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When activating the “Wacom Bamboo” device in Gimp or Inkscape http: This happens on a notebook with VESA driver, no twin view or similar setup.

Fri Aug 7 No Asset Tag dmi. Someone has the same issue with a “Genius” tablet, which would not use wacom-tools: Sorry about commenting again, I have an Intuos 2 tablet which has the same issue, so this is definitely not a Bamboo issue only. The Inkscape issue you see there is actually an unrelated inkscape bug.

Adjust the width slider to see if it fixes the problem for you. If it does not, gajdw deleting your inkscape preferences file. The problem has since been fixed in Inkscape SVN, so it will not be in 0.

GIMP. Ćwiczenia praktyczne

I’m really doubting this could be a bug in -vesa. Vesa doesn’t touch on the input system gim. Further, confirmed with ScislaC that his issue was seen on -ati. Most of the input system changes from Jaunty to Karmic are in the xserver, so I think this is a better guess than -vesa. Particularly so if ScislaC sees the same bug on input drivers other than wacom.

Doesn’t matter if I use vesa, nv, nouveau, or the binary yimp. I also remember reading somewhere not uf. Thanks for the info about inkscape. The lagging stayed even at width 1, gajdz I guess the fix isn’t in Karmic yet.

Greetings, I’m the poster of the linked thread, and I confirm this still happening with my G-Pen I’m using the -intel driver. My stationary, which runs Kubuntu Karmic 64 Alpha 4.

I’m using the nvidia driver, and have a twinview setup on this computer. I’m pretty sure it worked just fine when I ran Ubuntu 9. My other computer is a laptop running Kubuntu Karmic 32but an older build, probably from early June. This one is using an Intel driver x is the chip if I remember correctly. It has the exact same problem as the other computer, and because the install is a couple of months old, the problem should be too.


For what it’s worth, I’m attaching a screen recording similar to Mr Torques’. I used Inkscape for it, but the result is the same as in Gimp. I confirm this bug is related to window borders. This bug also occurs in MyPaint with one exception: When in fullscreen mode by pressing F11the screen is just one big drawing area and the tablet works as expected.

I wish I had a clue for what to do to analyse the problem further. I could inspect the diffs between Jaunty and Karmic but the origin of the problem still isn’t clear. It might also be the window decorator’s fault but I doubt it. The wacom-tools package can be uninstalled and the bug still is the gaida. This is really an issue at a lower level driver or xserver. I’m wondering if this is actually a GTK issue In Inkscape when you enable or disable toolbars, rulers, or the gajdw it offsets the coords on-canvas by that same amount.

If anyone here has the appropriate bugsquad permissions in bugzilla, please do change the status there appropriately. Just to note that in Karmic with latest updates and Wacom 0. However, the circle in the paintbrush tool and any other tool with the circle is off-cursor for me.

Unfortunately my Tablet is packed up so I can’t verify, but in MyPaint, is it also using the extended tablet features such as Pressure?

GIMP. Ćwiczenia praktyczne by Włodzimierz Gajda on Apple Books

A couple weeks ago it himp incorrectly in MyPaint just like in the others. As of when I tried it on Friday, it was working properly.

In GIMP, there seems to be a lazy solution, moving the circle cursor according to the offset. In Inkscape, the issue persists.

GIMP: rysuj i retuszuj w GIMP-ie! – Włodzimierz Gajda – Google Books

This bug has no reason to be fixed yet. Carlos Garnacho has released 3 patches yesterday for libgtk, and these patches have not yet been applied on Karmic’s libgtk. I will try them out today and also I will try to repackage the patched libgtk and upload it on my PPA if it fixes the bug.

Ok, i’ve applied the patch and Gimp, Inkscape and MyPaint are behaving perfectly with my Wacom tablet. I’ve uploaded the fixed libgtk to my PPA: When Launchpad has built the binaries, you’re good to go.

Matthieu’s debdiff works for me on an Intuos3 tablet with either Inkscape of the Gimp. It also seems to have fixed Bugwhich resulted on an immediate Inkscape segfault that is not happening gajdq more with the patches in the debdiff.


Note that the patches only fix the Screen mode most used mode, only way to get a decent precision with the devicesthe Window mode still draws off cursor. But it’s by far the mode where it’s important even though fixing the behavior in Window mode would still be a good thing. I see that GTK 2. On Thu, Feb 4, at 9: This bug affects 10 people. Comment on this change optional. Email me about changes to this bug report.

See attached screen casts. This worked flawlessly in Ubuntu 9. Hernando Torque htorque wrote on Hernando Torque htorque on More information on the offset: Changed in wacom-tools Ubuntu: ScislaC scislac wrote on It seems like this might not be an issue only for Wacom tablets.

Here is the correct one: Hernando, The Inkscape issue you see there is actually an unrelated inkscape bug. Bryce Harrington bryce on Bryce Harrington bryce wrote on Changed in xorg-server Ubuntu: I forgot, I’m using the wizardpen driver for my tablet.

Rewben mastodront wrote on I’ve tried it on two computers; My stationary, which runs Kubuntu Karmic 64 Alpha 4. Mathieu Comandon strycore wrote on RZ rufei-z wrote on Mackenzie, Unfortunately my Tablet is packed up so I can’t verify, but in MyPaint, is it also using the extended tablet features such as Pressure? I see no change in MyPaint, Gimp, and Inkscape. MyPaint is set to “screen” which is its default. Updated my Kubuntu Karmic today, and sadly the problem remains for me in both Inkscape and Gimp.

Fixes this bug Edit 5. Mathieu Comandon strycore on Stefan van der Walt stefanv wrote on Thanks very much, Mathieu! I can also confirm that the fix works. Seems fixed for me in gajdw.

Same, fixed with libgtk2. Tom Jaeger thjaeger wrote on We gajsa need 2. Does it work for window mode as well? It doesn’t work in Window mode, it’s a known issue. Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on See full activity log. To post a comment you must log in. Duplicates of this bug Bug Bug

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