GLBP is a Cisco proprietary protocol that attempts to overcome the limitations of existing This section will first go over the configuration process steps and commands that are used to perform a basic GLBP configuration. An example. In the previous lesson we showed you a load balancing mechanism and I’ll still argue that that’s the best way to go. Gateway Load Balancing Protocol – GLBP is .

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What is GLBP? How to Configure GLBP on Router Examples

In the previous lesson we showed you a load balancing mechanism and I’ll still argue that that’s the best way to go. First Hop Redundancy Protocol, that’s a gateway protocol. GLBP is far rxample complicated.

It’s mission in life though is to dynamically distribute the load within a group. So what we showed you is a per group load balancing. You could only get any kind of load balancing if you add multiple groups.

Gateway Load Balancing Protocol on the other hand, allows you to load balance within one group. How does this happen? But there is far more intelligence baked into this technology, where when a client ARPs, short for Address Resolution Protocol, for it’s default gateway, one client could get one response, a different client would get a different response, because all of the routers are forwarding. We call them active virtual forwarders, and fonfiguration is a virtual MAC address that is tied to each of them.


And there is a router that is responsible to say, hey here is your virtual MAC configurration, next one, here’s a different virtual MAC address.

What is GLBP? How to Configure GLBP on Router Examples

You still have fail over by the way, you still have fail over, but we get load balancing baked into this technology. I’ll tell you the reality though and the reality is this.

HSRP is going to give us what we need, and that’s predictability. GLBP is a workable technology. It’s the most advanced, but flbp can generate some traffic flow that is downright undesirable.

Because what can happen is traffic can go up to the distribution layer and then get forwarded across the distribution layer link to the other router. And it could have done this because spanning tree led us one way and we need to go another. It seems pretty benign, right?

Configuring redundancy with GLBP | CiscoZine

Well for large volumes of traffic, it configurxtion in some pretty inefficient and potentially problematic traffic flow. Because they didn’t have the foresight to call it HSRP. So the configuration commands are standby, the show commands are standby and that’s really annoying.


Here instead of standby, we see GLBP.

GLBP Configuration on Cisco

Back in the day when HSRP was created, they only had one. So ecample didn’t actually bake that into the names of all the commands. So we can see we’re active, virtual IP address but the reality is there is far more to it than what we can even get into in this discussion.

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The reason for this site is to help you with your Cisco certification by covering the essentials glbl need in order to pass the CCNA exams. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. Gateway Load Balancing Protocol. Here is a sample output, similar to what we saw for HSRP.

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