The basics of PI are explained in this excellent guide on planetary interaction . Every space billionaire in Eve Online has earned their ISK from. I have recently and stupidly bought the Eve Billionaire guide for an excessive price of All it told me is that Trading is the best way to make ISK. For those of you who have made billions of Isk from science & industry, Again, I’ m just curious as to how the successful billionaires made it to.

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Please adjust your bookmarks to https: First of all, the guide doesn’t tell you anything specific and just throws things to the air without even elaborating on them. It’s like “figure it out on your own, and if you can’t it’s your problem”.

All it told me is that Trading is the best way to make ISK. Trust me it’s a waste of money, as free guides helped me much more than this useless guide. The guide hasn’t been updated since so most things are irrelevant and the billionairr of the guide WILL NOT respond to your questions or requests of help in understanding his out-dated, over-priced and useless guide.

Here are some links to the guides and it’s really all you need to know about trading, the guide won’t tell you anything new, if anything it will tell you a lot less than you need to know to really become an eve online billionaire. The links also includes the basics stuff which the Eve Billionaire author was too lazy to include. Guide 1 Guide 2 Guide 3 All of those guides are free, updated and gives you much more than the guide. There is nothing new the guide will be able to tell oonline that those links haven’t.


Eve Billionaire – Now The Fastest Route To Making Billions Of ISK In Eve Online

Hope I helped and kept people from making the stupid mistake I did in buying this guide. I think Even I could have told you that, It’s the same with all the guides you can buy in game stores for other games, you pay a lot, they are incomplete and if you look around a bit on the internet you can find many detailed guides for free.

It’s a shame you wasted your money on this All guides for all games that are sold for money are basically scams. All the information is freely available on the internet by usually more than one source. Never buy guides unless you’re a collector and can’t be helped anyway. Give me m and I’ll tell you how to avoid scams like this.

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I’d spend money on franchise bollionaire the EVE Posters in the store Don’t let CCP hear of this, otherwise they’ll put the guide in-game and allow you to access it for Plex. Look at what typing “Eve Billionaire” in Google found me: Eve Billionaire guide “review”. Eve Billionaire guide “review” I don’t call that a Review, more of a “give a vague impression of what it is to lure in more people” video.

Eve Billionaire guide “review” He’s super leet with his notepad and increasing font size, begging people to subscribe to his bi,lionaire Did the guide come with “free” macro-mining?

Prima and Brady Games makes good guides, i usually buy their books for my favorite games Eve Billionaire guide “review” For those of you below Siig’s post hearing a whooshing sound Thanks for posting anyways.

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Nearly a billionaire Originally by: You can ask your rich buddies what they do? I’ve been getting market trading pointers from a corp mate for awhile now.

I could write my own guide, so I think I will.

Third-Party Game Guides

Dracula “Why do you torment this creature so? Be sure to buy the followup book: Soon to be available at all major bookstores!

Shame you got scammed, Porano. Tell you what, just to make you feel better, I’ll sell you a Charon for a really great price. Look me up in Jita. Learn to play the.

Then you will be trading your real life money, and your real life time, for a boring as dirt numbers game while you station spin. If you can sit at your computer for enough hours and play said. Of course you won’t actually be playing the game.

I am monkies total lack of surprise You’d have more luck going to the md forum and getting someone to mentor you. This isn’t wow, people play their cards close to their chests for a reason. Avoid these at all costs. The new forums are live Please adjust your bookmarks to https: This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.

Lord Haur Amarr Grim Determination. Oh the greedy stupidity of mankind. Siigari Kitawa Gallente Perditus Peregrinus. Terminal Insanity Minmatar Convex Enterprises. Adunh Slavy Ammatar Trade Syndicate. Lucia Warbler Jsk Freshfood. Winters Chill Amarr Ministry of War.

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