Where can I find a user manual for a diplomat HJA washing machine – Answered by a verified UK Appliance Technician. Hygena Lamona Diplomat HJA HJA Washing Machine Manual PDF | eBay!. Lamona domestic appliances User Instructions, Owner’s Manual, Service Manual , Instruction Book and Operating Instructions Manual. Download pdf manuals.

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Couldn’t find the manual that you were looking for? Please try our search function first. If you still can’t find the manual for your product, use our free customer service on Facebook. Your product might be in need of repair. Give it a try and find your nearest location.

Are you satisfied with this Howdens product? If your washing mankal has access to these parts, try to remove any blockage. This was helpful Washnig washing machine won’t start when I press the start-button, what can I do? In many cases the door of the washing machine hasn’t closed properly.

Open and close the door and try again. There is no water coming into my washing machine, what can I do?

Washing machine diplomat HJA 8513 manual

Check if the water inlet is open and if there aren’t any kinks in the hose of the water inlet. If this doesn’t solve the problem you should contact the manufacturer.


It’s possible that the washing machine has not been leveled.

You can do this by adjusting the feet to make it perfectly level. The problem can also be caused by inserting to much clothes in manhal machine.

If these are not the cause of your problem you should contact the manufacturer. Can I connect my washing machine to a warm water outlet? There are wash cycles that specifically make use of cold water. In those cases warm water can harm the results of your wash cycle. Also, many washing machines are designed to be connected to a cold water outlet. Where can I find spare parts? For finding spare parts we recommend.

They stock a wide range of parts for a large number of brands. The door of my washing machine won’t open, what can I do?

There can be several causes. The most common cause is the filter being clogged. Unplug the appliance and check the filter. Remove any blockage if necessary. The location of the filter is different depening on the model. It is also possible that there is a special lever to open the door. If these options don’t help, the last option machind unplug the appliance for a period of minutes and try to open the door after that. If this doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer or a mechanic.


What should I pay attention to when moving a washing machine? When moving a washing machine, you should secure the drum.

Hygena Lamona Diplomat HJA HJA Washing Machine Manual PDF | eBay

You can use the transit bolt which come with every washing machine and will prevent the drum from moving around inside the machine. You also need to drain all the water. Can I stack my dryer and washing machine? In general it is possible to directly stack a dryer and washing machine directly on top of each other. This only works with front loading models.

However, it is advisable to use a fitting accessory to do so. This will prevent the machines from vibrating and falling off and also prevents damage to the bottom machine.

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