Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): First Fold (Front View) . send me the instructions on how to make the dragon. i understand it’s hard i like a. Diagrams in the book: Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): Back View satoshi kamiya’s bahamut and if so can u please make a tutorial. Ancient Dragon, Designed by Satoshi Kamiya and Folded by Sergey Yartsev. Diagrams available in Works of Satoshi Kamiya

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Diagrams in the book: Last time I checked, someone had a set of short tuts on a few steps at a time. I go on the site and it has japan writing. I think the main difficulty here is that there are so many steps, and small errors add up. I don’t use spray glue, either.

Sara If its not to long can you make an instruction video. By the way the paper was very, very big.

Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): Front View | Happy Folding

Where can you get tissue foil? As to reading diagrams – it depends on your preference. Well, wrapping paper is a very broad term.

Sorry if I make many mistakes but here in Bolivia English is not the official language. I recommend using double tissue: This time I made some double tissue, which is one of the recommended paper choices for the model. I don’t have spray glue so is there any other glue which I can use to create tissue foil???


The only thing I’m afraid of is that it won’t be a perfect square, and I’d have to start all over again, but it will probably work out. I think u should but in more instrunctional videos such as john montrols three headed dragon. How do you make it – with much patience and skill. I’d rank it on my scale as super-complex.

So perhaps it’s ok. Hope this helps, — Sara.

As to making an instructional video, it will not happen. Will Nicholas Terry Tissue Foil 60cm by 60cm work for this origami I would appreciate it if you answered my question.

This is the fourth time I attempted insstructions model, and the first time I completed it. The phoenix is not one of them. Yes it is difficult. All the other times I faulted the paper and just possibly a bit my folding ability for the failure.

You can also check xmy video on how to make tissue foil. I’m sure you’ll have seen my latest two posts: You need thin, but strong paper to get a nice result. But in step 24 i have a problem i don’t no how it will go can you help me?

  ASTM D5528 PDF

Antique Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya)

Here in Bolivia I didn’t find somebody who knows about this. I’m not sure where you can get it. To see the origami zing dragon go to http: By the way, tissue paper is probably not the best choice of paper for the ancient dragon. It took drzgon 5 weeks and 11 sheets of 60″X60″ paper, the paper it self plays a very important part in the folding, like Sara states, the paper has to be soft enough and strong enough to with stand the mutiply layer folding.

This is as he wishes it, and I respect that. I think it looks awsome.

Antique Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya)

I need to know where to get the book online, or the plans!!! For months i have been trying to find diagrams for the ancient dragon.

More importantly, though, I will not be presenting any of Satoshi Kamiya’s work in instructional videos. As to tips to these steps, I fear I don’t have the book with me. Ancient Dragon Satoshi Kamiya:

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