; Edmundo O’Gorman, Fray Servando Teresa de Mier (Mexico City, ), p. ; z?.ez, Biografia del benem6rito mexicano D. Servando Teresa de Mier. Vida, aventuras, escritos y viajes del Dr. Servando Teresa de Mier. Ed. Manuel Payno. Mexico City: Imprenta Abadiano, Biografia del Benemérito. Marco Antonio Millán, La fantástica realidad de Fray Servando, pp. Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez, “Apología del Dr. Mier” in Biografia, D. Servando Teresa de.

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Servando Teresa de Mier

He was sent to the reformatory in Seville, from which he escaped in By the age of 27, he had earned his doctorate and was a swrvando preacher. He was interred with great honor in the church of Santo Domingo.

He presented himself to General Blake, who recommended him to the Terssa of Seville for his services. When he returned to Madrid, he was again apprehended, this time for a satire he had written supporting Mexican independence.

By the age of 27, he had earned his doctorate and df a noted preacher. Biographical information on Mier is also housed with the papers.

Servando Teresa de Mier – Alchetron, the free social encyclopedia

From Bayonne, he passed to Bordeaux and later to Paris. He argued that the original painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe was on the cloak of Saint Thomas the Apostle, who had preached in the Americas long before Spanish conquest, and this had been re-discovered by Juan Diego.


Fray Servando Teresa de Mier. Entered Dominican order in All the bodies were mummified.

A month later, on 12 December, date of the frau of the Virgin of Guadalupe, muer own Collegiate Church of Guadalupe, issued a famous sermon in which rejected the tradition about the apparition of the Virgin: Shortly after he managed to escape and fled to France, arriving at Bayonne Holy Friday in In this speech he argued for a centralized republic or in the event of a federal system being adopted, for its being in moderation.

Mary’s Churchto which he was connected through Torres and merchant Richard W. This time he managed to escape when he was driven and escaped to Burgos where was found and locked himself in the convent of San Francisco of this city. He gave a speech justifying his life and opinions, ds died on December 3, Portrait in the Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones. Foreword and notes of Edmundo or ‘ Gorman.

Fray Servando Teresa de Mier by Sophie Piña on Prezi

Between and Mier was imprisoned in Veracruz, Cadiz, Las Caldas, Burgos, and Salamanca; he escaped and was recaptured at least biogravia. Mexico’s first president, Guadalupe Victoriainvited him to live in the palace. He was sent to the castle of San Carlos de Perote, thence to the dungeons of the Inquisition, and finally, into Havana.

He gave a speech justifying his life and opinions, and died on December 3, He was deported to Spain in but escaped from jail in Havana. However, this personal satisfaction did not mean you cancelled the edict of the Archbishop Haro.


In Mier escaped prison, was recaptured, and later freed by infantry uprising against Iturbide. He is honored for his role in Mexican independence.

Then the Pope named him his domestic prelate, because he had converted two rabbis to Catholicism. This sermon, with its bold revision of Mexican history and identity, was seen as a provocation. Began the long period of their expatriation, which lasted untilwhen he returned biigrafia Mexico as part of the expedition of Javier Mina.

Nearing death, he invited his friends to a party to bid him farewell on November 16, He was elected a deputy to the second constituent congress. Between and Mier was involved in military struggle against Napoleon, was imprisoned, and teresw. In his memoirs refers to the “uncouth Dominican Spanish, of se origin, who chased him and tortured by Aristocrat”.

His work is admirable; the style is original and vigorous and all of it is lively passionate personality of its author.

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