Preliminary Data Sheet. Single Port 10/ MII/RMII/TP/Fiber. Fast Ethernet . Features comparison between IPG and IPA/IPAH. IPA Datasheet, IPA PDF, IPA Data sheet, IPA manual, IPA pdf, IPA, datenblatt, Electronics IPA, alldatasheet, free, datasheet. IPA Datasheet, IPA PDF. Datasheet search engine for Electronic Components and Semiconductors. IPA data sheet, alldatasheet, free, databook.

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It also has a speaker and microphone, so you can talk with people. And yes imgur, I like to destroy nice things. The resolution is quite horrible at x pixel. And the nightvision ratasheet pretty much shit.

The camera does not have IR Cut which means it will not filter out the up101a IR during the day and therfore the colors are shit and if just a tiny bit of sun hit the lense everything is white-screen-of-death. It also has some “alarm pins” on the back. Also possible to connect some big ass speakers on the audio jack and scare the fuck out of people!

Don’t bother, I’m repurposing the board fatasheet some point. Gonna hack it up with some Linux magic. Let’s look at the processors. This is the main processor.

IPALF datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Single Port 10/ Fast Ethernet Transceiver

The little thing is a 74HCD chip. This is actually an IO Expansion chip. Thank you salthetiller http: The little black thingie is an ethernet chip.

A nice stepper motor. More on that in a sec.

D-Link DWL-8200AP rev A1

God damn red plug. Glued into the main board. Colors are also still nice though. You are forgiven China. Datasjeet upper side of the main board. Wifi module is that green board. This is the specs on the hidden chip under the green WiFi module. This is 32MB Flash storage. Would be nice to reflash with some Linux distro and use as arbitrary computer.


Used between the ethernet chip and LAN network. The boards are the same, and in this case it looks like most of the electronics are too. Just need a small receiver module and probably some firmware changes.

Again, running custom Linux on this or accessing the existing Linux would be god-damn awesome. The most mildly interesting dattasheet motor in the world. This is so standard that every house on earth probably has one inside one or more things. Datasheett took both this and it’s sister or brother? Datawheet you like out of datasjeet camera. Might use them later. A two way limit switch for the rotating base.

Close up of the speaker. This could really rock your house!!! Chinese quality stuff right there. I seriously love those colors. Is this made by those cute asian datsaheet who always get tentacle-raped? Yeah I said the T word. Prepare the comment thread for tentacle boarding. This little shitty chip controls the camera itself. I found out it might be a USB controller through google, and the data lines to the main board suggest I’m right.

In that case it can be plugged straight into any USB port. I love how generic Chinese people are. Nice motor assembly with a long shaft. I will take it! Never look directly at these while a night vision camera is on. They aren’t dangerous but the thing is, that prolonged exposure to powerful IR will give you serious headaches.


It’s like firing a gigantic projection beam directly into your eyes. But an invisible one, which the eyes can’t adjust to.

Often this will be in low light areas, so your pupils are wide open, but at the same time this freaking light show is hitting the inside of your eyes. That’s why the diodes are cut, I’ve had the head unit disassembled before. This is an old camera I used in my room, and I hated the IR inside my room! This is the light sensor which automatically turns the LED’s on. PLEASE for the love of god, if you datasbeet one of these, get one of the newer units where they can be controlled from the webinterface.

Otherwise you can’t use them in offices, living rooms and bedrooms perverts!!! Final picture of a nice green LED op101a the microphone. Thanks for reading this totally irrelevant post. Here is my cat tax. Use old embed code. Hide old embed code. Tear down time mothafuckers! I datwsheet it for you.

I love the colors though. I broke the plug! A nice rotating base. I don’t get it.

Not much to see. Front view of the camera unit itself. Javascript is required to view comments normally. Embed Code hide post details. Copy and paste the HTML below into your website:.

Dark Light Custom Preview.

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