Il Viaggio di Reims (libretto). Uploaded by rachellelagrange Libretto of the opera ‘Il Viaggio a Reims’ by Gioacchino Antonio Rossini, with English. A group of European aristocrats planning to attend Charles X’s coronation in Reims, await their departure at the Giglio d’oro. Madama Cortese, the director of the. Il viaggio a Reims, dramma giocoso in one act to a libretto by Luigi Balocchi, was first performed at the Théâtre Italien, Paris, on 19th June The singers in.

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Incluso ella lo ama, pero yo soy prudente: Lucia Valentini Terrani, in brilliant form, sings Melibea and for good measure we have two Rossini veterans, Ruggero Raimondi as Don Profondo, the fanatical lover of all things antiquarian, and Enzo Dara as the harmony-loving Barone di Trombonok who launches the great Sextet, bullishly, in Ligretto major.

Time and again, it comes as a revelation to here even the Ory numbers in their original garb. Few composers would dream of taking a smash-hit off after four performances; but Rossini was ik, of course. Marchesa Melibea, the Polish widow of an Italian general killed on their wedding night. Cade a un tratto in ginocchio davanti a Corinna.

Print Tell a friend. Lord Sidney lihretto, and she muses on his unwillingness to approach Corinna who, she is sure, reciprocates his love. Qual disonore, oh stelle!

Corinna is joined by the Chevalier, who declares his love. Sprezzo e dispetto – destano in petto questi galanti – insidiator. Agli occhi io credo appena; contemplando il cappellino Caro!

Il viaggio a Reims – Synopsis

Each is a magical essay in the Ossianic style Ellen’s song in La donna del lago points this way and each is magically sung on the present recording by Cecilia Gasdia, the girl whom everyone thinks of as the new Maria Callas. Finally she notices the flowers that have been left in her room, a daily token of love from Lord Sidney.


Gramophone’s expert reviews easier than ever before.

Il gran trattato inedito lkbretto metodo di saper ben distinguere, a prima vista ognor l’antico del moderno, di viaggoi e nell’interno, ne’ maschi, nelle femine, e in altri oggetti ancor. Though the plot if slight—an array of international grandees are gathered at an inn in Plombieres en route for the coronation in Reims—the entertainment is richly elaborated in a way which precluded easy assimilation into the standard operatic repertoire.

Closely following them in blind jealousy of Melibea is the Russian Count Libenskof.

Written as part of the festival programme surrounding the coronation of the Bourbon Charles X inIl viaggio has some claim to being the best of all musical parties, outgunning such later heirs presumptive as Act 2 of Die Fledermaus by a considerable distance.

Todo el mundo tiene su poquito de locura. Corinna starts singing, joined by ul in a solemn finale. Vinta nel gran cimento, avria la Dea d’amor.

Il viaggio a Reims – Wikipedia

A demanding work, it requires 14 soloists three sopranos, one contralto, two tenors, four baritones, and four basses. Maietta’s declared source is the preface Prefazione to the critical viaggoi of the opera, edited by Janet J. La reverencia, tanto al salir como al entrar. The two lovers make their peace and then the scene changes to the illuminated garden of the hotel, in which a richly decorated table has been laid.

Il Viaggio a Reims

Le inservienti de’ bagni partono. He soon abandons himself to dreams of eternal love. The manager, Antonio, learns from Maddalena, the housekeeper, that the Rejms has engaged a band of travelling dancers and musicians, who happened to be passing that way, to amuse the company; soon afterwards these come on, opening the festivities with their dancing and singing.


A Lost Masterpiece Recoveredp. Il barbiere di Siviglia. Ella se acerca, debo darle la carta de Roma. It also stimulated w to special flights of creative fancy as we can hear in the late and still too little known Peches de Vieillesseand, most lavishly of all, in this cornucopian revel.

Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Gioachino Rossini”. CORO Inchini entrando e nell’uscir. E disperato io moro d’affanno e di dolor. Madama Cortese is worried about the late return of Zefirino, the messenger whom she has sent in search of horses for the journey, and she also makes some pithy observations about a case of true love, reciprocal but not openly declared, between her English guest, Lord Sidney, and Corinna.

CORO Rapido il fatto succeda al dir.

Tutti partono, eccetto Madama Cortese. La donna del lago. Most of these singers have major solo scenes, too. Se la Contessa il sa, gli cava gli occhi. Onto the stage now come Don Profondo, a man of letters, member of more than one academy, a maniacal collector of antiques, and Don Alvaro, Grandee of Spain, who introduces to the Baron the Marchesa Melibea, a lovely Viaggko lady, widow of an Italian general, and ilbretto whom he is in love; the lady wishes to undertake the journey to Reims together with the other illustrious guests of the Inn.

Parece como si lo estuviera viendo Parte un altro servo. La pietra del paragone. Folleville invites them all to Paris, offering to accommodate them for the occasion, and all rejoice in this unexpected twist of fate. Oppio e pistole a vento, cambiali con molt’oro i bill, ch’il parlamento tre volte legger fe’.

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