The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® Level-1 Workshop and meditations. The original, intensive, three-day workshop filmed in 11/ NYC. The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® Level-1 Workshop & Course Manual with Introduction to The Kathara Bio-Healing System® Level 2. – The original. Ion willi Azurite Press MeEO Inc. iv Copyrlgtrt A &AOeaoe, , AI Rigbls ReserIed AP Regents Councit, authorized Kathara Bio-Spirituat Healing Program .

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Kathara Level 1 Manual-Op. MCEO teachings offer unique perspectives, techniques and technologies of mind and spirit that have proven useful to many people in the exploration and expansion of personal consciousness.

Information contained wilhin MCEO teachings represents a cohesive paradigm of ideas, beliefs and perspectives reportedly translated from ancient texts, which together comprise an affirmative and inspirational ‘point of view’ or ‘world view’ regarding the tangible realities of spirituality, the mechanics of creation, the history of our universe and the potentialities of the human condition.

Like many popular ‘New Age’ and ‘Traditionar paradigms of spiritual, scientific and historical kwthara, many points of view presented within MCEO teachings extend beyond the framework of presently recognized spirituaVreligious, scienlific and historical ‘fact’ jathara can haeling verified through common contemporary scientifIC procedures.

Thus, like many olher popular belief paradigms, including ALL known ‘New Age’ and ‘Tradftional’ spirituaVreligious doctrines and many fields of contemporary scientific study, the perSpectives presented wfthin the MCEO teachings must, too, be presently categorized as theoretical in nature. Therefore, the MCEO Paradigm and its related teachings, techniques and technologies are offered to the public as a unique and inspirational view point, solely for the purpose of public investigation, consideration and theoretical exploration.

Though the presenlly theoretical categOrization of MCEO teachings within the public sector is recognized, it should also be recognized that members of the Azurite Press, Trustees and the AP Regents Council, as well as authorized MCEO translatorslaulhors and teachers and many individuals within the international community, have personally chosen to accept the validity of MeEO teachings as representing more than a theoretical perspective, instead acknowledging the MCEO Paradigm as a factual reality interpretation, and practical worldview, through which progressive expansion of personal consciousness Tho MCEO Fn!

Such decisions as to the factual or theoretical categorization of the MCEO Paradigm, and the responsibilities inherent to this deciSion, are deepty private spiritual issues, and thus must be assigned to the facutties of personal discretion.

It Is strongty recommended that Individuals having a history of medtcat or psychiatric dlfficulUes. Since introduction of MCEO Medftstions for Spiritusl Exploraffon techniques and technologies in many people have ctalmed to recetve beneflclat affects and effects tn the devetopment and expanston of personal consciousness and splrituat awakening through use of MCEO techniques and technologies.

There have also been a lesser number of reports of Indlvlduats ctalmlng to receive no affect. As a reflection of commitment to responsibility in presentation, MCEO techniques and u technologies are not presented for exploration in the public domain until they are first andlor simultaneously explored, hwaling or practiced by authorized MCEO translatorslauthors! Though validation of factual actuality pertaining to affects, effecis or benefits of practicing MCEO Meditations for Spiritual Exploration techniques and technologies heealing, like the techniques and technologies themselves, for the present healinng remain within the realm of thecrelical exploration, it can be reporied that sincefindings pertaining to the practicality of utilizing MCEO techniques and technologies have consistenlly revealed karhara affects and effects of such practices are quite Individualized.

Therefore, however, no claims. Claim of Authenticity In offering MCEO teachings for public exploration, neither the transtatorslauthors, publishers, promoters or retated Individuals and organizations make any claims whatsoever as to the factuality of Ideas or perspectives contained wfthln the MeEO Paradigm.

The responsibility for decision to engage involvement with MeED teachings, techniques or technoiogies rests with each individual, and thus heaking responsibility lor any affects or effects that mayor may not occur in conjunction with use of MeED teachings, techniques and technologies must also rest with the individual.

The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Level-1 – Voyagers Korea

The Medilalions for Spirilual Heaping techniques and technologies provided within MeED teachings represent translations from the ancient MCED lexts, and are provided to the public as an opUon for personal spirltual exploration. As stated In numerous public lorums and workshops since t Kqthara Notice of tmplied Agreement and Consent of Liability Release represents a reiteration in specific written format of previousty provided notice as to the necessity of taking personal responsibility for any and alf consequences arising from chosen involvement with the Kathzra Paradigm: Regents Councit, teachers and promoters of the MCEO Paradigm extend their greatest efforts in making MCEO teachings available for public exploration in the most responsible and respectful manner possible, whitst striving to maintain the highest standards of integrity in MCEO text transtation and teaching.

MeEO Maslers Templar Siewardship Initialive Program and other MCEO teaching programs, do not represent completed books, but rather hdaling as companion text briefings that are created in conjunction with specific corresponding live workshop presentations which are preserved via audio! The Course-book Manuats that accompany some of these audio -video workshop programs contain onty the charts, graphs and most pertinent information pertaining to their corresponding audio-video program, and do not contain the many pages of dialogue and detaifed exptanation that is incorporated verbatty within the audio-video program.

Thus MCEO Course-book manuats are not intended to be used alone, but are rather intended for used as an additional educational aid in conjunction with their corresponding audio-video workshop program. As each new workshop since has inlroduced Ihe nexi level 01 new, live MeEO dala Iranslalions, Ihere karhara been insulficienl lime 10 “move backward” and pertecl Ihe qualily of produclion pertaining 10 MCEO Course-Book Manual lexls from previous workshops.


The information and new MeEO teachings contained within each workshop program always reflecllhe slandards of inlegrily and quality inherenl to the MCEO Paradigm, bul often timely public release of new malerials is achieved althe expense of quality in product production. As new MeED teachings are often lime-sensilive in regard 10 Ihe unfolding of planetary evenls, especially sinceil has been of grealer priorily dunng Ihis lime 10 expedile availability of the MCEO teachings conlained wilhin Ihe products, Ihan il has been 10 demonslrate the slandards of excellence in quality producl produclion Ihal remains a goal of Azurite Press.

For Ihe lime being, MCEO audio-video-Course-book Programs are in a state of continued evolution, as the small slaff al Azurite Press, with the assistance of numerous individuals who volunteer their time and talenls, endeavor 10 compile dialogue lranscripts and pertecl typesetting, compuler graphics and formal organizalion of previous MCEO workshop presenlalions in effort 10 fulfill Ihe goal of crealing “pertecled” book publicalions Ihal conlain, and “do juslice 10”, Ihe vasl body of qualily leachings Ihal have been presenled during Ihe MCEO workshops.

The commilmenllo achieving excellence in qualily of produclion, as well as qualily of information, thai is held by members of Azurite Press slaff arises from Ihe personal desires of slaff members 10 “honor Ihe spiril of Ihe leachings’ which Ihey have found personally valuable, as well as from a desire 10 provide Ihe besl possible qualily of producl and service in spirilual respecllo the public.

Untillhe goal of achieving “periected’ producl produclion quality is aclualized, Azurile Press staff hopes Ihallhe public will share in Ihe recognilion Ihal il is Ihe quality, and inherent substance, of Me EO information, more so than the Upackage that it comes in” which demonstrates the value I of Azurite Press Me EO educational products, The Context 01 He.

Tapping the Inner Menlor and Awakening the 6fl and 7″ Senses Awakening the Mentor and the and 7″ Senses. Sequence-2 Kathara Points for RevltallntJon Primary Triadic Heating Currents Ps Tribal Shield Activation Inttoduclion 10 the Radi. The Radial Body Transduction Sequence The Radial Body and the Merkaba Vehicle The Song of Lyra, Chri.

Jane Wood | Kathara Healing teacher | Liskeard, United Kingdom

Harmonics of Mannestation and Matter Density Tnnity Master Key Setection Chart Radial Body in Creation of the Hologram Because Bic-Regenesis technotogies are based upon what is viewed by modem earth science paradigms as a speculalive, rather than verifiable science, I present Bic- Regenesis techniques only as an option to explore in medilalion.

Bic-Regenesis Techonlogies are built upon the natural laws of scalar wave mechanics. As the higher dimensional levels of personal identity, the spiritual identity of the Soul, govem the process of the personal Manifestalion Template, Bio-Regenesis Technologies are completety safe and natural to the organic design of the human being. Undirected thought creates chaotic pattems within the Manifestation Template, while thought direcled through clear intention creates ordered patterns within the Manifestation Template.

Jhere are many complexities within the process of conscious manifestation thai one must learn 10 fully katharw Ihe contours of space, lime and mailer.

Thoughls and images rendered in external language and 3-dimensionally associaled symbols affecl Ihe olher layers of Ihe Manifeslation Templale, bul Ihey do nol provide as finely luned manifeslalion inslruclions as do Ihe ‘ scalar wave languages” of Color and Symbol image, which direct Ihe conlours of vibralional pallerns of SOUND.

Intrinsically, scalar waves are specific pOints of vibrating bi-polar energy signatures. Vibration of energy units creates patterns of internal and external SOUND, wilhin and beyond Ihe range of 3-dimensional deleclion. Along wilh Ihe lechniques of Color and Symbol direclion, TONING, or the inlentional generation of specific sounds to affect the Manifestation Templateis also utilized in 8io-Regenesis technologies and spirilual expansion programs.

In ancient ctJltures, the powers of language were better understood than they presenlly are in contemporary mainstream society. Particularly within the PriesH: Prayers, rituals and songs, some of which remain in use today, were used as a means of altering consciousness.

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Some assisted in spiritual development; others were intentionally used to limit and control the consciousness of populations. The contemporary earth scence paradigm is only beginning to explore the power of sound vibration and the connection between sound, symbol and color is not yet recognized or understood.

In ancient days, the Music of the Spheres was used extensively for purposes of seif-generated healing and to prepare the physical body for literal passage through the planetary Star Gates ‘Ascension’. Each ‘SONG’ contained very specific “word. The Songs served to “open” spectfic are. Our thoughts create our realily and the life expenence we have on the inside and the outside of us.

The following Attitudes and Responsibilities, when embodied and “lived”, will help to change our thought pattems, thoughts that we simply take for granted because they are part of the programming hsaling currently carry.

Changing the kathaar patterns Is actually changing the programming in the Personal Template. Twelve Attitudes of Mastery Introduced at the Dance for Life workshop Study the 12 Attitudes of Mastery, make an affirmation meditation out of them, and try to make them your way of life.

Freedom from the need for approval fromor Ihe need to rebel againsl any form of ‘external authority” Ihrough understanding that you, as a manifestation of the God Spint, have the ability 10 creale personal freedom wilhout violating the spintual rig his of others and wilhoul allowing olhers to violale your spintual nghls of being.

There is no ehaling or no thing Ihat ‘upsels you” and thus justifies or validates ANY personal spiritual misuse of reaction, idea, intention or aclion. It is YOU who ‘upsels yoursetr by allowing Ihe emotional body to follow misperceptions of the menial body lathara tell you Ihat your power lies oulside of yourself. At any given moment, you can CHOOSE which words, associalions and ideas you will use as the fillers Ihrough which you interpret an event. The self-conlained individual recognizes Ihal, al all limes, Ihe freedom of inlerprelalion exists, and thus a -negative” experience and its associated dis-harmonic energies of “upset” feelings can yealing u exisl as a personal inlerprelation kaghara evenls.


Accepling any less responsibilily for the katharra of personal energies will place you directly into Ihe Victim-Victimizer ‘ Blame Game’which can only take place among people who are placing Iheir healin power and responsibility for manifeslalion onlo exlernalized sources. Only you have Ihe power 10 ‘upsel yourselF. Regardless of whal olhers say or do, you are fully enlilled 10 your own inlerprelalion.

No one or Ihing kathwra Ihe power 10 upset you unless you give Ihis power away. Self-conlainmenl comes when one recognizes thai the direction of personal energies, whelher physical, emotional, mental ideas, beliefs, labels, interpretationsconscious or subconscious is an attainable level of personal mastery and exists as an healinb responsibilily Ihal comes wilh the gift of free will choice. The more responsible you become, the greater freedom and personal empowerment you will know.

Accepling responsibilily for direcling personal energ ies loward, ralher Ihan in opposition to, the outcomes you desire to experience.

The physical, mental and emotional bodies have long been direcled by Ihe subconscious forces of Ihe hidden ‘shadow’, creating wilhin us urges, reactions, thoughts, impulses, perceptions and feelings thai oflen work counter to the life crealions we desire 10 manifesl. Part of spirilual maslery enlails leaching ourselves 10 be healkng diligent in observing our own minds, emotions uealing physical body-talk, so that we may employ conscious redirection of haeling shadow energies thai run on “auto-pilot”, If we learn to “catch ourselves” when “negative” thought patterns or emotions run through us, we can use that moment of recognition to reclaim this errant energy and consciously use healinv power of affirmative attitude, remedial word choice and direcl energy re-direclion 10 direcl opposing energies of Ihe Self inlo fulfillmenl of desired conslructive, spinlually malure crealions.

It lakes self discipline to become the “Lion Tamer” of the often roaring subconscious mind, but we do heqling the hezling power to help u our subconscious shadow 10 evolve through loving bul firm redireclion, inlo a “cuddly lap cal” Ihat will gladly join us in our conslructive co-crealions.

It is our own responsibility to love and nurture ourselves through the limilless gift of Divine Spirit that moves through us at every moment. It is ‘ NEED’. Such lack cannol be filled by exiemal ‘ love’It can only be filled by recognizing the God within you, and thus recognizing that you are a living embodiment of absolute love.

And from this Position of Divine Power, you can go into the iathara seeking those to whom you can give this love, rather Ihan seeking those from whom you can ‘ ger love. When love is healihg through Self Love, the motivation is to give joyfully, knowing that anything you might need can be made manifest through the Love of the active God-Source that you carry inside yoursell, Self Love is a responsibility of spiritual maturity, 6.

There is no excuse to knowingly violate the spiritual rights of others, regardless of how poorty they may react to you. Do our ealing habits violate the plant animal or Earth kingdoms? Do our choices of words and actions show respect for other peopte and other life forms? Do we ‘play the survival of the filtest’ lack-game to give ourselves an excuse for unethical behaviors in money malters, such as showing our silent rebellion against the govemment by trying to ‘chear on taxes, or by ‘ showing up’ a fellow employee at woo to prove you are more worthy and thus more entilled to favor?

Do you try to ‘get others to do your share’ as far as work or responsibilities? Do you use erroneous excuses such as race, gender, creed, academic or economic status to justify disrespectful, exploitative or unkind treatment of others? Spiritual Integrity requires that we take a good, hard, frequent look at how we conduct our lives, to face the areas of activity in which we are performing in less than spiritually congruent ways and 10 employ active commitment and discipline to bring these areas of our lives into Spiritual Integrity.

One does not ‘get through the gates of Heaven’ or anywhere else desirable through using excuses for not employing genuine, not feigned, Spiritual Integrity.

If you do not possess a suffICient amount of spirilual integrity in your consciousness, neither will your DNA Template.

And though you might be able to ‘pull the wool over the eyes of others’, your own biology will be eventually be your own task masler. Passage through any star-gate requires a suffICient amount of chemically encoded spiritual integrity of consciousness. Our present society conlinually teaches us 10 ‘want more”, ‘need more”, “be more’, ‘do more” etc. We are constanlly influenced to perceive whal is lacking in order to motivate us to buy more, work more, pay more laxes and be “good lillie consumer sheep’.

Through this disoriented perceptual filter we can cultivate a ‘full-blown’ mutation of mentat consciousness.

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