Frederic and Elfrida the First THE Uncle of Elfrida was the Father of Frederic; in other words, they were first cousins by the Father’s side. CONTENTS · Frederic & Elfrida · Jack & Alice · Edgar & Emma · Henry & Eliza · Mr Harley · Sir William Montague · Mr Clifford · The Beautiful Cassandra · Amelia . Fifth in the series We Want More Austen! about the less-known works of Jane Austen. Jane Austen’s earliest passion was for satire. By the age of eleven she was.

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In this short piece, probably one of the earliest of her surviving Juveniliawritten in her early teens, Jane Austen exuberantly parodies some of the silly sentimental and “heroick” literature and literary conventions of her day.

Fortunately, one doesn’t have to be intimately familiar with 18th-century grade B novels to appreciate much of the humor. As a small testimony of the gratitude I feel for your late generosity to me in finishing my muslin Cloak, I beg leave to offer you this little production of your sincere Freind.

They loved with mutual sincerity, but were both determined not to transgress the rules of Propriety by owning their attachment, either to the object beloved, or to any one else.

Frederic and Elfrida by Jane Austen | LibraryThing

They were exceedingly handsome and so much alike, that it was not every one who knew them apart. Elfrida had an intimate freind to whom, being on a visit to an Aunt, she wrote the following Letter.

I should be obliged to you, elrida you would buy me, during your stay with Mrs. In this Grove they had scarcely remained above 9 hours, when they were suddenly agreably surprized by hearing a most delightfull voice warble the following stanza. Agreable to such a determination, they went that very evening to pay their respects to Mrs.


From elfrids period, the intimacy between the Families of Fitzroy, Drummond, and Falknor daily increased, till at length it grew to such a pitch, that they did not scruple to kick one another out of the window on the slightest provocation. frederoc

To remedy this objection, it was agreed that they should wait a little while till they were a good deal older. Beleive me, this separation is painfull to me, but it is as necessary as the labour which now engages you.

Frederic & Elfrida

On her entrance into the city of Londonwhich was the place of Mrs. There was a something in the appearance of the second Stranger, that influenced Charlotte in his favour, to the full as much as the appearance of the first: These sweet lines, as pathetic as beautifull, were never read by any one who passed that way, without a shower of tears, which if they should fail of exciting in you, Reader, your mind must be unworthy to peruse them.

That plea can be no more, seven days being now expired, together with the lovely Charlotte, since the Captain first dlfrida to you on the subject. But if you refuse to join their hands in 3 days time, this dagger which I enclose in my left shall be steeped in your heart’s blood. The answer they received, was this.

But the Happiness she had expected from an acquaintance with Eleanor, she soon found was not to be received, for she had not only the mortification of finding herself treated by her as little less than an old woman, but had actually the horror of perceiving a growing passion in the Bosom of Frederic for the Daughter of the amiable Rebecca.

To one in his predicament who possessed less personal Courage than Frederic was master of, such a speech would have been Death; but he, not being the least terrified, boldly replied:.

This answer distressed her too much for her delicate Constitution. To one in his predicament who possessed less personal Courage than Frederic was master of, such a speech would have been Death; but he, not being the least fredric, boldly replied: Jane Austen never refers seriously to Classical literature which was part of boys’ education, but not usually of girls’.


Frederic and Elfrida

These names were associated with the hackneyed “pastoral” literary tradition treating the love-lives of idealized rustics, with high-falutin’ Greek and Latin names. A little more than sixty years later, Charles Dickens described songs such as Jane Austen is satirizing here, as “pale and vapid little songs, long out of date, about Chloe, and Phyllis, and Strephon being wounded by the son of Venus” [i.

Cupid] Little DorritBook 1, Chapter Jane Austen’s own footnote: In Northanger Abbey Jane Austen writes: In her later work Northanger Abbey Jane Austen used the word “heroic” to describe the unnatural histrionics of the novels that she was satirizing.

Thus Catherine Morland “who had by nature nothing heroic about her”, when she sees Henry Tilney with a “fashionable and pleasing-looking young woman, who leant on his arm, Allen’s bosom, Catherine sat erect, in the perfect use of her senses, and with cheeks only a little redder than usual.

Knightley loves herself, not Harriet Smith, she finds that “as to any of that heroism of sentiment which might have prompted her to entreat him to transfer his affection from herself to Harriet, as infinitely the most worthy of the two — or even the more simple sublimity of resolving to refuse him at once and for ever, without vouchsafing any motive, because he could not marry them both — Emma had it not.

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