Third Generation Approaches to Hypnosis and Transformation Generative Trance work is a third generation of trance work that seeks to move. Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D This course focuses on Dr. Gilligan’s Generative Trance work as a way to deeply awaken creativity—in reaching goals, transforming. Stephen Gilligan, Ph.d., is a Certified Psychologist from Encinitas, CA. Generative Trance work is a third generation trance work that has moved past the .

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This Generative Trance training is an experiential program for those interested in exploring trance and its relevance to creativity and change. The experience of Generative Trance has many dimensions. The course usually runs from 9 — 6 pm each day. Each day is filled with Geneative.

Generative Trance Certification

The trances start out simple and short, and progressively deepen and extend into core pieces of transformational work. A group of experienced assistants is there to help as needed, and we all work to ensure that the group space is safe, intimate, and lots of fun.

Generative Trance is open to those seriously interested in generative personal change and altered states of consciousness. It is not a workshop for receiving personal therapy or learning to do therapy with others; it is an experiential community for learning how to experience and utilize generative states of consciousness. It sees each trance as an experiment in consciousness and shows how trance skills can allow those experiments to lead to many new patterns. This course focuses on Dr.

The course is practical, stimulating, deeply experiential, and transformative.


There will be many demonstrations, group trances, and practicing with partners. You will learn new ways to help yourself and others to live a successful and fulfilling life, to release long-standing limitations, and to move through each ztephen with wonderment, awareness, and connection.

It is based on Dr. It is original, practical, transformative, and lots of fun. In this course, you will learn how, generatibe, and when to use Generative Trance to create change in the three general life areas: The practical path for making such changes is provided by the 5-step model of Generative Trance.

The first step opens a creative space I am safe, I am positively connected, I am here. The third step stirs these ingredients to form a Generative Trance I open into a special learning field ….

Generative Trance Certification – IAGC

In the fourth step, transformational changes are developed I create positive changes. And in the final step, these trance learnings are applied into real life I can live these changes into the world. In learning each of these steps, you are discovering how to carefully and effectively make deep changes in life.

The training community deeply supports you in integrating this into your daily life.

This course is an exploration of Dr. STW premises creativity as the core dimension of human being and looks at how creativity occurs through filters somatic, cognitive, and social. In this process, performance systems are the prototype filter; that is, we generate our realities via the mostly unconscious maps of who we are, and what the world is. These systemic filters can be held generativs in neuromuscular lock or generatively in creative flowresulting in either problems or positive solutions.


Taken as a whole, STW sees life as a great journey of consciousness and utilizes Generative Trance and systemic integration to realize this journey. You will learn the framework, principles, step-by-step process, and skills for how to do this with yourself and others. Trainings Generative Trance Certification.

D 75h – 12 days. Generative Trance certification training is one of our core pathways for qualifying for IAGC professional membership. What can you do with certification? Generative Coaching It is the responsibility of each certified person to conduct their practice within the scope of their training and licensure i. The certified person should know when to refer a client to someone else who has the necessary expertise as an analogy, a sports coach would refer an athlete who has broken a bone to a trande Certified persons are eligible for IAGC Professional membership Certified persons are only eligible to teach generative coaching work after achieving IAGC Authorization or Affiliation.

Trance Camp Week 1 Generative Trance: Requires completion of Week 1 Systemic Trance: Some basic topics to be covered: D 27 to 30 January, D 09 to 14 April, D 10 generqtive 15 May, D 03 to 08 July, D 10 to 15 July, D 17 to 21 July, D 29 to 03 September, D 21 to 26 September, Generative Trance Part 2 of 2 09 to 14 May, Generative Trance Stephen Gilligan.

Generative Consulting Robert Dilts.

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