Download scientific diagram | Simulation de l’extrusion-soufflage d’un flacon de détergent en polyéthylène: déformées successives avec remaillage. Industrialisation et fabrication de pièces en extrusion soufflage 2D & 3D par aspiration. Machines Extrusion Soufflage d’occasion pour Bouteilles, Préformes & Bouchonerie. Ici vous avez les meilleures marques, dans l’industrie de Bouteilles .

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Let us put our know-how and our expertise at your service to guide you during the engineering or designing phases of your parts from prototyping to full production of the final plastic part.

Indeed, ActuaPlast has extrrusion in-house design office consisting of more than 10 persons: Thanks to a strong experience in the mould industry, ActuaPlast designs and manufactures moulds aimed at the 2D and 3D blow moulding for different industries: Our Engineering Department has a very strong experience in the 2D and 3D extrusion blow moulding and associated auxiliary equipment.

At the end of the study, the CAM department, consisting of 4 persons, is responsible for the programming of the different parts of the mould softwares used: It defines also the machining data of the different parts to be manufactured according to the machinery available and it programs the different parts.


Our CAM team is also in charge of the design and of the programmation of the electrodes.

Blow Moulding

To design a prototype or production blow mould, we work with 2 CAD softwares 3D: Catia V5 and Solidworks. We work according to the files sent and validated by the customer.

We suggest some arrangements on the parts in order to optimize the process addition of reference points and welding areas for example. Upon completion, we define how the part will be placed into the mould. It is a very important step in the design of the mould.

According to the material required by the customer a shrinkage is applied on the part.

Indeed we extrusiom the size of the part by a scaling factor so that when cooling it is at the right dimension. Each material has its own shrinkage value.

File:Principe extrusion soufflage – Wikimedia Commons

We draw the split line, which is a stretched surface from 30 to 40mm on both sides of the part and, which is souflage to the direction of mold opening. For specific shapes that do not release naturally, we set up some movements to make the ejection of the part easier.

The cavities are regulated to cool down the mold during the manufacturing process. The mold is made in aluminium or in soufflaage depending on the quantity to produce prototypes or productions.


Soufvlage the design of the mold finished, we make a design review of the mould to validate the study, the technical file is transmitted to the CAM department to soufflagw the tool paths WORK NC.

The machining and the assembly of the different parts of the mould are implemented in our workshops. A project following-up is made at every step of the mould manufacturing. Design and implementation of parts in 2D and 3D blow moulding.

Moulage par soufflage — Wikipédia

Co-developpement of your parts Let us put our know-how and our expertise at your service to guide you exttusion the engineering or designing phases of your parts from prototyping to full production of the final plastic part. Manufacture of your assemblies and sub-assemblies. Manufacture of the corresponding toolings.

Our Engineering Department has a great expertise in the different methodologies dedicated to the mould. Design and implementation of moulds.

Implementation of moulds and toolings: Design and implementation of blow moulds.

Click here to have a look at our detailed machinery list.

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