A History of Africa (African History Archive) [Hosea Jaffe] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Spanning more than two thousand years of. Spanning more than two thousand years of African history, from the African Iron Age to the collapse of colonialism and the beginnings of independence, Hosea. Editorial Reviews. Review. `[Jaffe’s] views are indeed stimulating and should reopen a A History of Africa (African History Archive) – Kindle edition by Hosea Jaffe. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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In the last mentioned work Jaffe propounded one of his most controversial theories, namely that the European worker produced a negative surplus value.

Joe Rassool: Role of Hosea Jaffe

Teachers came to the yosea of the poor and a spirit of camaraderie was fostered. Not all have stood the test of time. But attitudes of kindness, fair play, loyalty, honesty, etc could not by definition be principles, and were simply sentimental notions.

The early fifties was a period of enormous intellectual ferment. The first split in the movement began to show as early aswhen I.

The leadership of the NEUM were convinced naffe in their organisational structure they had found the secret weapon that would unite the oppressed and in time draw into it support jafef the Whites, thus creating the foundations of a decent democratic society for all regardless of so-called race, colour and creed. My differences are not personal, they are political! Tobias, the anthropologist and member of the Movement, declared that race was a biological fact. This article will attempt to trace its origins within the context of both national and international developments at the time and assess the parts played by some of those active in it.


This is such a jafffe deception that the mind boggles. By doing a post hoc attack on Trotsky, Jaffe endeavours to dismiss the Trotskyist label.

Oral history interview with Hosea Jaffe [Part 1 of 3]

This we interpreted as a pro-middle class step. What I endeavoured to do is to give an account as objectively as possible of the movement indicating jfafe strengths, hopes, problems and failures. It found the NEUM totally marginalised and ineffectual to respond to the uprising.

This principle of non-collaboration distinguished it from what had gone before: My article attempts to give a more objective account of the NEUM and point out some of his errors and omissions.

The words sent a chill through all those present iaffe the meeting. The rift soon became a chasm and people who before had been friends now became enemies; meetings were disrupted, once leading to the shameful situation where the police were summoned to eject SOYANS from a meeting called by the Local Co-ordinating Unity Committee at the Banqueting Hall in Cape Town for fear that there might be physical violence.

I recall some jacfe the more striking ones to reveal their nature and range. Very soon it became the established form in the broad liberation movement, and reached its apotheosis in the late eighties when even De Klerk was compelled to accept non-racialism as the prescription for a future South Jaffw.

Jaffe declined to follow suit and made the NEF his kindergarten. When the new school term opened init was discovered that Jaffe had left the country. On the 21st Marchthe massacre of Sharpeville occurred.

Ever since jafe it became politically correct to use the term in inverted commas. Jaffe proceeds next to extol the excellence of The New Era Fellowship.

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This was not countenanced. Inwhen the letter was written the existence of races was not seriously contested. The decision regarding the annual conference aroused bitter argumentation.


It included among others: What on the other hand has been researched is the fact that Turkish rule did not force Christians to become Muslims. The major section, the Africans, was still subject to tribal separateness, and ancient hates were kept alive despite the efforts of the Congress movement, established in and the All African Convention, established in the mid-thirties, to strive to break down the barriers.

Thus it was believed that it would be impossible for the state to ban the movement because of its diverse composition.

haffe To combat these divisions among the population groups the NEUM instituted the federal structure consisting of Three Pillars aimed at eventually uniting the three groups: When in the U.

The full franchise, free education to the age of 16, freedom of speech, press, movement, the right to own land with a new division of the land as a first requisite of a new democratic parliamentpenal reform and the rights of workers to organise themselves.

An attempt was even made to run study groups to teach the basics of Marxism, but which was discontinued for fear of possible infiltration by the security police. Wessels led the group insisting that we meet the challenge head-on. Thus for example the reason for the Spanish dancing in a very small space was attributed to the restricted land area of the Iberian peninsula.

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