Yamaha GPR Service Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Yamaha Waverunner GP R . Guys does anyone on here have a link where I can download service manual for GPR. Is there any one resource for multiple service. Buy Yamaha LIT WaveRunner GPR Service Manual QTY 1 at

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NOTICE This manual has been prepared by Yamaha primarily for use by Yamaha dealers and their trained mechanics when performing maintenance procedures and repairs to Yamaha equipment. It has been written to suit the needs of persons who have a basic understanding of the mechanical and electrical concepts and procedures inherent in the work, for without such knowledge attempted repairs or service to the equipment could render it unsafe or unfit for use.

The informa- tion has been compiled to provide the mechanic with an easy to read, handy reference that contains comprehensive explanations of all disassembly, repair, assembly, and inspection operations. Symbols F to H in an exploded diagram indi- cate the grade of lubricant and the lubrication point.

Protect your hands and feet by wearing protec- tive gloves or safety shoes when necessary. However, you should follow these precautions to minimize manjal risk when working with lubricants. Maintain good standards of personal and industrial hygiene. Non-reusable parts Always use new gaskets, seals, O-rings, oil seals, cotter pins, circlips, etc.

Use compressed air to remove dust and dirt during disassembly. Apply engine oil to the contact surfaces of moving parts during assembly. Improvisations and using improper tools can damage the equipment. Using another oil can seriously damage the catalytic converter Tightening torque specifications for manuall 8 mm cial components or assemblies are provided in 10 mm applicable sections of this manual.

Yamaha WaveRunner GPR Jet Boat Service Repair Manual CD – GP R GP | eBay

Be sure to position the 3 Oil delivery hose 3 plastic tie so that the fastener is visible from the 4 Oil delivery hose Adjust the maintenance intervals according to the manua conditions of the watercraft. If the steering cable cannot be properly adjusted by the cable joint at the steering col If the QSTS cable cannot be properly adjusted by the cable joint at the QSTS converter end, adjust the cable joint at the jet pump end so that the same lengths are pg1300r. Fuel line inspection 1.

Lean air-fuel mixture Air leakage Incorrect settings Blackish color Also, it is suggested to apply a thin coat of anti-seize compound to the spark plug threads to pre- vent thread seizure.


Elec- trolyte contains sulfuric acid. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Drink large quantities of water or milk. Before installing the battery, rinse off any electrolyte from the battery box or battery and make sure that the battery manal dry.

Manuao lubricating the throttle cable, squeeze the throttle lever and remove the rubber seal 2. Spray the rust inhibitor into the outer cables, and apply grease to the inner cables. Yamaha marine grease, Yamaha grease A water-resistant grease 4.

Yamaha marine grease, Yamaha grease A water-resistant grease Grease quantity: Using a grease gun, fill the intermediate hous- ing with the recommended grease through the grease nipples. Gp1300t the nuts in the sequence shown. Set the screw clamps in the direction shown.

If the hose clamps are removed without cutting the crimp first, the fuel hose can be damaged. Hose clamp installation 1.

Throttle body inspection 1. To install the fuel hose, be sure to align the lot mark a on the fuel hose and the checker tab 2 on the quick connector with the crimped section b of the clamp.

Apply a thin coat of engine oil to the con- tact surfaces of the fuel pipe. To check the connection of the quick con- nector, push and pull on the quick connec- tor several times until there is free play of 2—3 mm 0. Start the engine and warm it up for several minutes.

Oil hose inspection 1. If the oil pump is replaced or when the oil suction hose and oil delivery hoses are dis- connected from the oil pump, fill the hoses with oil, and then connect them to the oil Insufficient compression pressure will result in a loss of performance. Minimum compression pressure reference data: With the throttle wide open, crank the engine until the reading on the compres- sion gauge stabilizes.

Inner exhaust joint screw clamp Exhaust joint screw clamp Water lock band Slide the water lock off. To ease removal of the muffler assembly, Muffler assembly Remove the cylinder head if it is difficult to remove the muffler assembly. Outer exhaust joint Inner exhaust joint Reverse the removal steps for installation. Exhaust chamber assembly Before installing the exhaust chamber assembly, connect the cooling water hose and fasten it with the screw clamp to the exhaust chamber part 8 and place the bolts part 3 in the bolt holes in the exhaust chamber assembly.

To ease reassembly and coupling alignment, remove the shims and organize them in their respective groups e.

Yamaha WaveRunner GP1300R Service Manual

Engine mount inspection gpp1300r. Reverse the removal steps for installation. Do not use a sharp instrument to avoid damaging or scratching the surfaces. YPVS valve installation 1. Do not use a sharp instrument to avoid damaging or scratching the cylinder head or spark plug bore threads.


Tighten the bolts in a crisscross pattern and in two stages. Do not align the open end of the clip with the piston pin slot a. Align each end gap with its respective locating pin. Before removing or installing the gp3100r pin clip, cover the crankcase opening with a clean rag to prevent the piston pin clip from falling into the crankcase. Push the piston ring into the cylinder with the piston crown. Do not apply locking agent to gp1300rr bolt that is Flywheel magneto Degrease the flywheel magneto where it is Woodruff key coupled to the crankshaft.

Spring g1300r Install the spring ring after installing the weights, plate, and circlip. Pinion gear Reverse the disassembly steps for assembly. Install the drive coupling with the same special service tools that were used for removal. To prevent damage to the engine or special service tools, screw in the flywheel puller set bolts evenly and completely so that the puller plate is parallel to the generator Tighten the gp1300 in the sequences shown Before applying Gasket Maker, clean the crankcase mating surfaces.

Route the speed sensor lead between the jet pump unit and bilge hose 5. Jet pump unit assembly Clean the mating surfaces before applying Dowel pin Yamabond No. Impeller housing 2 Dowel pin Reverse the removal steps for installation.

Paddle wheel set Not reusable Speed sensor Reverse the disassembly steps for assembly. YB Drive shaft holder 5: The impeller has left-hand threads. Turn the impeller clockwise to loosen it.

YB Drive shaft holder YB Driver rod L3: YB Needle bearing attachment: Remove the front bearing using a press. YB Driver rod L YB Driver rod LS: YB Ball bearing attachment: Rubber coupling Bolt Intermediate housing assembly Shim — YB Crankshaft holder Install the driven coupling mahual the same spe YB Bearing outer race attachment: Support the intermediate housing gp13000r steel blocks 1 and install the bearing using a press.

Oil seal installation 1. Damaged or mis- handled instruments will not measure properly. Refer to the following part numbers. Peak volt meter ggp1300r Test harness 6 pins: YB Test harness SM 6 manuaal Engine temperature sensor resistance: Cooling water temperature sensor resistance: Throttle position gp130r0 output voltage: While the Yamaha Diagnostic System is oper- ating, electric power is supplied to the atmo- spheric pressure sensor.

Black 2 Main and fuel pump relay: Brown 3 Fuse 20 A: O-ring Not reusable Bolt Starter motor front cover O-ring

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