Fortean Times # (April ) · Fortean Times # (May ) · Fortean Times # (Special ) · Fortean Times # (June ). Fortean Times # (March ) · Fortean Times # (April ) · Fortean Times # (May ) · Fortean Times # (June ). Posts about Fortean Times written by Dr David Clarke. I’m bringing in with two new books and the cover story in Fortean Times in what should prove to.

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London Fortean Society

Mentioned in Editorial as winner of “Brain of Ufology” with a limerick. Letter about redundant columns in architecture. Letter about space visitor legends. Book Review — Fireballs, Skyquakes and Hums. Book Review — The Edge of Physics. Letter about Damned Data and statistics.

Fortean Times

Forum article — “The bomb-proof museum” loosely based deccember this blog post. Book Review — The Infinity Puzzle. Letter about “Lying flat” — an example of Chronological Snobbery. Forum article — “The Locked Room mysteries” loosely based on this blog post and this one.


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Book Review — Galileo: Book Review — Mathematics in Victorian Britain. Book Review — The Ballet of the Planets. Forum article — “The Satori deer” loosely based on this blog post.

Book Review — Higgs: The Invention and Discovery of the ‘God Particle’. Book Review — Gravity Brian Clegg.

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Feature article — timew Fortean Fiction” loosely based on this blog post and this one. The Search for Life in the Cosmos. Forum article — “The Sikorski Mystery” see this blog post. Book Review — Para-News see also this blog post. Book Review — Planetary Geology: Contribution to Fortean Top 40 no. Book Review — Reductionism: Book Review — Introducing Particle Physics: A Graphic Guide Issue Januarypage Fortean Traveller — “Wieliczka Salt Mine loosely based on forteaj blog post and this one.

Book Review — Unseen Cosmos: The Universe in Radio. Book Review — Life Beyond Earth: The Search for Habitable Worlds in the Universe.

Book Review — Celestial Revolutionary: Copernicus, the Man and His Universe. Book review — Britain’s X-traordinary Files cf.


Forum article — “Raising a false flag” adapted from Chapter 2 of Conspiracy History. Book review decejber Greenglow and the Search for Gravity Control cf.

Book review — How We’ll Live on Mars. Book review — Ten Billion Tomorrows cf. Book review — Swarm Troopers: How small drones will conquer secember world.

Book review — International Space Station: Book review — Eyes on the Ddecember A Spectrum of Telescopes. Book review — Black Holes: Feature article — “Astounding Science, Amazing Theories! Book review — In the Shadow of the Moon: Book review — The Ascent of Gravity: Book review — Planet Hunters: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life. Book review — The Great Silence: Science and Philosophy of Fermi’s Paradox.

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