running hamstring injuries in male soccer players. Masterproef Dergelijke hamstring blessure is de meest voorkomende sportblessure bij voetballers. Hamstring tapen bij hamstring blessure of hamstring intapen bij hamstring pijn Voor de volledige video, ga naar. De hamstringblessure is een veel voorkomende blessure bij The hamstring injury is a common injury in amateur soccer players, which can.

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Br J Sports Med. MRI findings and return to play in football: Injuries affect team performance negatively in professional football: Keeping your top players on blfssure pitch: Longi- tudinal study comparing sonographic and MRI assessments of acute and healing hamstring injuries. Magnetic resonance imaging parameters for assessing risk of recurrent hamstring injuries in elite athletes. Am J Sports Med. Diagnostic and prognostic value of clinical findings in 83 athletes with posterior thigh injury: Bridging the gap between content and context: Clin J Sport Med.

Recurrent hamstring muscle injury: Prevention of ham- string strains in hamstrjng soccer: Scand J Med Sci Sports.

Hamstring Blessure. by Ferdian De Groot on Prezi

Acute hamstring injuries in Swedish blsssure sprinters and jumpers: Acute hamstring injuries in Swedish elite football: Preventive effects of eccentric training on acute hamstring muscle injury in professional baseball. Orthop J Sports Med. The preventive effect of the Nordic hamstring exercise on hamstring injuries in amateur soccer players: Evidence-based hamstring injury prevention is not adopted by the majority of Champions League or Norwegian Premier League football teams: Orchard J, Seward H.

Epidemiology bleszure injuries in the Australian Football League; seasons — Football injuries in Australia at the elite level. Acute hamstring strain injury in track-and-field athletes: Epidemiology of injuries in English professional rugby union: Impact of exercise selection on hamstring muscle activation.

Muscle activation patterns in the Nordic hamstring exercise: Nonuniform changes in MRI measurements of the thigh muscles after two hamstring strengthening exercises.

J Strength Cond Res. The use of MRI to evaluate posterior thigh muscle activity and damage during Nordic Hamstring hmstring. Differences in activation patterns of knee flexor muscles during concentric and eccentric exercises. Hamstring functions during hip-extension hxmstring assessed with electromyography and magnetic resonance imaging. Impact of the Nordic hamstring and hip extension exercises on hamstring architecture and morphology: Architectural changes of the biceps femoris after concentric or eccentric training.


Med Sci Sports Exerc. Effects of eccentric blesdure training on biceps femoris muscle architecture and knee joint range of movement. Eur J Appl Physiol. Guex K, Millet GP.

Conceptual framework for strengthening exercises to prevent hamstring strains. Ham- string exercises for track and field athletes: Rehabilitation of acute hamstring strain injuries.

blesssure J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. Causative factors in hamstring strains. Biomechanical com- parison of stimulated and nonstimulated skeletal muscle pulled to failure.

Isokinetic strength testing does not predict hamstring injury in Australian Bleessure footballers. Hamstring muscle strain recurrence and strength performance disorders. Intrinsic risk factors of non-contact quadriceps and hamstring strains in soccer: Strength deficits identified with concentric action of the hip extensors and eccentric action of the hamstrings predispose to hamstring injury in elite sprinters. Hamstring and quadriceps isokinetic strength deficits are weak risk factors for hamstring strain injuries: Eccentric ham- string strength and hamstring injury risk in Australian foot- ballers.

Short biceps femoris fascicles and eccentric knee flexor weakness increase the risk of hamstring injury in elite football soccer: Eccentric knee-flexor strength and hamstring injury risk in rugby union: Strength imbalances and prevention of hamstring injury in professional soccer players: A pilot randomised con- trolled trial of eccentric exercise to prevent hamstring injuries in community-level Australian Football.

J Sci Med Hamstrinh. A novel device using the Nordic hamstring exercise to assess eccentric knee flexor strength: Prediction of hamstring injury in professional soccer players by isokinetic measurements.

Muscles Hamsgring Tendons J. Motor control and strength as predictors of hamstring injury in elite players of Australian football. Preseason hamstring muscle weakness associated with hamstring muscle injury in Australian footballers.

Isokinetic blsesure quadriceps and hamstring strength variables from the NFL Scouting Combine are not predictive of hamstring injury in first- year professional football players. Lower eccentric hamstring strength and single leg hop for distance predict hamstring injury in PETE students. Eur J Sport Sci. Hamstring injury occurrence in elite soccer players after preseason strength training with eccentric overload.

A week ran- domized trial comparing eccentric vs.

Prevention of injuries among male soccer players: Rehabilitation vlessure hamstring strain injury emphasizing eccentric strengthening at long muscle lengths: Association between regional differences in muscle activation in one session of resistance exercise and in muscle hypertrophy after resistance training. Kettlebell swing targets semitendinosus and supine leg curl targets biceps femoris: Kinematic and electromyographic analysis of the Nordic Hamstring Exercise.


The extraction of neural strategies from the surface EMG.

The reproducibility of test contractions for calibration of electromyographic measurements. Magnetic resonance imaging and electromyography as indexes of muscle function. J Appl Physiol Arendt-Nielsen L, Zwarts M. Measurement of muscle fiber conduction velocity in humans: Muscle and intensity based hamstring exercise classification in elite female track and field athletes: Open Access J Sports Med.

Acute effects of exercise on MR imaging of skeletal muscle in normal volunteers. Direct relationship between proton T2 and exercise intensity in skeletal muscle MR images. Muscle functional MRI as an imaging tool to evaluate bessure activity.

Hamtring effects of exercise on MR imaging of skeletal muscle: Indi- vidual muscle use in hamstring exercises by soccer players assessed using functional MRI. Int J Sports Med. Changes in magnetic resonance images of muscle depend on exercise intensity and duration, not work. T2 mapping of muscle. Nordic hamstring exercise training alters knee joint kinematics and hamstring activation patterns in young men.

Effectiveness of hamstring knee rehabilitation exercise performed in training machine blessuer. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. Muscle activation during various bpessure exercises. Knee flexor muscle use in females during hip-extension and the Nordic hamstring exercise: A functional MRI exploration of hamstring activation during the supine bridge exercise. Submaximal delayed- onset muscle soreness: Non-uniform changes in magnetic resonance measurements of the semitendinosus muscle following intensive eccentric exercise.

Nurse your hamstrings back to health

Biceps femoris long head muscle architecture a reliability and retrospective injury study. New insights into the behavior of muscle during active lengthening. Architectural adaptations of muscle to training and injury: The effect of high or low volume Nordic hamstring training on biceps femoris long head architectural adaptations. Four weeks of Nordic hamstring exercise reduce muscle injury risk factors in young adults.

Changes in muscle architecture of biceps femoris induced by eccentric strength training with Nordic hamstring exercise.

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