Anyone hear of “Ex Nihilo,” the French translation of Angelo Stagnaro’s cold reading text, “Something from Nothing” – went to Manipulix Books. Ex Nihilo – Guide du Cold Reading moderne (Angelo Stagnaro) · Ex Nihilo – Guide du Cold Reading moderne. 40 €. To Add To the basket. Grâce à cet ouvrage. Magie Livres Angelo Stagnaro Ex Nihilo Guide Cold Reading Moderne. or even *exnihilo* perpetual motion is a chimera, cold fusion is a dead duck, after.

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Cur aliquid potius extiterit quam nihil.

The universe and all that it contains weighs approximately 29,,,,,,,, tons. To make this ungainly number easier to handle, it can be abbreviated as 2. This of course, flies in the face of all ninilo scientific understanding and basic logic itself. Only nothing can come from nothing. In fact, if the universe and all it contains could magically pop into existence one moment, why would atheists brush away the conjuring tricks of a stage magician?

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The latter also can produce things seemingly ex nihilo. But the good news is that, as we politely await our atheist brothers and sisters to come up with some intelligent science and actual jihilo, we can indulge ourselves in reading Steven R. Hemler writes with a lightness and clarity that draws the reader into his narrative. His goal is not to reconcile science and faith; the two need not be reconciled at all, as there is but one Truth in the universe.



Rather the author demonstrates this magnificent seamless garment of facts and faith with which God has clothed the universe. The great advantage Mr. Hemler offers is that he is knowledgeable about both science and our faith. I can accept coincidences in life and in nature but atheists have yet to produce an intelligent explanation for this outrageous serendipity.

The magic tricks of Angelo Stagnaro

Without hemming and hawing, Mr. Hemler painstakingly explains why nothing in the universe makes sense without recourse to God and a theistic cosmological, biological and antelo evolution. Darwinian evolution is a cruel and brutish process.

It alone can’t account for everything that makes us human. Hemler explains why Theistic Evolution is the only way to reconcile these human biological anomalies i. To round out his book, Mr. Hemler writes with the mind of a scholar ztagnaro teaches with the heart of a Christian.

The Reality of God: This series has been translated into four languages and is considered seminal in the art of mentalism.


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All of his theology books have received imprimaturs and nihil obstat from Bishop Nicholas DeMarzio of Brooklyn. A Review of Steven R. You come for the science, but you stay for the orthodox theology.

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