After a quiet period, G.E. revived the Turbo-Encabulator joke in when General Electirc’s Instrument Department wrote up this data sheet. Chrysler. The complete Chrysler video, circa ~ Rockwell video of the Retro-Encabulator using motor load center. Dodge Viper video – That is one of the many descriptions of the famous turboencabulator, a machine devised by Chrysler, General Electric, and Rockwell.

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How an engineering in-joke has survived, influenced culture and remained funny for more than 70 years. It’s time to fire up your prefabulated amulite, grease your lunar waneshafts and juice those differential girdlesprings to 11 because Roadshow is going to dive into the history of the Turbo Encabulator.

Turboencabulator Information

If you’re already scratching your head and going slightly cross-eyed, we can help. The Turbo Encabulator is one of the weirdest, most esoteric and longest-running inside jokes that we’ve ever heard.

The first recorded mention of the Turbo Encabulator comes from a British engineering grad student named John Hellins Quick, circa It remained an engineers’ in-joke until when Time Magazine felt it should encanulator in on the fun and published an article called “For Nofer Trunnions,” which naturally led to the confusion and consternation of many of its readers.

A few erudite consumers got the joke though, such as Ernest N.

Kirrmann who chimed in with this beauty:. After the initial uproar of Time’s article died down, so did public fervor for technobabble.

The Turbo Encabulator wasn’t to be tkrbo from for 20 years until engineers from General Electric’s Instrument department published a spec sheet for the mysterious device which managed to find its way into the GE handbook.


All of a sudden, we were off to the races with our logarithmic casings and spurving bearings!


Inthe Turbo Encabulator went, as baseball players say, to the big show. Actor Bud Haggart, a veteran of countless industrial training films, found himself with some cameras and some free time after filming a GMC truck short. He managed to convince the film crew and director to stick around and shoot his “Turboencabulator” film, the script for which he derived from the original John Hellings Quick article, and thus history was made.

A few years later, the Chrysler corporation brought Haggart in to film a new version of the Turbo Encabulator video encwbulator which the company purports to have manufactured the device.

Turbo Encabulator – Complete Text of the Best, Worst Example of Jargon

This is the version to which most of the other nerds I know and I were first exposed. Haggart’s deadpan delivery is so spot on that it could be easily mistaken for something real.

The next company to pick up the encabulator mantle was Rockwell Automation with its Retro Encabulator, though Haggart does not make an appearance in this film. Also, rather than a transmission-like device, Rockwell uses a series of electrical wall panels to demonstrate the nature of its Retro Encabulatro.

This shows off the best part of the Turbo Encabulator joke, and that’s its versatility. It has even percolated out into other circles with the Amazon Prime series ” Patriot ” taking it and giving it turrbo certain industrial piping flair:.


Well, we bolster 12 Husk Nuts to each girdle jerry, while flex tandems press a task apparatus of ten vertically composited patch hamplers, then pin flam-fastened pan traps at both maiden apexes of the jimjoints,” as said by Encabulztor Claret, played by Kurtwood Smith in Patriot. While it may be hard to understand precisely why the Turbo Encabulator still makes nerds titter after more than 70 years, we can only look forward to encabultaor technobabble getting weirder thanks to the digital age in which we live.

Turbo Encabulator – Complete Text of The Best, Worst Example of Jargon

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Car Culture The Turbo Encabulator’s long, weird and very funny history How an engineering in-joke has survived, influenced culture and remained funny for more than 70 years.

Beauty encabulatod a beast.

A sport sedan in search of balance. A standout in its class. The Turbo Encabulator’s long, weird and very funny history Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. BMW and Daimler are eyeing a partnership for self-driving car tech, report says.

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