Kata Kumbas was the first Italian rpg ever developed. In it was back in a Savage Edition, thanks to Umberto Pignatelli. And now, it’s going. Kata Kumbas è un gioco di ruolo fantasy-umoristico italiano ideato da Agostino Carocci e Massimo Senzacqua negli anni È ambientato sul mondo di. Kata Kumbas non è un gioco di ruolo come tutti gli altri, è un gioco di proiezione: se Kumbas Kata is not a role-playing game like everyone else, is a game of.

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The knight of the gate, by Umberto Pignatelli, is the first librogame always set in the extraordinary world of Kata Lata. With the help of the have taken recently and have had millemiliardi of things to do bla bla bla, I started to play, The Knight of the Potta Door for only a couple of days. Luckily I have remedied in the short, finendolo and rigiocandolo times in kaga nights, and now it seems to me, therefore, in the case of ammorbarvi with my thoughts to tell you about it.

Let’s start by saying that this may not be a review. Umberto is a friend, I know Frances enough, and we collaborate when possible, the book is published by GG Studio with whom I work and are in constant relation, the Venture System on which the kwta is based is a little bit of my bag of flour.

Kata Kumbas – Wikidata

Despite the fact that I know he’s and you know that I am a person that is unbiased and honest, writing a review of a kumbaas so close to me it would not make sense. However considering that Umberto has asked me multiple times of the feedback on the book, I think it’s funny fornirglieli in public.

Take it as a conversation to the two that you are origliando. Let’s start by saying that the friend Pignatelli has done the homework: The Knight of the Gate is perfectly dropped into the atmosphere of Kata Kumbas, very well written both from the point of view of the narrative and design. No typos and blunders and my god, my God, my librogame are full of them!

So good that gives me the impression of saputellino of the class, the coconut of the teacher which is never wrong. Another slap on the neck by the one sitting behind that copy always. Birth, however, immediately with the three negative views, Umberto and Francesca, I don’t want to:.


However, apart from the font, you truly lose the view above: Francesca Baerald has painted her in an impeccable manner, but I find that it is poorly suited to the spaces of the cover of a librogame, where he was significantly better a picture more clear and more simple, maybe even adventurous.

Kata kumbas pdf download

For example, I struggled to grasp the detail of the gryphon or to understand the image as a whole, with the elements in the back of the cover. I’m sorry to say because, in itself, the kumbad is beautiful, but does not seem to me adequate to the product on which it appears.

This is the beautiful cover image of ” The Knight of the Gate.

A painting beautiful, kukbas that loses a lot of its charm on the two sides of the cover. I have to admit that I realized only now the griffin in the bottom and the witch in the back of the cover. I have played three times, throw off my character about a particular feature, and I had to go by reducing the standard scores available to my hero, to avoid the game to be completely risk-free and stain. The first time I played a Ugger determined, brave and chivalrous: Force 8, Cunning 5, Wisdom 5.

I have to say that in this way, all the fights are a walk in, even the ones against the bosses that were supposed to impensierirci.

The second time I have chosen, I have distributed 3 points less and had taken 3 points, the Vital Energy. My second Ugger he was shrewd and a little rascal: Force 4, Cunning 7, Wisdom 4, kumbaz I ruolato putting my rogue in all the situations most advantageous for these statistics, strong of the experience gained in the first game not for nothing I was Smart.

Even so, it was pretty simple get to the end. The third and last game, for now, with an Ugger intelligent, thoughtful and interested in the magic, but even more nerfed: Force 3, Cunning 3, Wisdom 6.

Kata Kumbas Savage Setting: the Primer

So Wise was I, to take advantage of everything that I knew in the two previous rounds and go forward, however, quite well up to the final. In short, one of two things: While we’re not here to get us to the riverenze each other, but now a couple of positive things I have to really emphasize them:. I printed kjmbas out three times the tab to play and I have never tired of looking at it: Less groomed they were, perhaps, the illustrations fun, but the game of searching for clues in the drawings or solve puzzles graphic is really fun.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about in practice all of the illustrations included in the game hidden numbers or other elements that you can observe and count, for open options secret, or offer advantages. Anyway, like I said, the game in the game is just no fun.

The story is fun, with a few shots of the scene, a classic in its development, but also fresh kumbbas light-hearted. The author communicates continuously with the reader, putting the flea in the ear all the time joke that only someone who has finished the book can understand and it is really, I am sorry to repeat it, well written!

Also, it is a real gesture of love towards the world of Kata Kumbas, sincere and passionate: Here actually Umberto Pignatelli, playing at home, being the first thing a game designer, but the style is there and it shows. You can find around iumbas and dozens of objects, all useful and balanced between them, and all that can be used at least in 2 ways or different situations, making the strategic aspect of librogame exceptionally cared for.

Notes of the game, lumbas, dilemmas, traits to be acquired, different and complementary ways of achieving the same goals, tricks, secret passages and choices that are hidden, situations in which we should lose instead of to win, the alternative roads that are excellent for ensuring the longevity of the title: The knight of the gate andone of the librogame best carried out from the point of view of the play that I have ever seen.

One of the things that interested me the most discover de The Knight of the Gate is such as Umberto would have used and declined the Venture System, which he himself had created. After the excellent test of Andrea Mollica in Golgotha Blues and the prototype written by me of Live and let to rise again, I was really curious to discover the potential in a librogame long and detailed, which offers space to dozens of options and insights.

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