public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream(“”); Doc doc = new SimpleDoc(in, DocFlavor. private boolean printData(PrintService printService, String printText) { try { SimpleDoc doc; doc = new SimpleDoc(es(), vor . DocPrintJob; import xception; import ervice; import erviceLookup; import Doc; import.

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Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer: I don’t think there are printers or printer drivers that understand Simplledoc files. Originally posted by Val Perumal: This code works for me adapted from the example in the java api import java.

As Ulf mentions, this code is dependent on your printer being able to direct-print a PDF. My LaserJet has this capability. I’ve been googling information on how to print a pdf in javaand it seems that the java print api is used more for printing from a swing app. What I’m needing simpledco do is send a pdf document to the printer upon user request.

I would like my app to work as follows – User selects pdf to be printed – Program determines pages javs be printed and deducts amount from user account – If sufficient money, program sends job to printer automatically without popping up the print screen. I’m able to figure out the rest of the pieces, in regards to user input and determining pages of the pdf, except I don’t see how I will be able to print the pdf. If someone could point me to some resources on java printing that i might not be finding, or help me with some information on this, I would truly appreciate it.

I can open the pdf file on my computer, and print it ok, but when using the above code, it just prints out junk. I’m wondering if anyone can point me somewhere that can help me understand how I might need to format or setup the pdf so that I can print it correctly. My program could be run on any number of Linux systems, with a multitude of printer types.

I don’t think there are printers or printer drivers that understand PDF files at least not in the standard JREso simpoedoc approach likely won’t work. This library can render PDFs; it should be possible to adapt it to print them as well if it can’t do that out of the box. When you say this code works for me, does that mean it works for you to be able to print pdfs?


Or just to be able to print? Print PDFs you can see jwva input file is “some. By the way, could you take a moment and change your displayed name to your real or at least real-sounding first and last name?

Java Code Examples of Doc

Our naming policy is one of our two rules the other is “Be Nice”. You can change it here. Thanks for your help. I’ve not got the opportunity to test it as I’m at work, but will let you know once I can.

I’ve also changed my username over as well.

Thanks for the heads up. So I was able to test that code, and I’m getting the same as I got before. Eimpledoc prints fine, but it just prints out tons of characters, not the actual document I’m sending to the printer. You can use Acrobat to print from the command line as documented here.

If that doesn’t work, you could try the component Ulf pointed out and Java 2D printing. The code pure Java solution is given below: I don’t think there are printers or printer drivers that understand PDF files Sure there are – or the company I work for simplesoc have a business!

Low-end consumer printers typically won’t do PDF directly; larger office and production printers mostly will do PDF and lots of other formats directly. However, if you want a solution that works for all printers, you can’t rely on the printer knowing about PDF.

Well, I would go with Betty Thank you very much, and welcome to JavaRanch. Hello Val, Thanks for sharing this code.

I ain’t asking for API doc. Please share the link if you have. Because I face the same problem as you You pgint two other posts on this same topic here and here. This duplicates the effort of the volunteers at the Ranch and wastes people’s valuable time.


Printing pdf files using java – Stack Overflow

There are a few libraries specialized in simplsdoc PDF documents with Java. Pierre Prin ] [ September 11, I have a further question on this: I have a program for printing a pdf file that was generated using the iText 2 package. The file is created as an A4 document. The program is able to load the file and send the print job – it reaches the printer, but on the printer the control panel prompts the user to load A4, Plain Paper.

The print job will come out if the user presses “OK” on the printer to override and print to whatever paper is loaded. I simpldeoc it to print directly without user intervention, as the same file prints directly from Adobe Reader without this problem.

I also need it to print 2 copies and it only prints one. Here is the code for creating the print job: The printer is hosted on a Windows Server machine.

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I have set the printer defaults to: Somebody suggested using a command line utility: Adobe reeader not designed for automated printing and has no extra features such as setting up a printer propertys, scalling page, page count, and other print options.

If you cannot do it via Java, I suggest downloading it, because it works and unless you need something for Java only to do Hello John, Were you able to print the pdf file? Even I face the same problem. The same tonns of junk characters.

I could get the issue fixed with PDFRenderer. Well done sorting it out.

Java Examples for javax.print.SimpleDoc

Below is my version of prinf Whose rules are you playing by? This tiny ad doesn’t respect those rules:. Tired of head-butting your desk in frustration when programming Java? Check out video courses. Print a document using java API. Problems in printing a PDF file in java. How do I know the input stream is ready? This tiny ad doesn’t respect those rules: Check out video courses https:

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