Sebald particularly praised Der Untergang, Hans Erich Nossack’s account of the July firebombing of Hamburg, which was included in a. Buy Der Untergang by Hans Erich Nossack (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Hans Erich Nossack (30 January – 2 November ) was a German writer . Among his works are Spätestens im November (), Der jüngere Bruder.

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It was that of a combatant in a guerilla war for the preservation of human interiority, a scout who reconnoiters the social landscape and sends out messages to other clandestine resisters. There have been questions about his motivations, his circumscribed list of responsible writers, and his basic thesis — none of which do I really want to wade into.

Nossack’s The End: Caught in the Middle

With a pathological record of typical modes of death, or with behaviorist studies of the instincts of flight and homecoming? What if they read it only to enjoy something strange and uncanny and to make themselves feel more alive? It is the voice of a witness—not in the usual juridical sense, but in the confessional sense of religious parlance, hajs he brings no good news and says nothing of God: Watching others applaud each time an Allied plane is downed, he declines to join in.

No one dared to question these figures seated by the edge of the road. He repeats words like abyss, catastrophe, and calamity.

Der Untergang : Hans Erich Nossack :

They tried to reach out to each other, but their hands did not meet. To continue down the path of memorialization we see in this text is to blacken out the revealing light of historicism, the light that shows us how that we always have the ability to eriich the Necessary and realize a better future for humanity. Dec 09, angela rated it it was ahns Shelves: Of course, he called the book “The End.


This is a wonderful, true, first-person telling of a civilian’s experience of war. Talk of domestic matters?

The introduction, the photographs, the layout, all give the essay room to breathe and give it space and respect. Is it not conceivable that, in the necropolis that had once been Cologne, or more likely when he sat down to write his report in the less severely ruined city of London, the enormity of what he had witnessed rose up in him as an inchoate scream or lament, and that this urgency demanded of him that he speak from the fullness of the heart or not at all?

Hans Erich Nossack

Hans Erich Nossack, writer and unterrgang merchant, former student Communist, watched the bombing of Hamburg from a rural vacation cabin and returned to a city of rubble. They brought with them an uncanny silence. With a scientific account of the previously unknown phenomenon of the firestorms?

A most moving book written so lyrically that a year later I still see the images Nossack paints via language. Haunting and accurate, detailed and ominous, tragic in every uhtergang, but an account that should be read of the horrors of war.

Jul 08, Audrey rated it it was amazing. Although maybe that stillness was itself an after-effect of disaster:.

The End: Hamburg by Hans Erich Nossack

If there had been such a little something, how we would have caressed it; it would dee been imbued with the essence of all the other things. This is not the voice of a neutral observer.

Nossack’s nsosack of the devastation of Hamburg has a shell-shocked quality to its prose. The impeccable witness to the destruction of Hamburg was an unreliable source of information about his own life—or perhaps I should untergsng But that Nossack, three months after Hamburg was incinerated, found himself at just such a threshold is not a matter of conjecture: Notify me of new posts via email.


With a summary of the technical, organizational, and political prerequisites for carrying out large-scale air-raids? These things have their life from us, because at some time we bestowed our affection on them; they absorbed our warmth and harbored it gratefully in order to enrich us with it again in meager hours.

When I say music I mean Bach’s Air or something like that.

Even though it was just for a brief period; for in the meantime the picture has become confused again. University of Chicago Press As a Germanic philosophical musing on the aftermath of great disaster, it is perhaps more successful. And no beds either! And yet there was an immediate ahns Why do they try to lie to the dead?

The same publisher put out two other novels by Nossack: All but one of them were works of fiction, some of it quite fantastical, and the single piece of reportage proper, titled Der Untergang i —an account of the destruction of Hamburg by Allied bombers in July, —gave way, intermittently, to passages written in the language of dreams hasn fairytales.

It may be that the knowledge of so much violent death in my neighborhood not long ago was in part what attracted me to that title, even before I discovered how much of the book had to do with the enigma those ruins represented to me.

Not that we are permitted to believe that the Queen really followed him.

Before the Event, there was always the possibility that it could not have happened.

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