Aku teringat kisah Sumayyah. Beliau sekeluarga telah ditangkap oleh Abu Jahal dan kuncukuncunya. Dengan ketabahan hati Sumayyah sekeluarga, serta taat. Ambil Su jadi isteri, Fawwaz,” kata Sumayyah bagaikan merayu. Katalah apa pun padanya, dia sudah tidak kisah lagi. Apa yang dia tahu, dia mahu diberi. The heroic story of Sumayyah is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful to be observed attentively. The story remains have done it”. Kisah Shahabat- Shahabiyah.

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The heroic story of Sumayyah is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful to be observed attentively.

Sumayyah bint Khabbat – Wikipedia

The story remains powerful influence to the next moslem generations. She endured her life on suffer and temptation.

Finally, Sumayyah end her sorrowful life with the greatness of success as syahidah. She is on the list of syuhada who will accept kisha incredible heaven from Allah, and life happily on His side.

Sumayyah binti Khayyat

They were all died on syahid. Sumayyah was one of shahaba who become moslem at the first period of Islam on that time. Moreover, she is the first Islamic woman kisaj fight for Islam against the unbelievers. Ibnul Atsir stated, “She is the seventh person who become moslem at the first period of Islam.


She lived in suffer and sacrificed for Allah. There was no similar woman like her, she make her patient and endurance as the evidence of sincerity to Allah destiny. Those fact is based on her condition at that time.

Sumayyah bint Khabbat

She was old but always struggle against the cruelty of unbelievers. Those because she had faith to Allah, and as a result she sumajyah succeed in passing all of the sadness and difficulties. Sumayyah was not alone in facing the great pain of life. The injury had destroyed their body, but the great faith inside their hearts were steady like cliff mountain.

Nothing could conquer to it.

Sumayyah was so old and weak at that time, but Sumayyah could fight against him. Abu Jahal wanted her to come to his group, as the unbelievers.

Sumayyah was kept quite while intimidating by him. She endure for the pain with so much proud, because she realized that she was more glorious than Abu Jahal and all of his followers. She felt so proud with her faith. Sumayyah was kept quite while intimidating by him, and Abu Jahal insulted her very much Ibnu Katsir described the pain faced by Sumayyah and and his family. But, they tortured them on Makka.

When the Prophet come across and see them he uttered, “O family of Yasir, please be patient, for your final destination and resting place will be Paradise.


When the unbelievers were desperated on her patient and tenancy, they finally stabbed a spear on her ,isah, and it brought Sumayyah into her death The intimidation and torture in most also caused her son and husband died on Allah way.

They were killed but their faith is always on their heart May Allah bless Sumayyah and her family. May Allah forgive them as the Prophet had uttered “O Allah please forgive the family of Yasir and absolutely you have done it”.

Islam for Hope and Life.

May Allah bless Sumayyah and her kisahh. One Response so far. Posting Lebih Baru Posting Lama. Salah satu aktivitas yang cukup sering dilakukan oleh beberapa kalangan aktivis Islam dalam merespon beberapa permaslahan di dunia Islam s Banyak mungkin diantara kita yang masih berpendapat bahwa Rezeki, Ajal, serta jodoh telah ditetapkan oleh Allah semenjak kita masih di dal Tokoh-Tokoh Orientalis di Indonesia.

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