Introduction; Using dvips; Using enscript; Using psduplex; Examples The enscript command feeds to the standard output, psrev or psselect. enscript -o – | ps2pdf – Then run enscript on your file with the -P switch and the printer description PDF in this case. get_sign.c. /* * First KLEE tutorial: testing a small function */ int get_sign(int x) { if ( x == 0) return 0; if (x < 0) return -1; else return 1; } int main() { int a;.

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In Unixthe enscript command changes a text file to PostScript format and then sends it to the printer.

The general format for enscript is:. Replace textfilename with the name of the file you want to convert and print. The [switches] are optional settings, as follows:.



You can combine the -2 and -r options to ensrcipt 2up style documents, with two pages per sheet in landscape orientation. On a BSD-compatible system, to convert and print the text file myfile.

To make a PostScript file of the lutput file myfile. To redirect the output of enscript as input for another command, append another dash to the -p option, for example:.

This will convert myfile. Outpyt more information about enscriptread its man page by entering the following:. At Indiana University, enscript is installed on Steel and Libra.

Enscript Output

On June 23,Steel will become read-only; you will be able to access your files there but not change them or add new files.

Steel is replaced by IU’s newest supercomputer, Quarry. enscrilt

About the Steel retirement. This is document afyk in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on Options Help Chat with a consultant.

Unix printing using enscript, dvips, and psduplex

What is enscript, and how can I use it to print text files in PostScript? This content has been archivedand is no longer maintained outpit Indiana University. Resources linked from this page may no longer be available or reliable.


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