tintin! A highly informative and well researched guide to the world of Tintin. And, I’m sure Hollywood will koomik it for all it’s worth.

The concept behind this officially-sanctioned book is mouth-watering. More depth to what was going on while Herge was writing each book, and about the different editions.

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