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Table of contents Table Of Contents About The Manual Areas Of Use Controlling The Printer Font Selection Commands Downloadable Font Manipulation Creating Downloadable Fonts The Picture Frame The Purpose Of A Macro Defining A Macro Running A Macro Status Response Syntax Start Raster Transfer Set Scale Algorithm Send Raster Data By Plane Set Render Algorithm Set Monochrome Mode Set Gamma Correction Download Dither Matrix Absolute And Relative Plotting Printing An Image Pjl Syntax And Format How To Use Pjl Pjl Job Requirement Printer Language Switching Job Separation Commands Status Readback Commands Device Attendance Commands Chapter 6 Epson Fx The Control Panel Basic Printer Operations Character Set Selection Basic Printer Operation Definition Of Parameters Bar Code Mode Expanded Character Rotation Bar Code Data Start Line Block Drawing Expanded Character Data Start Example Program Listings Initialization And Default Setting Instructions Dual Context Extensions Select Storage Device Command Save Data Command Use Download Fonts Use Card Commands From Postscript Command To Enter Hbp Mode Graphic Data Format Display Functions Mode Factory Default Environment User Default Environment Modified Print Environment Macro Overlay Environment Media Type Selection Left Long-edge Offset Registration Top Offset Registration Paper Side Selection Job Separation Command Reset To Factory Default Settings Reset To User Settings Printer Self Test Exit Current Emulation Mode Resetting The Horizontal Margins Setting The Top Margin Setting The Vertical Motion Index vmi Setting The Horizontal Motion Index hmi Setting Line Spacing Horizontal Cursor Positioning – Columns Horizontal Cursor Positioning – Units Horizontal Cursor Positioning – Decipoints Using The Cursor Position Stack Half Line Feed Logical Page Orientation Primary And Secondary Fonts Specifying The Primary Font Specifying The Secondary Font Selecting The Default Fonts Criteria For Font Selection Type Of Character Spacing User-defined Symbol Sets Symbol Set Id Code Command Define Symbol Set Symbol Set Control Command Selecting The Symbol Set Selecting The Pitch Selecting The Height Selecting The Style Selecting The Stroke Weight Selecting The Typeface Transparent Print Data Operations On Downloaded Fonts Selecting A Downloaded Font Sending The Font Descriptor Sending A Character Code Source, Pattern And Destination Set Source Transparency Set Pattern Transparency Set Area Fill Identity User-defined Pattern Control

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