FM (FM )/ MCWP 7/AFMAN/ NAVSEA SSAF- MMO STATIC LINE PARACHUTING TECHNIQUES AND TRAINING. Field manual contains basic and advanced training and techniques for static line parachuting. It is designed to standardize procedures for initial. Static Line Parachuting Techniques and Training April TC (FM 3- ) / MCWP / AFMAN / NAVSEA SSAF-MMO

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Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library at www. Harness Assembly Riser Assembly Pack Tray Canopy Assembly Vm Improved Reserve Parachute System T Troop Chest Reserve Parachute BA Back Automatic Parachute Care of the Parachute Before Jumping Care of the Parachute After Jumping Shakeout Procedures Section II.

Donning the Parachutes Troop Parachute Harness Protective Headgear Ballistic Helmet Description Sattic Ankle Brace Obtaining the Parachutist Ankle Brace Inspecting the Parachutist Ankle Brace Donning the Parachutist Ankle Brace First Point of Performance: Second Point of Performance: Check Canopy and Gain Canopy Control Staic Point of Performance: Fourth Point of Performance: Prepare to Land Fifth Point of Performance: Parachute Landing Fall Devices Instructor Critiques Two-Foot High Platform Lateral Drift Apparatus Swing Landing Trainer Safety Considerations Section II.


Mock Door Basic Phase Suspended Harness Personnel and Equipment Requirements Sequence of Commands Section IV. The Foot Tower Basic Training Objectives Advanced Training Objectives Section V.

Methods of Recovery Training Objectives Training Apparatus Canopy Release Assemblies Canopy Release Assembly Activation Get Ready Inboard Personnel, Stand Up Hook Up Check Static Lines Check Equipment Sound Off for Equipment Check Stand By Total Malfunction Partial Malfunction Part Two. Commander’s Responsibilities Designation Notification Assistant’s Briefing Operation Briefing Sustained Airborne Training Minimum Training Prejump Training Five Points of Performance Five Points of Contact Total Malfunctions No Lift Capability Partial Malfunctions Emergency Landings Reserve Activation Inside Aircraft Towed Parachutist Procedures Key Personnel 9- 1.

Safety Personnel Section II. Jumpmaster Personnel Inspection Hands-On Inspection pparachuting Ballistic Helmet Front Advanced Combat Helmet Front Chest Strap Reserve Parachute Leg Straps Static Line Ballistic Helmet Back Advanced Combat Helmet Back Riser Assemblies Main Pack Tray Diagonal Back Straps Horizontal Back Strap Weapons Case, M Movement on the Airfield Airfield Movement Procedures Loading Aircraft Primary Jumpmaster Safety Personnel Door Procedures and Door Bundle Ejection The Minute Time Warning First Seven Jump Commands The 1 -Minute Time Warning Final Outside Air Safety Check Eighth Jump Command Ninth Jump Command Initial Coordination Airfield and Runway Safety Part Three.


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