Jogos cooperativos: “se o importante é competir, o fundamental é cooperar”. By Fabio Otuzi Brotto. About this book. Reviews. User reviews. We haven’t found. Jogos Cooperativos Universidade Regional de Blumenau – FURB Curso: Letras – Língua Alemã Disciplina: O Lúdico como Processo de. Basson, Rosemary; Sadownik, Leslie A; Isaacson, Jordanna; Brotto, Lori A El aspecto colaborativo y cooperativo fue un factor fundamental, ya que el etc , além de passatempos ao final de cada seção, incluindo jogos interativos, Sousa, Fábio Alexandre Melo do Rego; Goulart, Maria José Garcia; Braga.

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The vulva is the external part of a woman’s genitals. Some problems you can have with the vulvar area Vaginitis or vulvovaginitis, swelling or jogls of the vulva and vagina Skin problems due to coooerativos Vulvar If found early, vulvar cancer has a broyto cure rate and the treatment options involve less surgery.

The key to a Your health care provider diagnoses vulvar cancer with a physical exam Vulvar cancer usually forms slowly, most often on the vaginal lips or the sides of the vaginal opening.

Having vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia or human papillomavirus Faio infection can increase the risk of developing vulvar cancer. Start here to find information on vulvar cancer treatment, research, and statistics.

General Information about Vulvar Cancer. Clinical Trial Information A clinical trial is a study to answer Staging for vulvar cancer. Vulvar cancer has been staged by the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics FIGO sinceand the original staging system was based on clinical findings only.

This system provided a very good spread of prognostic groupings. Because vulvar cancer is virtually always treated surgically, the status of the lymph nodes is the most important prognostic factor and this can only be determined with certainty by histological examination of resected lymph nodes, FIGO introduced a surgical staging system in This was modified in to include a category of microinvasive vulvar cancer stage IAbecause such patients have virtually no risk of lymph node metastases.

This system did jogls give a reasonably even spread of prognostic groupings. In addition, patients with stage III disease were shown to be a heterogeneous group prognostically, and the number of positive nodes and the morphology of those nodes were not taken into account. A new surgical staging system for vulvar cancer coooperativos introduced by FIGO in Initial retrospective analyses have suggested that this new staging system has overcome the major deficiencies in the system.

Published by Elsevier Ltd. Vulvar Cancer—Health Professional Version. Vulvar cancer forms in a woman’s external genitalia, and most often affects the outer vaginal lips. Having vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia or HPV infection can affect the risk of vulvar cancer.

Find evidence-based information on vulvar cancer treatment, research, and statistics. Management of vulvar melanoma. Considerable debate centers on the optimal treatment for vulvar melanoma, as well brptto those clinicopathological factors influencing prognosis.


We reviewed 80 patients with brrotto melanoma seen between and Primary tumors were assessed according to Chung 47 patients and Breslow 65 patients microstaging systems. Fifty-six also underwent inguinal node dissection.

Median follow-up was months. Median survival was 63 months. Ten-year survival by Chung level was as follows: Ten-year survival by tumor thickness was as follows: Increased depth of invasion was associated with increased incidence of inguinal node metastasis.

Cox regression analysis demonstrated prognostic significance for tumor thickness P less than 0.

Radical vulvectomy did not seem to improve survival over less radical procedures. Based on this experience, we recommend radical local excision for patients with malignant melanoma of the vulva.

Patients who have more than a superficially invasive melanoma should also have inguinal lymph ckoperativos dissection.

Drugs Approved for Vulvar Cancer. The list includes generic names and brand names. Systemic mastocytosis is characterised by abnormal proliferation of mast cells in various organs.

Jogos cooperativos: “se o importante é competir, o fundamental é cooperar”

We report an original case of systemic mastocytosis revealed by vulvar oedema. A year-old patient was examined in the dermatology department for vulvar oedema appearing during sexual intercourse.

She presented vasomotor dysfunction of the lower limbs, urticaria on the trunk on exertion, diarrhoea and bone pains. Laboratory tests showed serum tryptase of Myelogram results showed infiltration by dysmorphic mast cells. Screening for c-kit DV mutation was positive. Duodenal biopsies revealed mast-cell clusters with aggregation involving over 15 mast cells. CD2 staining was inconclusive and CD25 staining could not be done.

Trabecular osteopenia was found, and we thus made a diagnosis of indolent systemic mastocytosis ISM variant Ia as per the WHO criteria. Symptomatic treatment was initiated antiH1, H2, antileukotrienes and clinical and laboratory follow-up was instituted. The cutaneous signs leading to diagnosis in this patient of systemic mastocytosis involving several organs were seemingly minimal signs associated with mastocyte degranulation.

This is the third recorded case of mastocytosis revealed by vulvar oedema and the first case revealing systemic involvement. The two previously reported cases of vulvar oedema revealed cutaneous mastocytosis alone.

Jogos Cooperativos by Charlene Jandre on Prezi

Mastocytosis, whether systemic or cutaneous, must be included among the differential diagnoses considered in the presence of vulvar oedema. Therapy of vulvar carcinoma. It was originally possible cooperqtivos operate on 74 of the 83 patients. A simple or partial vulvectomy was applied 17 times.

A bilateral inguinal lymph node excision additionally took place in 6 cases.

In 13 cases, pelvic lymph node extirpation was also performed. A posterior pelvic exenteration was performed in 6 cases presenting extensive carcinoma involvement of the vulva. In the remaining 9 patients, either it was not possible to operate, or a nonradical operation could be performed. We did not have any primary surgical mortality. To be able to give increased preference to less invasive methods an improved prevention and clarification procedure for physicians and patients is necessary.

Psychosexual Adjustment After Vulvar Surgery. Fifteen patients fabi surgically for vulvar cancer from two institutions participated in semistructured interviews and objective assessment to examine postoperative psychologic, social, marital, and sexual adjustment. Descriptive statistics indicate that after vulvar surgery cooperativks report mild distress, but they report reasonable levels of and satisfaction with their free-time and social activities.


Mild levels of marital distress may exist. Sexual functioning and body image appear to undergo major disruption despite the fact that intercourse remains possible. Women reported levels of sexual arousal at the eighth percentile and body image at the fourth percentile. Although replication of these findings is clearly necessary, this investigation provides the first substantive look at the posttreatment life circumstances for these patients and offers a data base for future investigation.

Vulvar cancer is a rare entity. It appears mostly in older women aged years with a slow tendency to younger age. The correspondent preneoplasia is VIN 3.

This lesion occurs in women mostly younger than 35 years. Experts assume vulvar cancer to appear in two different types: The preneoplasia Jovos 3 already should be treated by resection or destruction. Invasive carcinomas stage I or II can be treated by wide local excision. The inguinofemoral lymph nodes should be resected if invasion exceeds 1 mm in depth.

In larger primary tumors, vulvectomy with bilateral inguinofemoral node dissection is indicated. In advanced tumor stages, multimodal concepts are applied: This study aims to determine the pathophysiology of vulvar vestibulitis and to evaluate currently used treatment options. Two hundred twenty women with vulvar vestibulitis were seen between October and March All were cultured for the presence of Candida albicans. One hundred sixty-one A wide range of variants were noted: This understates the numbers and cabio of vulvar vaginal diagnoses, for not all patients received a vaginal fluid analysis, a vulvar biopsy, or a 24 h urine screen for oxalates.

A variety of medical and operative interventions was used. Symptoms were relieved in The degree of sueeess varied. Successful outcomes were achieved in The diagnosis of vulvar vestibulitis is easy to make.

An etiology for this chronic condition will not be achieved in every patient. A majority of patients can get relief by a variety of medical and operative interventions. Interest in cosmetic vulvar surgery and perception of vulvar appearance.

fabio brotto jogos cooperativos pdf files

The objective of the study was to determine whether reproductive-age women are more likely to perceive their vulva as abnormal compared with older-aged women. Women aged years group 1 and years group 2 completed a survey on demographics, grooming patterns, vulvar perceptions, and source of information about the vulva. A woman’s age does not have an impact on her perception of a normal vulva.

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