Integer Programming has 27 ratings and 2 reviews. Chris said: An excellent short introduction. It chooses some representative examples for important topi. Available in: Hardcover. A practical, accessible guide to optimization problems withdiscrete or integer variablesInteger Programming stands. List of computer science publications by Laurence A. Wolsey. Integer Programming and Constraint Programming in Solving a Multimachine Assignment.

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Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. Maurice QueyranneLaurence A. Optimum turn-restricted paths, nested compatibility, and optimum convex polygons. Transportation Science 52 3: A tight formulation for uncapacitated lot-sizing with stock upper bounds. The Weighted Arborescence Constraint. The continuous knapsack set. WolseyHande Yaman: Continuous knapsack sets with divisible capacities.

WolseySercan Yildiz: Sufficiency of cut-generating functions. Single-item reformulations for a vendor managed inventory routing problem: Computational experience with benchmark instances.

Maurice QueyranneLaurence Wolsey: Modeling Poset Convex Subsets. DeyLaurence A. Covering Linear Programming with Violations.

Mathieu Van VyveLaurence A. Relaxations for two-level multi-item lot-sizing problems. JungersGuillaume VankeerberghenLaurence A. An efficient technique for solving the scheduling of appliances in smart-homes.

Strong and compact relaxations in the original space using a compact extended formulation. Computational Optimization 1 A maritime inventory routing problem: Discrete time formulations and valid inequalities. MeloLaurence A.


Integer Programming

MIP formulations and heuristics for two-level production-transportation problems. WolseyMichel Minoux: On discrete lot-sizing and scheduling on identical parallel machines. Optimization Letters 6 3: Marco Di SummaLaurence A.

Mixing Sets Linked by Bidirected Paths. Polyhedral and Lagrangian approaches for lot sizing with production time windows and setup times. Composite lifting of group inequalities and an application programimng two-row mixing inequalities. Discrete Optimization 7 4: Optimizing production and transportation in a commit-to-delivery business mode. European Lqurence of Operational Research 3: Michele ConfortiLaurence A.

WolseyGiacomo Zambelli: Yves PochetLaurence A. Single item lot-sizing with non-decreasing a.woldey. Karen AardalLaurence A. Lattice based extended formulations for integer linear equality systems. LieblingDenis NaddefWilliam R. Two row mixed-integer cuts via lifting. Experiments with Two Row Tableau Cuts.

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Reformulation and Decomposition of Integer Programs. LieblingDenis NaddefGeorge L. NemhauserWilliam R. SpringerISBN [contents]. Network Formulations of Mixed-Integer Programs. Multi-item a.wllsey with joint set-up costs. AnstreicherLaurence A. Two “well-known” properties of subgradient optimization. Compact formulations as a union of polyhedra. Lot-sizing on a tree. The Mixing Set with Divisible Capacities. Wiley Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering Quentin LouveauxLaurence A.

Lifting, superadditivity, mixed integer rounding and single node flow sets revisited. Annals OR 1: The Mixing Set with Flows. Inequalities from Two Rows of a Simplex Tableau.

Pascal Van HentenryckLaurence A. Ruslan SadykovLaurence A. LieblingDenis NaddefLaurence A. Theory and Computation The Aussois Workshop Lot-sizing with production and delivery time windows. Extended formulations for Gomory Corner polyhedra. Discrete Optimization 1 2: On the cut polyhedron. Discrete Mathematics On unions and dominants of polytopes. Bram VerweijLaurence A. Uncapacitated lot-sizing with buying, sales and backlogging. Optimization Methods and Software 19 MillerLaurence A.


Operations Research 51 4: The Aussois workshop in combinatorial optimization introduction.

dblp: Laurence A. Wolsey

Dynamic knapsack sets and capacitated lot-sizing. Strong formulations for mixed integer programs: Tight formulations for some simple mixed integer programs and convex objective integer programs. Francisco OrtegaLaurence A. A branch-and-cut algorithm for the single-commodity, uncapacitated, fixed-charge network flow problem.

Non-standard approaches to integer programming. Discrete Applied Mathematics Cutting planes in integer and mixed integer programming. Management Science 48 A rendezvous point selection algorithm for videoconferencing applications. Progrmming de SouzaMartin W. WangLaurence A. Scheduling projects with labor constraints.

Hugues MarchandLaurence A. Operations Research 49 3: Gaetan BelvauxLaurence A. Management Science 47 7: Olivier PereiraLaurence A. The uncapacitated lot-sizing problem with sales and safety stocks. The Knapsack problem with a single continuous variable.

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