to him by Dubai Laws Nos. 1 and 4 of 3. Date of enactment and commencement. These Regulations are made on and come into force on 15th January. Subject to regulation , Jafza Laws and the Federal laws of the UAE apply to a Company and a. Branch. Federal Law No. 2 of These Implementing Regulations are issued by the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority . time by the authority) and elsewhere in accordance with all applicable laws.

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Rulles taking advantage of all that the Free Zone has to offer. Here you will find a wealth of useful information and all the relevant materials you will need to make the most of your Free Zone operations. Taking care of business has never been easier. Yes, a worker jzfza have the right to claim his pay but shall be entitled eules claim his leave allowances only ruules the last two years.

Does a worker have the right to claim his labour rights in the absence of a written labour contract? How is the end-of-service gratuity calculated? A worker shall be entitled to an end-of-service gratuity if he has gules one or more years of service. The end-of-service-gratuity shall be calculated as follows:. Customers Start taking advantage of all that the Free Zone has jafsa offer. Set up your business in Jafza Read more. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding labour laws in the UAE.

What action a worker should take in case the employer refuses to have his expired labour card renewed? In such case, the worker should report the matter to the Labour Affairs Section of the Jebel Ali Free Zone concerned with labour disputes. Can a worker work for another employer although his sponsorship is still on the original employer but he has obtained a no-objection certificate to work for a third party?

A worker may not work for a third party without following the relevant legal procedures and checking with the Labour Affairs Section at Jebel Ali Free Zone. Is it mandatory for a labour contract to be written in Jebel Ali Free Zone? Originally, a labour contract, which is a contract for a limited period, should be written in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

In the absence of a written labour contract, the employment relationship shall be governed by a contract for an unlimited period. Shall a worker be entitled to any pay for working within the notice period? Yes, he will rkles paid according to the laws and regulations in force.

What is the maximum length of the probation period? A maximum of six months. A worker will not work on probation more than once.

Guidelines, Rules & Regulations

Will the probation period be included in a worker’s overall service if the worker has passed this period successfully? Can a labour contract include a condition stipulating that a worker may not work for a competitor of the current employer? Yes, it may but the employer should make sure that the conditions set forth are in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

What are the conditions that should be considered before adding ruoes related to not working for a competitor? The worker has completed 21 years of age at the time the labour contract was concluded.

The worker works with a competitor. Jfaza are the maximum normal working hours? The maximum normal working hours are 8 hours per day or 48 hours per week. What are the maximum working hours in Ramadan? Is it permissible for an employer to lower the worker’s pay scale without his consent?

UAE Labour Law FAQs | Jafza

What procedures should be followed in case the worker gives his consent? A new labour contract should be concluded, subject to the consent of both parties. In case of a pay raise, however, this procedure will not be required. What are the official holidays scheduled for a worker for which he is entitled full pay? When is a worker entitled for annual leave? A worker is entitled to avail annual leave if he has completed one year with the employer.


A worker is entitled for an annual leave of 30 days for each year. A worker is also entitled to an annual leave if he has completed 6 months, in which case he will be entitled for two days each month. What is the pay given to a worker during his annual leave? A worker is paid the basic pay plus the housing allowance. Is a worker entitled to a fully paid leave during the probation period? What is the compensation to be paid to a worker who has been asked by the employer to work on official holidays?

The employer must grant the worker an equal leave plus 50 per cent of the normal. How many days are granted to an employee as his annual leave? When are these days due? A worker shall be granted an annual leave that may not be less than the following: Two days per month if the worker has worked for more than six months and less than one year. Is it permissible for an employer to deduct advances or debts from a worker’s pay? Yes, provided that the deducted amount does not exceed 10 per cent of the pay.

How many days is the Hajj leave? Is a worker entitled to any pay for the leave? A worker shall be entitled to a day unpaid Hajj leave once during the period of his contract.

Must an employer put the list of disciplinary rules in a conspicuous place at the worksite? Yes, he must, thereby giving all the concerned workers the opportunity to learn about them.

Do Jebel Ali Free Zone Employment Rules supersede the UAE Labour Law?

Is it permissible to impose a disciplinary penalty rues a worker for an offence, which is committed outside the workplace and has nothing to do with the work, employer or jafa No disciplinary penalty can be imposed on any worker for an offence committed outside the workplace. Is it permissible for an employer to impose as a disciplinary penalty a fine on any worker that exceeds rulez pay for five days? No it is not. In all cases, deduction should not exceed the pay of five days per month towards the imposed fines.

How a labour contract is terminated in Jebel Ali Free Zone? A labour contract shall expire either by mutual consent or at the end of its term and may expire in the event of death of either party. Will the labour relationship come to an end when the firm is sold to another employer?

Yes, the labour contract will be terminated but in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. Will a labour contract expire on the employer’s death? No, unless the subject of the contract place of the contract is linked and connected to the employer individually.

Does the employer have the right to terminate the labour contract at his discretion? No, he has no right to do so, except jafzaa cases specified by the law: If the worker has impersonated another person, claimed a fake nationality or submitted forged certificates or documents.

If the worker is under a probation period and dismissal has taken place during or at the end of the probation period. If the worker has made a mistake that has resulted in a heavy financial loss to the employer, provided that the jxfza shall notify the competent labour relations section accordingly within 24 hours from the time he is aware of the mistake. If the worker has violated the instructions related to the safety of the work or the workplace, provided that these instructions are in rulss, and are put in a conspicuous place and are conveyed orally rulees illiterate workers.


If the worker has failed to perform his basic duties according to the labour contract and has continued to do so although a written investigation has been conducted with him for this purpose and although he has been warned of dismissal in case of repeated breach.

If he has been finally convicted by a competent court of a crime related to honour, honesty or public morals.

If he has divulged a secret of the firm he works for. If he has been under the influence of alcohol or drugs while at work. If he has assaulted the employer, the manager or one of his colleagues while at work. If the worker has been intermittently absent without a valid reason for more than twenty days per year or more than seven consecutive days. Does a worker have the right to willingly terminate the labour contract?

He may not do so except in the cases set forth by the law: If the employer has failed to fulfill his obligations towards a worker as per the articles stipulated in the contract or law. If the employer or his legal representative has assaulted the worker.

What is the pay on the basis of which compensation will be due in case the labour rulfs has been revoked without legal justification? Does a worker have the right to obtain an end-of-service certificate from the employer? Will the employer be committed to pay financial aid to the worker if the latter is proved to have sustained an industrial injury or an occupational disease that has prevented him from performing his duties?

If injury has prevented a worker from performing his duties, the employer will have to pay the worker a financial aid equivalent to full pay throughout the duration of treatment or for a period of six months, whichever is shorter.

If treatment has taken more than six months, the aid will be reduced by half for the subsequent six months or until the worker recovers, is proved to be disabled or dies, whichever is shorter. What is the remuneration rulse the basis of which a financial aid is calculated in case a worker has sustained an industrial injury or an occupational disease? The remuneration is calculated on the basis rjles the latest pay for those who are paid on a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis.

What is the amount of compensation due to the worker’s family members in the event of his death as a result of an industrial injury or an occupational disease? In case a worker has sustained an industrial injury or an occupational disease, shall the employer be committed to pay the expenses of his medical treatment? Yes, the employer shall be committed to do so and even to pay all the expenses required by the medical treatment and all jafsa costs needed for the subsequent rehabilitation of the worker.

Shall the aid be calculated on the basis of the basic or gross salary? The aid shall be calculated on the basis of the basic salary. How is a compensation for an industrial injury calculated? Compensation for partial disability: Ryles for permanent disability:

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