Kawasaki Prairie — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 29 Jun, Model: Kawasaki Prairie Pages: File size: 11 MB. Download Manual. Kawasaki Prairie 4×4 — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 27 Jun, Model: Kawasaki Prairie 4×4. Pages: File size: 11 MB. Download . Kawasaki Prairie — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 27 Jun, Model: Kawasaki Prairie Pages: File size: 11 MB. Download Manual.

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Table of contents Emission Control Information How To Use This Manual Unit Kawaaki Table Table Of Contents Periodic Maintenance Chart Torque And Locking Agent Periodic Maintenance Procedures Throttle Lever Free Play Inspection Throttle Lever Free Play Adjustment Idle Speed Inspection Idle Speed Adjustment Air Cleaner Draining Engine Breather Hose Inspection Fuel Hose Replacement Water Hoses And Connections Inspection Coolant Level Inspection Radiator Hose And O-ring Replacement Engine Top End Valve Clearance Inspection Valve Clearance Adjustment Spark Arrester Cleaning Exhaust Pipe And Muffler Inspection Converter Drive Belt Wear Inspection Engine Lubrication System Engine Oil Change Transmission Oil Level Inspection Oil Screen Cleaning Transmission Oil Change Wheel Bearing Damage Inspection Final Gear Case Oil Change Brake Operation Inspection Brake Pad Wear Inspection Brake Kawwasaki And Connections Inspection Brake Hose Replacement Brake Fluid Level Inspection Brake Fluid Change Parking Brake Cable Adjustment Joint Boots Inspection Propeller Shaft Joint Boots Inspection Bolts And Nuts Tightening Throttle Lever And Cable Throttle Cable Lubrication Throttle Cable Installation Throttle Case Installation Throttle Case Inspection Choke Lever And Cable Choke Cable Installation Choke Cable Lubrication Float Height Inspection Air Cleaner Element Installation Air Cleaner Housing Installation Fuel Filter Installation Fuel Filter Inspection Special Tools And Sealant Coolant Deterioration Inspection Radiator Cap Inspection Ptairie Fan Switch Radiator Fan Switch Installation Water Temperature Sensor Clean Air System Air Suction Valve Installation Air Suction Valve Inspection Cylinder Head Cover Cylinder Head Cover Installation Stop Plate Inspection Camshaft Bearing Inspection Camshaft Chain Installation Cylinder Head Removal Cylinder Head Installation Cylinder Head Cleaning Cylinder Head Warp Inspection Cylinder And Piston Cylinder, Piston Installation Cylinder Wear Inspection Piston Wear Inspection Piston Ring End Gap Inspection Amnual Holder Removal Carburetor Holder Installation Exhaust Pipe Installation Exhaust System Inspection Torque Converter Cover Torque Converter Cover Installation Torque Converter Cover Disassembly Torque Converter Cover Assembly Drive Belt Installation Drive Belt Inspection Drive Pulley Inspection Drive Pulley Installation Driven Pulley Inspection Engine Oil And Oil Filter Oil Pump Inspection Shift Lever Installation Shift Lever Adjustment Transmission Case Removal Transmission Case Installation Transmission Case Disassembly Transmission Case Assembly Shift Shaft Inspection Output Driven Shaft Housing Disassembly


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