Build a very simple K2 workflow to get familiar with basic concepts and techniques for building workflows. (And decide whether you prefer ‘Football’ or ‘ Soccer’!). These tutorials will teach you how to build SmartForms, SmartObjects and workflows with K2’s browser-based design environment, K2 Designer. These tutorials. This tutorial explains how to build a very simple “Hello, World” style workflow with K2 Studio. This tutorial is ideally suited for users who are brand new to K2.

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K2 enables its users to convert their manual, paper-based processes into flexible digital solutions.

It is a business process management platform that offers solutions for every business phase, from onboarding to budgeting and campaign management. K2 BlackPearl offers business activity monitoring and interaction management features, managing troubleshooting, security, and data control. The platform provides integrated process automation and all the necessary tools for creating departmental workflows across the organization with no coding required. Main features that K2 offers are automated workflows, feature-rich forms, smart objects, smart starters, workdesks, and analytics.


When it comes to deployment, users can choose between on-premise or cloud, along with Android and iOS native apps. Product recommendations, vendor rankings, market tutorail and tips on how to select Business Process Management BPM software for business.

Published in December Closely linked to workflow design and management, business process management software helps users with the design, visualization, automation and implementation of business processes. Applications help analyse bottlenecks, redundancies and other problems wi K2 BlackPearl offers both cloud-based and on-premise deployment, as well as Android and iOS native apps. Log in Sign up. Write a Review Add to Favorites. What is K2 BlackPearl? Compare K2 BlackPearl vs.


Does K2 BlackPearl offer guides, tutorials and or customer support? What platforms does K2 BlackPearl support? Yes, it offers API.

9. Creating Your First Workflow – Professional K2 blackpearlĀ® [Book]

Does K2 BlackPearl offer multi-user capability e. Who are the main user groups of K2 BlackPearl? What is K2 BlackPearl generally used for? K2 BlackPearl is generally used for business process management and workflow automation. What are some applications K2 BlackPearl is commonly used in tandem with? More Info Compare This.


K2 BlackPearl

Try for Free Compare This. K2 BlackPearl User Reviews. Rate this app or be the first to review! The score for this service has improved over the past month.

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