Gurbani Paat Darpan (published by Damdami Taksal, Mehta) is available at Sikh Missionary Centre Shop (Featherstone road southall, close. Gurbani Path Darpan -Book By Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale -Books on Sikh Gurbani in Punjabi – Gurbani Steeks in Punjabi – Punjabi. The wonderful Singh known as pjs on has done the seva of digitalising Gurbani Paath Darpan and has put it on

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By KaljugJanuary 15, in Download Centre. The wonderful Singh known as pjs on SikhSangat. Dhan Bhag veerjio pjs tusi aaie, tuhadaie baraie bahut sunaya cc, aaj darshan vii hogaye. Warm welcome from Sikhawareness Team Veerjio. Waheguru jeo, i have been lurking on this forum for Waheguru knows how long! I dont feel myself worthy enough to participate in most of the intellectual discussions that happen here, but fer v pray that Guruji metho seva lende rehan!

I hope you will share your seva here with us moorakhs also. May waheguru keep it going! I have pustak its called- malvaie dai mahapursh close to pages long, i wish to get that online as it will be asset to the panth. Waheguru jeo Thank you all for the blessings! Neo Veer Jeo, check this link: Malvei De Mahapursh, im surprised they managed to fit them all into pages. Old Nihang Singh boli: How much difference is there in this pothi and the original Gurbani Path Darshan?

Any reason for the edits? That is saying bhagat Dhanna Ji didn’t get mukat and he had to take janam again. Now, if he had to take janam again, he was stuck in janam maran himself. If he was in janam maran himself, how did his bani become kaliyankari?

That is basically attacking Bhagat Dhanna Ji’s Bani. For us, his shabads clear that he became one with God and became mukat. Same applies for Pyara Mohkam Singh. If Namdev Ji had to take avtar again, it means he didn’t get mukat the first time meanign his bani isn’t credible. Is Namdev Ji’s bani wrong when he says:. If Sainn Ji was stuck in janam maran himself, then his Bani wouldn’t be credible.

This is direct attack on lives of bhagats and their bani. I don’t know how these things have been accepted until now. Khalsa fauj this topic has already been discussed several times here on SA. Basically the bhagats according to this theory did not come back because they were still stuck in janam maran. They came back to perform a task, out of grace and to bestow dharam on earth. Why did only two or three come?


Other bhagats didn’t want to give grace? All that is just more bogus excuses to cover up big mistake by sampardas.

It is best to admit mistake and correct it than put mitti on it. You put mitti on mistake, it will come back when mitti get washed away. That book isn’t the only one attacking bhagats and their lives. Another group says bhagats were stuck in karam khand and never got to sach khand. Anyways, I don’t have much more to say at the moment.

However, one thing is clear, bhagats are being attacked along with their bani but the blame is being placed on innocents like me. Your logic is extremely flawed. At any case, if we go by your logic, then there are many events in sikhi, your twisted logic can question, it can question lot of events, lots of previous shaheed and murids in Sikhism for example why stop there khalsa fauji? For sake of being consistent, i m sure you question, they raise their hand one by one to give heads, because in your head, they should have all raised their hand at once?

Could you give me Gurbani quotes saying that those who get mukat come back to janam maran? You call me illogical and twisted and what not but you know your baba got caught red handed. Baba Deep Singh wasn’t even there in Also, how did baba and company know these pyaras were avtars of those bhagats?

I really have a hard time understanding the way you think. Lets say that according to this theory all 5 pyare were avatars of the bhagats, then you would probably still be asking new questions “why was there only 5 pyare, why did’n all the bhagats come back as the 13 pyare” bla bla Actually, please get your facts right. Obviously you are refferring to the AKJ view here. It is completely wrong to say that this view states the bhagat sahiban never got to Sach Khand.

Why couldn’t the bhagats come back to do seva when the Guru Gobind Singh ji, who was mukt, came back to do seva? I have been hearing lots of random and new things. What does it mean by “Guru Nanak took bhagats from karam khand to sachkhand.? Could you show me Gurbani quote saying this?

Thanks a lot in advance. I can give you quote otherwise. We all have to look within ourselves to see if we are truly committed to Guru or humans. Khalsa fauji, I would appreciate if you answer my post first than answering xylitol post. You don’t beleive in sri dasam granth. So thats the reason i didn’t want to use sri guru gobind singh ji previous avtar as dusht daman.


But do answer my post, i think its within framework of history, belief everyone share, missionary, non-missionary alike unless you want surprise us with another set of claims??

You made a statement which was a bit weird. I will have to understand your point clearly to answer. Could you please make your statement again and rewrite or ask differently? What is this belief that is shared? Guru Arjan Ji sat on plate? Yea, it is Sikh procedure to propagate peace.

Guru Ji sat on plate for sidhant which Jahagir didn’t want to agree to. Someone calls him a just emperor. I never thought that way.

Gurbani Path Darpan

It doesn’t matter if they all put their hand up at same time or one by one. It is possible that Guru Ji did random selection from those who put thier hand up.

It doesn’t matter how they became 5 pyaras, point is they became 5 pyaras and took pahul.

It isn’t against Gurbani. Gurbani doesn’t say anything about this so we can’t say it is anti-Gurmat. It doesn’t matter, maybe he did or maybe he wasn’t there. It isn’t a big deal. Guru Ji was selecting 5 pyaras so Guru Ji knows. Why gurbwni you assume things? I never said Guru Ji didn’t sit on hot plate. I don’t take word of any random scholar and start believing. You might think I am that way but I am not. I go with Gurbani and look at other events too.

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Gurbani Paath Darpan Online Now – Download Centre – SikhAwareness Forum

PJS, Waheguru tera bhala karey! Posted Pahh 16, This book disrespects Bhagat bani and places question marks on bhagats. Khalsa fauji, can you shed some more light on this matter? Posted January 17, Posted January 17, edited.

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