This Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife was the preferred commando weapon in World War II for both the U.S. and British Commonwealth Forces. Overall. Buy IXL Sheffield IXSF for $ – Sheffield SHE Fairbairn Sykes British Commando Dagger /8 inch Black Blade, Leather Sheath at KnifeCenter. designed by W. E. Fairbairn and E. A. Sykes for the British Commandos, this knife quickly became a legend. But also many other units of the Al.

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There is something about a weapon that is both functional and pleasing to the eye at the same time. Where the weapon possesses admirable qualities of both form and function, then it’s appeal is all the greater overall. This martial elegance can be found in all finely crafted weapon types through the ages, from longbows to longswords, rapiers to pistols and rifles to aircraft. When the proportions of all individual parts work together in a perfect balance to create an aesthetically pleasing but functional weapon or machine, then emotionally contrasting elements speak volumes such as aggressiveness with beautiful form and grace with deadly purpose.

The Fairbairn-Sykes Commando knife is the Spitfire of the knife World, and both are still regarded as all-time combative classics.

Both hail from the same era and were employed over and on the very same battlefields in one of the greatest conflicts the World has ever known. Both are beautiful to behold in their own right and highly effective killers in trained hands. Now devoid of combative intent by their wielding, they both stand today for us to know and admire as awe inspiring instruments that helped secure the victory and freedom of Allied forces.

They exist today as rare and real reminders of their original duties and serve to ensure that We Shall Remember Them. The British Commando knife was first designed in by close combat legends William Fairbairn and Eric Sykes, who established and taught the combative training methods for wartime special forces such as the independent companies, SOE, Commandos, U.

S Rangers and OSS. Though known as the FS Fighting knife, this was not designed to be a knife fighting knife, but primarily designed to be used in silent killing actions such as sentry take-outs. The 1st pattern knife was originally manufactured exclusively by Wilkinson Sword Company, and was in great demand from first production.

Original 1st pattern knives are highly collectable and sought after today with top quality examples selling for thousands. The 2nd pattern was manufactured by many companies throughout the UK, and has often been regarded as the most effective pattern of Commando knife ever made. The diamond knurled brass grip provides excellent purchase wet or dry. The hand-ground 7 inch high carbon steel blade carries both edges for the full length of the blade.

The scabbard features an daggsr retaining faitbairn for silent drawing, and rear tabs for stitching the scabbard to any piece of clothing or kit. Commandos were advised to carry their knives wherever they might find most convenient for access.

Macdonald Armouries has researched these unique weapons in great detail to fwirbairn high quality reproduction 1st and 2nd pattern knives today. Our knives look, handle and perform as originals. Blades are sharpened as standard. Solid brass turned and knurled grips. Authentic form and detail brass top nuts. Accurate balance overall approx. Provide current or previous service details with your order and we’ll happy ship it to you free of charge!

To place an order or enquiry, please contact directly by e-mail via the website. We have spent many months in research and development in order to ensure accuracy and authenticity in vairbairn of every element of knife and scabbard.


Our pieces convey the same look and feel of wartime originals and it is with such dedication to detail that we offer our 1st pattern to honour the original Wilkinson made knives and the Commandos that used them. Original 1st firbairn left Armouries repro right Armouries 1st pattern FS knife and scabbard FS Fighting Knife etch Armouries ricasso etch 1st pattern in scabbard 1st pattern custom etched 1st Pattern Full Black – The FS Shadow It is said that the best way to keep tradition alive is not to pray to the ashes, but to keep the fire alive.

This is our own exclusive creation and offering to continue the FS tradition today. Combining the faairbairn grace of the 1st pattern blade, guard and grip with a covert satin black finish overall, this is a knife that means business, and that business is mean! Ricasso etching detail From the shadows they came. Day turns to Night. Plain Finish – White steel blade, white steel guard, brass grip and top nut, brass scabbard chape. Half Black – White steel blade, black guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.

Full black – Black blade, black guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape. Nickel Plated – Polished steel blade, nickel plated guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.

Grip and top nut in plain brass, guard in plain commamdo, blade with plain steel finish. The scabbard features a plain brass chape and brass rivets. A simple and elegant look overall, available in satin or polished finish to order polished finish pictured. To these ends, many 2nd pattern knives were made with blackened components. Our half and full black versions replicate these original knives.

Fairbairn Sykes

The half black version was designed with a plain steel blade that was in keeping with Fairbairn’s original close combat philosophy of wielding a bright steel blade. This was ocmmando with a covert black finish on guard, fairbaign, top nut and scabbard chape. The following variations of 3rd Pattern are available to order: A simple and elegant look overall, available in satin or polished finish to order satin finish pictured. To these ends, many 3rd pattern knives were made with blackened components.

The aim was to create a high spec knife for demanding amphibious and covert operational use.

Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife

The result was the Marine Recon. This knife features a hardened, tempered and honed blade hand-ground and sanded from SB1 Niolox premium stainless steel see below for steel info. The blade is Gun Kote blackened, which gives an exceptionally durable matt black covert finish. The guard is also crafted in stainless steel and powder coated. The threaded tang is A2 stainless steel, which eliminates corrosion even at the peened end. Following the form of the 2nd pattern FS knife, our throwing knives are constructed from one solid piece of 75Cr1 steel which is hand-ground, sanded, incised, etched and hardened and tempered to a durable springy toughness.

Each knife is etched with our unique variation on the original style etchings, with The FS Throwing Knife on one face and our Macdonald Armouries – Edinburgh etching on the reverse face. Our target-seeking missiles are ready to launch! The FS Throwing Knife. FS Fighting Knife Custom Options Our standard 1st, 2nd and 3rd patterns of FS knives carry various options to create a more unique or personalised example to suit your requirements.

Custom Ricasso Etching 2nd and 3rd pattern knives are created without blade ricasso etchings as standard. Nickel 2nd with custom etchings.

Custom Blade Etching We also offer a custom blade etching service, replicating original wartime styles of customisation.

Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife | Atlanta Cutlery

We can create personalised name, regiment or logo blade etchings to order. Custom Blade Steel A quality serviceable blade demands the highest specifications in blade steel. This is a high quality fine-grain stainless steel with Niobium carbides that offers the ultimate in toughness and strength. A quality solution constructed from hardwearing denier Commahdo Terrain Pattern texturised nylon fabric that features elastic retaining strap for silent draw and paracord leg tie. MOLLE scabbard, knife secure.


Rear view showing securing straps. Features elastic retaining strap for silent draw. Custom Presentation Frames For the ultimate showcase for your FS knife or commqndo official presentation, we offer a high quality framing service for your display requirements. A choice of light or dark wood frame can be chosen to compliment your knife finish.

Your choice of backing can reflect the regiment or unit comemmorated such as bottle green for Commando, maroon for Para or sandy for SAS. Any specific regimental or unit badge may be added along with a custom etched brass plaque. Your knife may of course also be of any of our patterns and custom etched if required. Parachute Regiment and No.

Unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous sellers who intentionally attempt to sell reproduction fqirbairn as originals. This does the market no favours and rips off genuine buyers who purchase in good faith.

In order to avoid the potential problem of our own pieces being sold as originals, we clearly mark all our knives with the initials.

This is deeply hand-stamped on the lower guard face of each knife. We also stamp our scabbards accordingly.

If you ever see this mark on any FS knife, FS scabbard, smatchet or SOE knife being sold as an original WW2 piece, please report such sales directly to us that we might take appropriate action and alert the serious collectors community. Ever mindful of the collecting fraternity, he has etched the blade with his name and stamped the crossguard with his initials, given the grip a daggger different style of knurling.

The knife and scabbard is a well crafted tribute to the original knifemakers and the men who carried it. If you can’t afford a real FS you can not go wrong ordering from Mac he is a gentleman, keeps you informed of his progress and like I said his work is without peer. I receive my 1st pattern from Dagged Macdonald today and it took my breath away. Fairbzirn I can say is WOW!! Its hard to believe anything so deadly can also be beautiful.

The fit and finish are superb and the workmanship and attention to original detail is outstanding. Mr Macdonald set out to pay homage to the original fairrbairn patterns and has done so in an outstanding manner. I believe Mr Fairbairn and Mr Sykes would approve. I know mine will be the centre of my small military collection.

This is the second knife I have from Mr Macdonald and you can be sure I will be adding more. As you know I have waited many years to get my hands on even commanxo copy of this piece of my family’s history, not being able to afford the genuine article even if any are still about and fairbwirn sale.

It’s one of the first batch shown on Paul Macdonald’s display of these beauties.

This knife is a superb copy of what Fairbairn, Sykes and Wilkinson achieved as a team during the early days of WWII, with a balance, size, and appearance identical to the originals.

Mine will slice newsprint, a test I use to demonstrate a razor edge. For those FS fans out there who have been hanging back, wondering whether or not to take the plunge for one of these, my suggestion is to wait no longer.

I have an original First Fairbaidn with which to compare. Balance, weight, appearance and just overall appeal are faultless in this replica, and I am delighted with it.

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