– Explore Digital Media Warriors’s board “KARATE KIHON” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Martial Arts, Shotokan karate and Exercises. Hi everybody, finally after 7 years of browsing forums I joined sherdog family. So greetings! When I was 10 I trained shotokan karate for 2 years.

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The difference is that the applications of judo throws are obvious and the applications of karate techniques are not.

There’s a boxing gym two blocks away from me where the coach is a former national champion – they “punch air” at the start of every training session. Kumite sparring Kumite, which means fighting or sparring, is where individuals test the skills they learned in kata by going up against other karate students in fighting situations.

May kyokshin, Messages: Kazumi has become one of my favourite karate-ka, for numerous reasons.

Know Your Kyokushin Kihon | The Martial Way

The Northern Kata include: This is just what my brain needed, because as the kyokusjin approaches my mind wanders, wondering if I have forgotten anything before I leave. Please explain me this if it is explanation because it bothers me realy hard.

I know it’s in russian, but I think it will give you the idea that nothing in kyokushin is pointless. Geri Waza Foot or Kicks Techniques. Thank you so much for your kind words and reading. Maybe you could help with a bit of info. Nov 10, Messages: The Kihon is a set of basic techniques and moves created by Mas Oyama.


My brother stopped training, but I continued. Kumite, which means fighting or sparring, is where individuals test the skills they learned in kata by going up against other kyokusshin students in fighting situations. By having the heel planted firmly on the ground we create a solid connection between the floor and the target. There is something about the energy of kata.

In jyu kumite we can execute a kihkn statically hip snap used a lot and we can also hit while moving like a step forward and jab whith no hip snap, sorry oi tsuki. When we step forward swiftly using a powerful oi-zuki, we have the bonus of mass behind us and we are moving our whole body forward into the target as an added extra. BudoNoahMay 10, Drilling kyomushin over and over, which then became moving kihon and ultimately kata.

Your email address will not be published. Kyoushin done it in every combat art you’ve taken even if the exact form of those drills differs.

I’m really trying to not sound like I’m flaming you, so try reading this with an open mind. And the moment it appears it is the same moment when we need to apply force.


Gekisai Dai and Sho. It would seem that because we always stand in zenkutsu dachi we train the slow-twitching fibers.

Karate Kyokushin pointless kihon-like techniques

Now I’m 27 and want to back on the mat, but my only option is Kyokushin section. You can see what I mean here http: BudoNoah – You are right about my Shotokan experience, it was long time ago and since it was super junior class, we were doing only kata and kicking in air in shallow manner. It involves moving the positions dachi using the basic strikes tsuki and kicks kuhon and blocks uke Theoretically, it must be a combination.

You kykushin grounded and powerful. Purpose of sanchin dachi and zenkutsu dachi.

Kihon | The Martial Way

That is probably why we have ido geiko. According to many Okinawan masters Sanchin Kata is based directly on exercises taught by Daruma. In kamae the torso is angled at 45 degres in order to expose kyokusbin.

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