Solutions for MVS SYSTEM ABEND CODES like S0C1, S0C7, SB37, SE37 etc. There was a conflict between the program, the JCL DCB, and the data set DCB. This article list down various JCL abend codes along with their cause and action taken by the user. ABEND Code U or U (X’D’) is issued when a failure or error condition occurs for which normal program All related Job Logs and JCL listings.

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Save all output from the TCPaccess job. Check the WTO and job jc, for any related messages. Check the parameter lists passed to the P-service. Collect all job output from jco TCPaccess job including maps and dumps, and contact Customer Support. The entry code is larger than the maximum allowable entry code. Check the WTO and job logs for related messages. The service code in register R0 contains a number greater than 2. The only valid register 0 values are 0, 1, codfs 2. This may generate unexpected program checks.

The stdin and stdout connections will not open. The VTAM connection cannot be opened for some reason. The stderr connection will not open.

TCPaccess error log cannot be written. If you are writing applications using P-services, check your logic.

Understanding abend codes

The RE address is not found. Ccodes request type could either be an undefined type or a request to delete or replace a PDEBUG intercept that does ncl exist. The ECB address is invalid. TCPaccess cannot find an unused attention index. The PPDSENQ P-service was called to enqueue a resource; however, after completion of the process the dequeue failed and the resource remained enqueued.

Check the parameter lists passed to the P-services. The TCP connection will not open. ATOPN has failed for this process. Check that the other host TCPaccess is trying to connect to is up on the network. If the remote host is up, save all output from the job. The storage is not available. The attention index that TCPaccess was going to use is reserved or invalid.

Check the WTO and logs for any related messages. This is detected as a logic error. If the problem persists, contact Customer Support. Not enough memory exists for the request. No storage is available from quick cell storage. Examine the storage in the dump for a proliferation of any type of storage throughout memory. The input initialization parameters are invalid.


The program cannot execute any further. Startup for the TCP base product terminates. Save the output of the TCP base product job. Startup for the TCP base product is then terminated. Jxl convention, R11 should contain the caller’s PTA address. A bad parameter has been passed. The quick cell get logic detected that the next pointer in the chain of free quick cells was corrupted.

This table provides a brief summary:. Corruption of auto storage control blocks while DSA was being freed. Corruption of auto storage control blocks during new Cjl allocation. During program termination, program stored past end of automatic storage stack. Corruption of auto storage control blocks while freeing automatic storage. Corruption of heap storage control blocks detected by free. Corruption of head storage control blocks during program termination. Required transient runtime functions cannot be loaded.

More than one recursive error occurred during diagnostic message processing. CMS tried to delete storage occupied by dynamically loaded module. CMS invalid library control block during call to unloadm.

CMS invalid library control block during call to loadm. CMS error trying to delete a buffer during dynamic loading. Full-Screen Support library detected an internal error. Insufficient storage to extend the internal queue of IUCV messages. Internal error in inter-language communication support routines. Call was made from C program to another high-level language but framework not created. The storage address is not on the list of allocated quick cell pools.

Check the region size of TCPaccess.

The storage amount to be released does not end on a double word boundary. Determine the problem with the module and restart TCPaccess. TCPaccess is out of storage. Check storage for a proliferation of one type of storage to see if there might be some kind of storage allocation loop.


No work can be performed. TCPaccess can no longer provide an external security interface. TCPaccess terminates with a dump. If there is a proliferation of the same kind of storage, a PTASK may be allocating storage in a loop. Retry the operation first on the current version of TCPaccess. If it fails again bring TCPaccess down. Raise the region size on the TCPaccess job.


Retry the operation again. If the error recurs, contact Customer Abnd. Two conditions can cause a U to occur: Restart the TCPaccess job.

Not enough initial core is available to build the TCPaccess control blocks. TCPaccess cannot continue and terminates with a dump. TCPaccess control blocks have been zbend. TCPaccess terminates and a dump is taken. The STAE exit cannot continue. Restart TCPaccess and retry the operation. Save output from the TCPaccess job. If the problem occurs after start-up, submit the TCPaccess job.


Check the logs cpdes related messages. The exit cannot continue. TCPaccess cannot continue without a commutator task. Processing can no longer continue. A program exception occurs on the commutator task. The commutator encounters a stack overflow. The module must be generated without an overlay structure or similar attribute. This table lists the reason codes and descriptions:. During DIE processing, an LRA load real address instruction returned a non-zero return code, indicating that the page was not page-fixed.

This can be caused by either the page being page-freed prematurely or a logic error in this program not using the correct value with the LRA. This indicates the channel program codss not built correctly. During driver initialization, an LRA load real address instruction returned a non-zero return code indicating that the storage was not page-fixed. Collect all job output, including dumps, and contact Customer Support.

Examine the module to abebd possible cause of problem or recreate module and restart TCPaccess.


While attempting to load a module, the module use count and chain of LD M blocks do not agree. An error occurred in processing the FTP commands, a remote host disconnected, or a file transfer failed.

A file allocation error occurred.

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