Geflüster auf Burg Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Wettkämpfe auf Burg Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp, von Schreckenstein; Ritterturnier auf Schreckenstein; Geflüster auf Burg Schreckenstein. Title, Geflüster auf Burg Schreckenstein Volume 27 of Hassencamp, Oliver: Burg Schreckenstein. Author, Oliver Hassencamp. Publisher, BERTELSMANN,

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Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. LibraryThing All topics Hot topics Book discussions. Jan 3,1: Last year I managed to achieve all my goals at least reading-wiseso I hope will be successful as well!

Dreißig Jahre danach oder Wiedersehen mit der Wackeren Neuen Welt

Right now I’m in the middle of at least 5 books, so hopefully I’ll soon be able to start adding to this thread. My tastes run pretty wide, but with a fairly heavy focus on fantasy. Generally I prefer fiction, but am trying to throw some non-fiction books in as well. Also, I recently came across two boxes of books from my childhood in the attic and couldn’t resist revisiting some of them.

Because they are usually pretty short I decided against setting myself schhreckenstein goal in the form of a total book count, instead I’ll go with the page total. For ebooks and audiobooks I’ll use the page count listed schreckentsein LT. Other goals I’ll hope to schreckenstrin I think a lot of us have the goal of reducing the pile of unread books in their homes, I certainly do! Good luck with you goals. Octane – My goals are pretty much the same as svhreckenstein.

I will add keeping track of pages this year. I would like to know how many I will flip this year. The kids in school have a million-word challenge and it would be fun to track the number of words but they are not always available. I might try, though, for burv fun of it. Welcome to the group, Jan!

Like you, I am hoping to read a lot of my books that I keep tripping over here at home. Oh wow, I didn’t expect this many responses, this group schreckenshein is a lot more talkative than I’m used to from the 50 books challenge!

Anyway, I should finally schreckestein adding books to this thread, hopefully I’ll be able to remember them all First up is one of my SantaThing books: Some of the plot twists are a bit too obvious in the case of the final twist perhaps intentionally sobut it doesn’t really hurt the story. My main point of critique is that, although Scalzi does schreckensfein great job on characterization, the only female character of any importance doesn’t seem to have much of a personality at all and is more of a talking MacGuffin than a character in her own right.

Apart from that, this book was a fun read and some of Scalzi’s ideas wouldn’t seem out of place in a book by Douglas Adams for example the Church of the Evolved Lamb is absolutely hilarious Rating: He manages to write with a great warmth, while schrekenstein poking fun at the people he writes about and society in general. It’s funny definitely funny how the main character struggles with saving the world from unspeakable horrors while fighting an unwinnable battle against bureaucracy with the other hand.

Stross liberally mixes mythology with highly advanced mathematics and physics and throws a few nazis in for good measure. He certainly knows what he’s talking about but manages to avoid overly detailed scientific explanations that would only hinder the plot. I wasn’t overly impressed with the end, but Stross clearly is a very skilled and inventive writer and I’m looking forward to the sequel another SantaThing book waiting to be read! I haven’t read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep I did see Auc Runner a burgg years ago, but don’t remember that much of the plot so I don’t really know how far they relate.


A special breed of sheep called “The Android’s Dream” plays a major role in Scalzi’s novel, and when asked about the name one character replies that it is “a obscure literary gelfster.

ahf It is entirely possible that there is a deeper connection between the two books, but if there is I’ve unfortunately missed it. Some catching up to do First Stringers by Gerald M. Weinberg This book has a lot of potential, even though the premise isn’t the most original – several young people discover that they have special abilities and band together to fight an evil organization that seeks to exploit them.

What’s interesting is that each of them suffers from a handicap, for example blindness, a crippled leg or Down burb. While the book managed to keep me interested until the end and definitely has some enjoyable moments, it also suffers from a few shortcomings. First, the scientific explanation for the superpowers doesn’t go any further than a diffuse connection to string theory “pulling at the strings of the universe” which is a bit disappointing, especially since string theory is even referenced in the title.

A few times I felt that certain scenes could have been shortened or just plain cut without hurting the plot. There were also some loose ends that are never picked up again and schreckenztein the end there were too many questions left unanswered for my taste. Overall, in my opinion this isn’t a bad book, but it would have profitted from a good editor and perhaps a bit more proofreading.

Too bad the book was not better for you. I hope your next read is, Jan! Die Gruseltour von Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp 7. Der schwarze Schwan von Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp 8. Dicke Luft auf Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp 9. Das Phantom von Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp Geheimcode Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp Der bunte Hund von Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp Bugg Sportwettkampf von Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp Ritterturnier von Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp I can’t really say how often Schrecjenstein read this series when I was younger, but even about 10 years after the last time I still remember all the plots, characters etc.

I don’t know why I love these books so much, perhaps it stems from the setting – a boarding school in a old castle, where the students have a lot of freedom, play pranks on other schools and each other, solve a few crimes etc. Reading them now, I realize that they are a bit simplistic and the latter books become very repetitive. Also they are by now a bit old fashioned, the first book was published inthe last one in the year the author was tragically killed in a accident, coincidentally a few weeks before I was born.

Still, I could probably start the series again right now and enjoy them almost as much as I did when I picked them up for the first time. I could probably start the series again right now and enjoy them almost as much as I did when I picked them up for the first time.

I enjoy revisiting childhood books from time to time too. The book contains one full short story set in the same world as The Painted Man and two shorter pieces that were cut from the original novel.

Geflüster auf Burg Schreckenstein – Oliver Hassencamp – Google Books

As the second volume in the series, The Desert Spearcomes out in paperback in a few weeks, this was a great way to remind myself brug the characters and setting, without having to reread the whole first book. I enjoyed the stories, but I’m glad that I didn’t buy the book when it first came out. Another novella was just published, also for 20 bucks, with a bit of luck it will be available as an af just before the final volume of the trilogy comes out. It isn’t a “normal” autobiography”, instead Lee quickly describes scchreckenstein life from his birth schrecckensteinover his growing interest in comedy and his success in the nineties, to him quitting stand-up in and his return in All in the first chapter.

Two more short chapters and an afterword describe what has happened to him since then. The highlights are however the full transcripts of the three comedy shows he performed during that time, which come between these chapters. Lee already often seems to make fun of comedy itself, his burf live DVD starts with him repeatedly and deliberately messing up the start of the show, getting angrier and angrier, culminating in him musing about how it’s funny that a comedian just enters the stage and starts talking about some topic.


In the footnotes this reaches a whole new level. He analyzes and explains his act, somehow managing gefpster give the razor-sharp wit displayed in his shows another edge.

The Opera”his views on comedy Fans of one-liners may be disappointed To quote from the book: There are a lot of clips of his act on Youtube, for example this. I realize that I sound like a gushing fanboy. I will shut up now. I had read a book by Moore before, and quite schreeckenstein it, but for the last decade I managed to successfully ignore the Eurovision Song Contest, so why read a book in which the author tries to find and interview all ESC contestants who failed to get even a single point.

Apart from that however, I enjoyed this book.

The way in which he describes the entertaining things that just somehow seem to happen to him is very refreshing. Also, almost all of the schfeckenstein with the Nul-pointers are at least interesting some are very entertaining, others border on disturbing.

I suppose in a contest that seems to celebrate gaudiness, lack of creativity and pretty much the lowest common denominator in pop music, coming last is the only achievement that really counts. Robin Ince gflster visits all kinds of charity shops all over the UK and came across some very weird books.

This led to a quest to seek out the most obscure, weird, disturbing or just plain funny books he could find for less than 3 pounds. In this book he introduces some of the most interesting specimens from his collection, sorted by genre Christian gynaecologist romance doesn’t get it’s own chapter, because Sign of the Speculum is the only example Ince has found so far.

There are however chapters about bogus science books, romance novels, celebrity autobiographies, thrillers, self-help books, each featuring books you would not have thought could possibly be published or even written. There are lots of hilarious quotes and Robin Ince certainly has spent a lot of time researching his material. I used to play Monopoly quite a lot, so his Moore’s fascination with the game isn’t entirely alien to me. I’m more used to the German board – featuring only generic, made-up street names, but my grandfather had a pretty old UK edition, so this book was a nice trip down memory lane.

Moore’s writing style has really grown on me and he manages to bring the history of all these places to life, while still keeping the book funny. Be it his attempt to buy jellied eels or gems like “But now I felt myself contemplating the stark reality that in a purely physiological sense, we are all pre-operation transsexuals”, there are a lot of laughs in here.

I always felt that it ends a bit too soon, but I can’t really fault a book for making me like the characters so much that I want to know more about them. Read this on a rather bad day and it managed to brighten it up a little. I read several of his better known works as a child and long wanted to try to read the whole series in order. This particular book hasn’t aged very well, even though the things that made From the Earth to the Moon or Around the World in 80 Days such successes are already showing.

The tale of the exploration of Africa, by crossing it in a balloon, encountering many dangers on the way, is overshadowed by a very racist depiction of the natives.

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